Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous


I enjoy talking/writing about politics and get most excited when interacting with people with opposing views. Even though I love a good argument. I rarely get into them with people who believe mostly the same as I because there is frankly no point. I’m going to make an exception for those who are still, “Bernie or Bust.” Especially the black ones, because I have a pretty good idea of what bust looks like.

I was minding my own business when a real life friend, tagged me to a Facebook conversation where he was once again. Chiding those who planned to vote for Hillary in this election. He said, “It’s an analogy of being forced to eat shit or doo-doo just because everyone else is doing it, when you can have a choice to have an apple.”

No! You don’t get to choose an apple. You might dream of an apple. Salivate about one in a Pavlovian sort of way but you’re not going to get an apple in this election. It’s Clinton or Trump.

He said elsewhere, “I completely understand what you are saying and why others feel the same way. But that isn’t really voting if you are being forced to vote for someone who doesn’t and historically has created policy against your own people. Having a false choice is not a choice at all and I feel it’s disrespectful to the people that fought and died to give us the opportunity to cast a vote. By vote I mean to really express your beliefs and values without compromise or cohesion. Voting for bad people and policy has gotten us nowhere. We must be principled and disciplined and not view this as a fight or morals. We have to change now or we are dooming our kids to participate in the same flawed system.”

There’s a lot in there so forgive my lengthy response. You had, and took the opportunity to vote for the person who best matches your beliefs and values. He lost during the primaries. Because he’s no longer an option you appear to have decided to take your ball and go home as opposed to dealing with the remaining choices. Your supposition that it’s a “false choice” suggests that we’ll end up with the same approximate outcome without regard to the winner. In some elections, that might have been true. This time, you couldn’t be more wrong. Have you seen Trump and his, “Make America Great Again” motto? What do you think that means? Have you seen the Alt-Right cohorts of his? Bannon, Giuliani, Sessions, Gingrich, Ailes, Hannity; the list goes on. How is that going to turn out for America? Who in the Republican Congress will stand up to him? Even Ted Cruz sold out his wife and father when it seemed like his future reelection chances were sliding downhill. This is no false choice. And abdicating yours and encouraging others to do the same is being ridiculous as Sarah Silverman so astutely observed.

You alluded to Hillary having, “created policy against our own people.” I’ll assume you’re referring to the 70’s Crime Bill which as First Lady she certainly didn’t create but let’s assume she may have had some input. She spoke of some black gang members as being, “Super Predators.” She has some things in her history which should be considered. She also has a lengthy history on the right side of policy issues which should be considered as well and I have. That both Clinton’s helped implement policy (begun in the Nixon administration) that added to the mass incarceration rate of black people (as did Barack Obama in the stimulus package) is true. They saw it as a compromise with a Republican Congress who were determined to push something much harsher down our throats. The Crime Bill had the support of the Congressional Black Caucus and much of America. There were detractors at the time like Al Sharpton but there is plenty of blame to go around including every administration after Bill Clinton. Hillary now is pledged to continue efforts begun by President Obama to reduce mass incarceration and end profit motives for high prison populations. Trump is dedicated to flooding the inner cities with additional cops and throwing more minorities into jail as part of his “Law and Order” promise. This is part of your choice.

The system is flawed, agreed. It has been since the implementation of the Electoral College which is designed to favor small and rural states (read white people). It’s rigged with redistricting and gerrymandering. It’s rigged by voter suppression tactics. It’s rigged by the lack of protection of voter’s rights. The next President will likely make multiple Supreme Court nominations which will help determine whether the system stays rigged or whether it’s possible to offer protections and change. I think you know the kinds of nominations that President Trump would make. You spoke of “dooming the kids/” Throwing away your vote is a good start.

So for those of you who are still “Bernie or Bust,” what are you going to do? If you live in California or New York, Mississippi or Alabama, or any other state where your Presidential vote won’t make a difference. Feel free to make a protest vote, while continuing to fight for change. If you live in Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and others. Think real hard about what bust looks like? You just might help us all find out.

Author: enigmainblackcom

William Spivey is a regular contributor to the Inner-City News where he writes about politics and popular culture. He also blogs as “Enigma in Black” where he explores poetry, religion, politics and all manner of things socially relevant. He is also a contributing Blogger at Together We Stand He is the founder of the Facebook pages Average Citizen Forum, Enigma in Black, and “Strong Beginnings,” the title of his soon to be released Political Fiction/Romance novel. William was the winner of a University-wide Essay Contest while at Fisk University titled, “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Fisk and resides in Orlando, FL. His goal is to make his voice heard and make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous”

    1. My response to the author: Without having to stomach the same regurgitated spin from the Clinton campaign, and read yet another shameful explanation of how us Bernie or BUST basement dwellers are hurting the precious ice queen, I will impart some major TRUTHS about what Bernie or BUST is, so that the fog of DNC spin can be dissolved and perhaps you will respect my principles and judgment.

      1) it’s my damn vote, my voice, my reflection of my intentions and desires to be represented. Not yours, or the corrupt DNC to demand. It is to be counted and courted. Not fucked and forgotten.

