I Am Reminded, Republicans Love America Too!

I was watching an interview with KhizrKhan and his wife Ghazala, whose son Captain Humayun Khan died a hero in the Iraq War. Beyond what he said in his amazing speech at the Democratic National Convention, he added something I often fail to give enough consideration. Republicans are Patriots as well and love America too.

I’m going to attempt to walk a thin line in criticizing them without the mockery and hyperbole that I have admittedly engaged in. I think it not unfair to say that the majority of the members of the Republican Party are White, with 89% self-identifying as Non-Hispanic Whites in 2012. They have made occasional attempts to embrace Hispanics which is offset by their vitriolic language and proposed laws, some of which are in no way Constitutional (papers please). It is only natural  they represent the interests of White people, much like the Democrats are expected to represent it’s various constituencies whether it be Black, Hispanic, LGBT, Asian-American, Native-American, and of course the White People that still make up the majority of their Party. Republicans still love their country when they represent the interests of White people, but they go too far.


The method chosen by their leaders is to protect White interests by keeping down the others. The primary mechanisms used have been what they refer to as the “rule of law” and by rigging elections. These tactics are not the sole province of the Republican Party. Democrats have either originated or participated in policy decisions that kept power and decision making in the hands of White people and it is likely that their relatively newfound desire for equality for all American’s is based in a desire to maintain the viability of its own party. The changing demographics of our nation, where Whites will soon become a majority minority, is fearful to both parties, where power and control is threatened. Republicans have control of the House of Representatives and most State Governments, aided greatly by Gerrymandering and District realignment. They lost the popular vote for the House in the last Presidential election but have a strong control of the House due to those factors. Republican’s love their country. They just love a few things more.


That they put Party over Country was evident during the emergence of the Tea Party and the lack of will of the leadership to confront them lest they lose control. They shut down the government rather than tell them, “You’re being ridiculous.” The individual fear of losing their seats caused them to take positions not their own, allow Cruz’s and Gohmert’s and Bachman’s to rise to power. Republicans spent eight years obstructing as they colluded to do on President Barack Obama’s inauguration day. They voted over 50 times to repeal Obamacare. They even stopped talking about replacing it. They became the Party of “No”! I have to remind myself, they love America too!

And now we have Trump. Among the things his eventual supporters once called him were “ignorant, offensive, racist,” One said “his domestic and foreign policy is gibberish.” Another, “He’s a threat to national security.” They kept calling for a pivot that never came. Trump never changed. Republicans put Party over the Country they still love. They just love themselves more.

Republican 2016 presidential candidates pose at the start of the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland

One of the tactics they’ve embraced is voter suppression under the guise of battling voter fraud that is almost non-existent. North Carolina’s recent laws were not only found to be Unconstitutional but specifically designed to target minority voters. Lawmakers there, started by accumulating all the race-based voter data before designing a plan to weaken the impact of Black voters in particular. The same people that have lost billions in revenue by standing by their law targeting Transsexual’s, have vowed to appeal. They would tell you they love their country. But they have lost their way.

north carolina governor

I would like to remind Republicans that love their country, to act accordingly. Trump is a mistake that you are now eternally linked to. While he only recently joined you. You are now he, and all that he stands for. The “Party of Lincoln” and “The Party of Trump” are not reconcilable. You are one or the other. If you support a racist, stay silent about his racist views, you are at best an enabler. At worst you become one yourself. If you stay silent about his misogyny, if you shout about building a wall. If you knowingly ignore lie after lie after lie. And call her “Dishonest Hillary.” You would be a hypocrite. You might still love America, but you love something else more.


Republicans, get your act together! Your survival as a party depends on it because your numbers are steadily declining. Call out your leaders when they’re wrong. Demand accountability. Reward bipartisan efforts and become a party that values accomplishment above obstruction. I don’t doubt you love America. It’s time to show it.

Michelle Obama: Queen of the Universe

“And when she was finished, Donald Trump didn’t tweet shit!”



