Pharaoh Had A Good Idea!

Some movies never die and the 1956 epic “The Ten Commandments” is shown every year giving women the opportunity to see Yul Brynner at his best giving shirtless, and bald a good name. As Rameses (Pharaoh) he had a way of dismissing you so that you knew you were dismissed. When sending Moses away he had his servant Sethi read the following:
“Let the name of Moses be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of Egypt. Let the name of Moses be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time”
Now if only someone could do the same for Donald Trump?

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What If Romney Had Won? (Mitt Romney’s America)


It’s October 2016 and President Romney is campaigning furiously in an attempt to gain a second term in office. Hilary Clinton is leading in the polls except for Rasmussen by double-digits and appears to need only to avoid a huge gaffe in order to breeze into office. He is trying to no avail to convince Americans that they’re indeed better off than they were 4 years ago.

The debt is now at $24 trillion and rising. Democrats were able to point out that “the math” on Romney’s tax plan didn’t work. The 20% across the board tax cut along with a 30% reduction in the corporate tax rate actually reduced revenues by $5.3 trillion dollars and Republicans and Democrats failed to implement many of the tax changes that would have been required to offset the revenue reduction. Every proposed cut was met with a negative reaction from some interest group and eventually the only changes were to eliminate funding for PBS and Planned Parenthood allowing Romney to keep at least those campaign promises.
There was an upswing in bootleg Sesame Street memorabilia including Big Bird being run over by a bus and Elmo in a white Suburban following a sign to Mexico.

In his first two years in office, Romney governed with a Republican House which lost a few seats in the 2012 election maintaining a 19 seat margin and the Democratic Senate picked up a couple seats and was now 56-44. The House valiantly tried to live up to Romney’s promise to “get rid of Obamacare” passing 33 separate bills trying to do away with it but were unable to get past the Senate. The Senate was bolstered with support from senior citizens who objected to the increases they would immediately incur in prescription medicine and accurately noted the true beneficiaries to eliminating Obamacare would be the third party providers who would have $716 billion restored to their profits that had been eliminated by Obama. The 1/3 of the Senate facing re-election in 2014 was now disproportionately Republican and their constituents had let them know how opposed they were to repealing Obamacare.

The House had been just as active as they had been the four previous years under Obama in seemingly making abortion one of their main agenda items based on activity. HR-1 was an abortion bill and 26 others were passed by the House, all of which died in the Senate. The Republicans were able to remove funding for Planned Parenthood, by taking us over the fiscal cliff in early 2013 and refusing to budge without that concession by Democrats who drew the line at Obamacare. Study after study showed the reduced access women had to providers, especially in rural areas but Republicans stood fast to their agenda. Pundits suggested it was indeed Women’s Health Issues that led to the Democrats regaining control of the House in 2014 in the mid-term elections.

The Congressional Black Caucus was unable to secure a meeting with the President until early 2015 but the meeting didn’t go well. Romney had been overheard in a fundraiser afterwards indicating that he had no obligation to “those people” because all they wanted was “free stuff” and didn’t vote for him anyway. Forced to respond, Romney indicated he was “taken out of context” and what he meant was he fervently hoped they could work within the confines of the House and Senate structure to help America reach its goals.

Hispanics fared no better as the “papers please” laws had now passed in some variation in 6 other states and the “Dream Act” had failed 4 separate times to get enough votes to pass in the House. Enthusiasm among Hispanics was greatly increased and the percentage that indicated they would vote for Democrats had now passed 85%.

Unemployment was slightly down from before he took office. Most of the new jobs came immediately after the election although Romney immediately took credit. Gains amazingly were in the public sector as 50 States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands set up their own bureaucracies to administer Medicare which Romney was able to push to the states. The District of Columbia was handled directly by the Congress which tried to outsource that program to Maryland but ultimately failed. In Medicare, now dubbed Romneycare II, administrative costs were up, third party providers were more profitable, patient services were down and in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, and Texas there had been demonstrations turned violent which began as protests about the inequitable distribution of health care in those states. In each case, the National Guard was called out to put down the demonstrations and the comparison was made that the Guard was not called out when similar protests took place in Wisconsin, Oregon and the state of Washington.
The Middle East was in a new turmoil. The United States had struck Iran with a nuclear weapon as a final resort to keep Iran from reaching the same capability. Romney’s national security team framed the conflict as long overdue payback for the hostage situation in the 70’s and as a demonstration of American power in the region that will cause the rest of the world to respect us more and respond to our influence. Israel found itself not safer but under attack from literally all sides as those opposed to the attack took it out on the country they had access to instead of the one that was responsible. The announcement that the conflict had begun was made from the Annapolis at the Naval Academy. Some cadets cheered but overall the mood among the cadets seemed somber as they realized it was they that would be cashing the check the President had written.

Speeches had been given about shared sacrifice in order to trim the debt. Education was suffering and class sizes had increased by 1/3 as funds originally scheduled had been diverted to support the new war in Iran as well as the continued conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya. Democrats had attempted to reintroduce the Transportation bill which had languished in the House during the previous administration. A version eventually passed although the infrastructure related portions and the jobs it would have produced were eliminated. The country didn’t have the money.