      2) I’m not your indignant child acting out. I am well educated and politically aware middle age man! Do not address me as that being “ridiculous” (fuck you BTW ), immature, not showing wisdom or vision or any other shaming. I have ethics and values. I believe in truth, justice and the American way of life. I served this nation, I’ve paid my taxes, I love my country and home city. You need me, not the other way around. How dare you fucking look down at me!

      3) Don’t give me that BS like I don’t see thru the obvious spin to elect Hillary over Trump which assumes that she is a better option. SURPRISE! She is not. She is a despicable neoliberal criminal and anyone who does a little homework should easily find her revolting. Voting lesser evil is still voting for evil.

      3) More than half of Bernie supporters were NOT fucking Democrats!! They don’t owe the party shit, and they will NOT just flip over because the party said so. They were disenfranchised voters who are sick of the two parties, and most didn’t feel that EITHER party represented them. The main unification of these independent people, was the fact that neoliberal establishment scum, best exemplified by Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are EXACTLY what is wrong with the whole corrupt system.

      4) The party. The fucking Democrats RIGGED THE Election!! They did not want us, we were a unwelcome challenge, a threat to the ice queen who was preordained. So they stole, rigged, voided, flipped coins and voting machines. They did not count provisional ballets, restricted access to the primary, cut polling places created long lines, ran out of ballets, unregistered voters, misrepresented results, counted polls super delegates that had NOT voted as de facto and corrupted campaign contribution laws with the DNC and Hillary victory fund. The primary was so fucked that even the chair of the party was forced to resign in disgrace due to wikileaks that proved impartial practices. In simple terms: the fuckers stole the election and did not respect the will of the people by not counting all of our votes! The DNC, Clinton campaign and Democrats in general are arrogant fools and idiots to even ask, demand, or attempt to shame and fear monger us into supporting them after this. And we won’t, as of yesterday polls show that 51% of Sanders voters STILL will NOT support Clinton, and it’s assumable many of the down ticket DEMOCRATS for standing by the establishment. The Democrats stupidly disenfranchised millions of people who are voters, they will suffer the consequences, tough shit Alice, that is how it goes.

      5) The candidate. She is Vile, corrupt, vindictive and power hungry. A Neoliberal who serves corporate interests (banking, energy, pharmaceutical, insurance) with a proven track record of war (Honduras, Libya and Syria) and State Department pay for play, anti environment (fracking), is for TPP and TTIP (anti American trade deals that destroy the working classes and give away US sovereignty). This pathetic candidate sucks and is not electable. A candidate under 4 ongoing criminal investigations and brings a host of scandal baggage like no one else in history! Plus she had a shit scandal of a impeached husband attached to the nearest ass he can grab.

      These are no ones fault but the DNC and the people in power who wanted to shove Hillary Clinton at any cost down the throat of America.

      ME Ridiculous? Fuck off! Better look in mirror because you’re the fool supporting Clinton.


      1. Hello Burt,

        We haven’t met but I sense a certain level of hostility somehow? Methinks you doth protest both too strenuously and too much. I approve all the posts to this blog (as I did yours) and should you respond I’d ask you to keep it civil should you wish your voice to be heard.

        I commend you for fitting almost every allegation ever against Hillary into one post and I’m sure leaving out the murder of Vince Foster was a mere oversight. I commend your capacity to retain that amount of propaganda in your head because had you needed to look any of that up, facts might have gotten in your way.

        Your account of how Sanders lost the primaries reflects some of the real issues about how Democrats run their primary process and I encourage you to keep fighting for change. Despite your claim the election was stolen, it wasn’t although there are definite barriers to outside candidates. Many of those rules existed well before Senator Sanders announced his campaign. Among the less than democratic procedures are the number of Caucus states which favored Senator Sanders, involved fewer voters and using your word, “disenfranchised” many voters in those states. Senator Sanders acknowledges he lost, you too should at least consider the possibility.

        It’s not likely I’ll change your mind about anything so I won’t try. It would be time spent I’ll never get back. I do however seriously wonder, what is your plan? What do you do now? Do you vote for Johnson or Stein? Do you stay home in November and whine about the eventual result? Where do you go beyond using the anonymity of the Internet to use words you likely wouldn’t use in person?

        All I know about you is that you go by the name Burt. I don’t know if a Trump Presidency and its Alt-Right influence, its Law & Order suggestions of flooding my communities with more police with little concern about an occasional killing of an unarmed black man here or there bothers you? I assume you’re male so maybe the misogyny of a Trump administration won’t concern you. Maybe you’re neither Hispanic or Muslim and need not fear profiling or being considered a criminal, rapist or terrorist at first glance. There’s a lot of maybe’s but I still have one question. What are you going to do?

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  1. One thing is certain when someone has “lost” the discussion, argument their only resort is to stoop to incivility of language your Mother would not be proud of.
    While we bloggers love to hear opposing views from our own, it is imperative that everyone is respected, calling someone a fool you disagree with proves my point.
    All credibility lost.

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