Throughout the course of Day 1 of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. They booed Debbie Wasserman Shultz, they booed John Lewis, they booed Bernie Sanders, they even  booed the prayer. After four days of laughing at the debacle of the Republican Convention the week before. Democrats saw the hope of presenting a positive alternative slipping away. Hillary had to be worried. The media was feeding the frenzy. Privilege was raising it’s ugly head as a loud portion of Bernie supporters were disgusted they didn’t get their way. I can picture Michelle Obama saying goodbye to her husband the President on her way to speak. Giving him a fist bump and saying, “I got this!”

Michelle Fist Bump

The mood of the crowd had calmed a bit before she took the stage. Sarah Silverman, a leading Bernie backer pointed out they were “being ridiculous.” Cory Booker built positivity from there but the boo’s only truly ended, when Michelle Obama took the stage. I won’t comment much about her appearance. I’ll leave others to talk about her hair and her dress. I will mention the ease and grace she had while being in front of a previously raucous crowd. She owned the moment and she knew it, not in a boastful manner but she had an awareness that this was her time.

Michelle 2

Many of the previous speakers had yelled into the microphone, trying to make themselves be heard. Mrs. Obama spoke softly yet powerfully. Heard not only because of the adequacy of the sound system but because the audience, both in the hall and across America. Hung on her every word.

Michelle 1

She spoke about her children, and the care she and Barack took while raising them in a fishbowl. She reminded us they woke each day in “a house built by slaves.” But now her girl’s played with their dogs on the White House lawn. She reminded us that we don’t need to make America greater because it already is great. She spoke of the significance of the police AND the protesters.

Michelle 8

She never mentioned the Republican nominee by name but decimated him all the same. She talked of the need for a President of the United States that can communicate in more than 140 characters. She spoke of promise and hope and love and big dreams. She demeaned his cynicism and negativity. She valued a history of public service vs a lifetime of chasing fame. And when she was finished, Donald Trump didn’t tweet shit! He tweeted about Booker, Warren, and Sanders. He tweeted about Clinton and Barack. When it came to Michelle Obama, he said nothing for she is the Queen!

donald trump

Some are already saying it was the best political convention speech of all time. They say Elizabeth Warren captivated the hall but not necessarily the television audience. Others they say spoke more to television than their live audience. Michelle Obama spoke to each of our hearts, by sharing from hers.

Michelle 6


When she was done. She waved and smiled and walked off as gracefully as she came. When they talk about the first day of this convention they’ll rightfully say it was Michelle Obama’s speech that turned the tide of the Convention, and possibly the election. She is simultaneously the reigning Queen of the Universe and the greatest First Lady of all time. There are those that attacked her from the moment she hit the political scene. But went they go low, she went high. She will have the grace to give the next First Lady (or man) the space to find their way. Don’t stay away too long, you’ll be missed. We love you Michelle!

Donald Trump We Heard You Loud and Clear!



During his exceedingly long acceptance speech which closed out the Republican Convention. Donald Trump made a number of points, designed to coalesce the Republican Party around him in support of his Presidential run. It was clear he was mostly talking to his base which is generally white men without college degrees. He spoke often about what his plan would do without ever hinting at what his plan might be. His goal was to scare the populace by claiming we currently live in some dystopian society that is only getting worse. He offers up that he… and only he is the solution.

His base apparently never asks how? Content to have an outlet to spew their anger at gradually losing their privileged position in this country. The Republican Party is doing their best to help them maintain their edge. They gerrymander districts, suppress votes, attack affirmative action and make sure you know that black lives do not matter. In that last regard, Donald Trump is their champion.

In his speech the truth was often nowhere to be found. He twisted statistics and when that wasn’t sufficient simply made them up. He claimed President Obama and Hillary Clinton were jointly responsible for all the alleged failures of City, State and Federal Government. He blamed them for the failures of the Republican Congress to do anything. Blamed them for the airports and roads and failing infrastructure that Republicans have kept from receiving funding. Blamed those two for a racial divide in this country despite the fact that he and his ilk stoke the flames on a daily basis. Blamed them for companies (apparently including his own) that choose to manufacture goods in other countries.

He promised that everything he touched would be bigger, greater, smarter. He would hire the best people. They all must have been gathering elsewhere preparing because none of the best people were visible during the four days of the convention. He threw in eliminating the separation between Church and State for good measure.

The one thing he made sure his base knew. Was that he was the “Law and Order” candidate. He came back to that theme multiple times in case they somehow missed it the first several. He promised to make them safer. He would support the police 100% and made no mention of those they kill without reason. He will crack down. He will ensure that “people” (Black and Hispanic people) will show the proper respect to the police or face the consequences.

Lee Atwater who invented the “Southern Strategy” which helped the first Bush rise to power is no longer alive. His widow was at the convention and when interviewed was beaming because her husband’s strategy is alive and well in the Republican Party. Instead of Willie Horton, their scapegoat is Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump made sure you knew that in his administration, they absolutely won’t.

Donald Trump, we heard you, and because we heard you we will vote against you. We recognize that America is not nearly as dark a place as you made it seem in your speech. Given the opportunity, there is no doubt you could make it happen.

Why They’re Turning On Ted Cruz

The Republican Party is finally united. The one thing other than attacking Hillary Clinton that has been able to bring them together is attacking Ted Cruz. They screamed at and threatened his wife who had to be escorted off the stage by security after he refused to endorse Donald Trump. Why?  Because he reminds them of their hypocrisy. He reminds them of not long ago widely held opinions that Trump is a narcissist, caring only about himself. That he is a racist, as shown by his bigoted attacks against… well pretty much every non-white group. That he is a misogynist, a charge made based on his numerous statements about women. For months once it became evident that Trump would be the Republican nominee; they kept waiting for the pivot to a kinder, gentler Trump. They pleaded with Trump, stop the name calling, appeal to a wider group, tone it down. After all their begging, Trump didn’t change.

Trump didn’t care that he was attacked for his racism and never distanced himself from Neo-Nazi’s and the KKK and the vicious portion of his base that hates wide segments of America. He never toned it down for  anybody, he was being true to himself. And because Trump never changed, the Party did.


They know he’s a racist and they don’t care. They know he’s a liar, and they don’t care. They know he’s a misogynist, and it’s okay. They are attacking Ted Cruz because he put family before the Party. Because he did, it only highlights those who made a different choice.

They try to convince themselves that they can live with a little bigotry if they can win the Presidency. They believe that women will get over it. They believe Hispanics, and Blacks, and Asians, and the disabled, and LGBT people will forget his attacks, letting bygones be  bygones. The only category of voter he’s winning is white men. Good luck with that.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Louisville

They’re saying Ted Cruz committed political suicide. But at the end of the day, Ted Cruz can still look himself in the mirror. My question to the rest of the Party is; how is it you can do the same?

Ted Cruz to Donald Trump: “Did You Forget I Was a Scorpion?”

Say what you like about Ted Cruz, he stays true to his values. When he doesn’t like the direction of the government, he shuts it down. He doesn’t give a damn about the perception of his fellow Senators. And he doesn’t kiss the ass of the man who attacked his family in ways never seen before.

Trump linked Cruz’s father to the assassination of JFK. He attacked his wife’s appearance and her character. Trump being Trump, he wanted fealty and total submission from his vanquished foes and he was generally successful. Despite a number of speeches where Trump’s name was barely mentioned. He got Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson and Chris Christie to kiss his ring and he somehow thought he’d force Cruz to submit to his will as well. Cruz had other ideas.

Not only did Cruz not endorse Trump. He gave all his supporters permission to “vote their conscience” which means vote for anybody but Trump. He went well over his time kicking Mike Pence almost out of Prime Time and he ruined another news cycle for the Convention which already wasn’t doing well in that respect.

Because you may never again in life give me cause to say this. Thank You Ted Cruz! You made my day.


Who Does Donald Trump Fire?

After the debacle at the Republican Convention where the wife of the candidate gave an obviously plagiarized speech. Donald Trump needs to do something now to shake things up. Given his history, the only thing to do is that which he is known for which is to fire somebody.

Does he fire Paul Manafort who came out with the ridiculous denial that any plagiarism took place? He next claimed Hillary Clinton was responsible.

a Who gets fired

Does he fire his wife Melania who reports are alleging is the one who inserted Michelle Obama’s words and played them off as her own? Your previous wives were fired for less. Not that she will be the reason, but because you’ll never believe you lost this election on your own. You’ll blame her for the rest of your life that you never became President. It would be a mercy firing.

a who gets firred

Or does he go ahead and admit that he’s responsible for the mess that is his campaign. That he’s unqualified to be Mayor let alone President and that the best thing he can do is fire himself?

a wh does e fire

Do the right thing Donald. Save yourself further embarrassment and give it up before you bring yourself and the Republican Party further shame (and they’re hard to shame). But fire a few people on your way out. You owe us that.

Michelle Obama Steals Melania’s Speech!

It’s so shameful that Michelle Obama stole Melania Trump’s speech at last night’s Republican Convention! It shows just how low the Democrat’s will go in pretending to adopt Republican values to win a nomination.

We know that Michelle Obama stole the speech because on at least two occasions, Melania told us she wrote the speech so the only explanation is that Michelle stole it. How dastardly to use a time machine, observe Melania Trump’s speech and then used it herself 8 years earlier.

Melania Trump

I think Congress should immediately begin six or seven Congressional investigations and throw in a Special Prosecutor as well! Melania and Donald need to be defended from these scurrilous attacks by the Obama’s and you know Hillary was involved as well.

Awaiting Donald’s tweets which will undoubtedly shed like on the truth of the matter and properly condemn Michelle Obama, Hillary and of course the media!

all donald

In The History of Ever

In The History of Ever


Black leaders have always been criticized, demonized, vilified

For daring to speak up

For insisting on more for their people

For challenging deep and systemic injustice

There has never been a Black leader not treated so

In the history of ever

Black leaders


A certain segment of the majority power structure cannot simply allow them to blossom

They represent a threat which must be minimalized, marginalized, destroyed

They used to simply kill black leaders

Set an example to other potential leaders and followers alike

Now the trees they hang from are metaphorical but they try to kill them all the same



Today they destroy their character

Magnify flaws real or imagined

Those who are imperfect themselves, point out the imperfections of others, which therefore disqualifies them to lead

They recruit Black allies in their cause

Some do so for notoriety and visibility

Some with deeply held beliefs that somehow requires them to attack they that believe differently

Some sell out for money or are simply clueless

Stacey Dash…

Stacey vDash


Martin became a national hero only in his death

In his life they called him communist and pervert

Hounded simultaneously by the Klan and the FBI

They urged him to kill himself

James Earl Ray got there first

They want you to remember his dream

They want you to forget he said, “A riot is the language of the unheard”

black leaders martin



Maya Angelou was called talentless

An Affirmative-Action mediocrity

Yet she rose


black history maya angelou


Thurgood Marshall

Lazy, Incompetent

A less than average legal mind

They prefer Clarence Thomas

He speaks not, lest he reveals himself

black history thurgood marshall


Muhammad Ali was celebrated at his funeral

In life only when an affliction curtailed his speech

Did they desire to listen

When he was speaking they wanted to jail him for telling truth

Ali at Fisk


Ida B Wells

They called her a “slanderous and nasty-minded mulatress”

Said she was “interested more in income than outcome”

They burned her offices

They threatened her life

This is the history of ever


And now Black Lives Matter

“Inherently racist”

“They spawn violence”

“Promote the execution of police officers”

The truth is a casualty because destroying them is the goal

Destroy them so their complaints can be ignored

So injustice can continue on while it serves a financial goal

Privatized prisons, militarized police forces, gerrymandering, voter suppression, murder

It has always been thus, in the history of ever

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


It’s time for a change!

No Justice, No Peace!

For those white people old enough to recall; remember how you felt the day O.J. was found Not Guilty?

oj shady

oj shadier

oj shadiery

Even his own white lawyers gave him shade

Oj verdict shade

Now imagine you lived with this kind of injustice, once a week, for your entire life?

no justice george

How do you think you’d feel?

no justice

no black lives matter

And there was never any justice…


Image: National March Against Police Violence - DC

no no justice

no peace

If nothing changes?

Killings By Police March

nope no justice

Where do we go from here? Time for a change!

The Inevitability of a Violent Response

The Inevitability of a Violent Response

(What did they think would happen)


Two days after the death of Alton Sterling, one day after the death of Philando Castile. Five Dallas, TX law enforcement personnel were killed by a sniper at a protest of the first two killings. While this particular response was not necessarily predictable, a sniper on a roof, alleged to have military style weaponry. That a response would ultimately come was foreseeable.

We will learn more about this shooter’s motivations. He said “he was upset about the recent police shootings” and “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”  I do not condone his reprehensible actions. Violence is not the answer and there will be no protests regarding his death in a standoff with police. Black people mourn the deaths of these officers in the same way they mourn the deaths of black men and women at the hands of police that did not deserve to die. Nobody wants these type of events to occur. This type of violent response will likely increase the racial divide in America rather than reduce it. I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised.

The issue of black and other deaths in police confrontations will not go away unless changes are made. In Baton Rouge when Alton Sterling was killed. Had the investigation not been taken over by the Federal government; the officers would have had 30 days before even having to give a statement to investigators. While not the norm, in almost every major city, police unions have agreements allowing them every opportunity to escape prosecution and conviction when they shoot and kill when unwarranted. Police officers are often only subject to an internal review before being “cleared”. Police unions have generally fought against any type of civilian oversight, so that they can continue to police their own.

There are forces aligned to quell any form of citizen protests. They specifically call out Black Lives Matter and attempt to treat them as some type of terrorist organization. One former congressman today declared war on both President Obama and Black Lives Matter. Activist Jasmine Richards was recently convicted in California for “Felony Lynching” while protesting. That proves in an ironic twist on Malcolm’s words that they’ll use “Any means necessary” to shut them down. Last December in Minnesota, Black Lives Matter activists were sued and issued temporary restraining orders to prevent them from protesting at the Mall of America. Governor Mark Dayton was praised yesterday when he acknowledged Philando Castile would not be dead if he were white. It wasn’t long ago however when he called the Black Lives Matter group, “Domestic terrorists” and “inappropriate.”

There are people who will rightly say that violence is not the appropriate action and that a non-violent response is the only way to proceed. Black Lives Matter is the non-violent response and the powers that be did and still do all in their power to keep their voices from being heard. So when politicians and police unions barely even acknowledge the discrepancies in policing in America. When the go to response is to blame the victim. When every request to make the types of changes that might improve things is ignored, denied or belittled. What did they think would happen?

Did they think every black person in America would keep turning the other cheek? Did they think every black person in America would be quick to forgive as the families in South Carolina when they forgave Dylan Roof who killed nine people in a church after they prayed with him? After every announcement that no charges will be filed against police officers who kill unarmed men or armed men who relied on a 2nd Amendment right that was never intended for them, do they think we’ll forget? What do they think will be the culmination of continued racial profiling, stop and frisk, no justice, no justice, never any justice.

America has a chance now, as it always has, to reform policing. Police can take the opportunity to work with their communities, accept civilian oversight, improve training and remove bad apples. They can actually wear and turn on the body camera’s many have been issued. They can and must be accountable for their actions when they break the law, or there is no law. Communities can take back some of the power they’ve ceded to police unions and be able to investigate police officers in the same manner as they would you and I. There might be a valid reason to give an officer some time to recover from an incident and file a timely report. I can think of no reasonable excuse to allow them 30 days. It’s time for a change.

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