As the 2016 election neared, Romney had become increasingly secluded almost never conducting press conferences and his press secretary seemed under attack each morning as they were pressed as to how Mitt was going to turn it around? He longed to get back out to California again where the Secret Service whispered he loved to ride up and down in the car elevator when he wanted to be left alone. Soon now, Romney would be able to return to private life, needing now to only be concerned about his Library and his Legacy. He consoled himself that his blind trust had tripled in value over 4 years and although he might be hated… he would still be rich and in the end, the one with the most toys still wins!

Note: I originally wrote this 4 years ago. I severely underestimated the ability of the Republican House to vote to destroy Obamacare as they actually tried over 50 times.

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Free At Last, Free At Last…

“It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”

Donald Trump




Hopefully, the history books haven’t been changed so much yet that people still remember that “shackles” refer to slavery. His reference to being enslaved presumably means by the Republican Party. The Party that makes up almost his entire ground organization as he has almost none of his own. The Party that has linked him to donors he can’t be troubled to call. The Party that has obtusely and/or willfully held their noses. Ignoring all that he has said and done throughout the course of the campaign. Frankly, it is they who were closer to being slaves; except for the part where they did it all willingly of course.



Even Trump may realize by now he has no chance of winning this election. Many of his supporters have ignored his racism, his xenophobia, his utter lack of depth and knowledge and his lies. But he went a bridge too far when he was caught bragging about trying to fuck married women (while recently married himself) and sexually assaulting beautiful women upon meeting them. At least he was thoughtful enough to have a tic tac before kissing them or “grabbing them by the pussy.”

Now Trump is insulted by the disloyal Republican Party. Some of whom are calling for him to step down. Some have rescinded their endorsements, others will “no longer defend him.” All have begun a scramble to save themselves and not sink with the Trump ship.

I wrote recently about what I call the Trump or Bust  movement. Let me describe what “Bust” looks like. It starts with Trump losing the general election by a historic margin. To use his words it will be “a disaster.” Compounding matters, Republicans will lose the Senate and those Senators in vulnerable seats who tried to straddle the Trump line will find themselves out. Turned upon by the diehard Trump voters who will see them as the worst kind of turncoats, guilty of the worst kind of treason. I looked for a delicate way to say that many of Trump supporters equate his campaign with the preservation of white power. Those who turn against him will be viewed thru their prism as modern day abolitionists. Caring more about other political correctness instead of focusing on the needs of white people. When they still go to the polls to vote for their man Trump. They’ll vote against you. At best not vote at all in your race.

The Republican House will meet a similar fate. One thought to be on track to lose at most 12-15 seats. They will be caught up in the anti-Trump wave that all but his diehards is catching. When they find themselves a minority party after the election. They’ll still have multiple factions including those that call themselves conservatives, the Tea Party and Trump or Bust remnants. They’ll face a leadership challenge and none will have any moral authority based on having bowed down to Trump and his Alt-Right minions at some point during the campaign. Try explaining, “I was against him, then I was with him and then I was against him again.” Not an inspiring display of courage.

Bust means that despite redistricting and Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression. You’ll watch everything you fought for become undone. You’ll watch Hillary nominate possibly multiple Supreme Court Justices. This will inevitably lead to a reversal of Citizen’s United and restoration of teeth in the Voter Rights Act. You’ll see the common sense fixes made to Obamacare that a Republican Congress wouldn’t enact out of spite.

Immigration reform will take place and Background Checks on guns will be allowed. Fortunately, Hillary Clinton will be President and not someone who would begin a meeting with Republican leaders by saying, “Bow down Bitches.” She could have a list of all of them proclaiming her the worst human to inhabit the earth. Fortunately, she’ll work on the things you already agree on like changing the tax code. Things you wouldn’t approve before because you didn’t want Barack Obama to get the credit.

As for Trump himself. He won’t crawl off and lick his wounds. He’ll snipe away at the new administration from the safe distance of Twitter while he and his Breitbart comrades plot their next move. He’ll complain the election was rigged. The same people that believed his birther claims will  believe this as well. He may form a new media organization? Possibly found the Trump political party? Perhaps he’ll just have someone ghost write a new book on his movement? He’ll no doubt provide a safe place for the white males that constitute the majority of his followers to whine about reverse racism and/or loss of privilege. He’ll suggest and even inspire violence but of course will deny responsibility. Then of course there’s that rape case involving the thirteen-year-old that just won’t go away. For all of his money it will still suck to be Donald. His wife will be pissed, his children angry that he squandered millions. Worst of all he tainted the brand. In many circles he’ll be openly mocked. He’ll be Sarah Palin with bad hair.

So freed from his shackles, he can now fight for America his way. Having no real policies he will do what he does best. He’ll spew hatred and promote division. He’ll promote bigotry and continue his misogyny. It will be Trump being Trump. Get your popcorn.

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Trump or Bust!

There is a movement. It’s gotten no publicity but it will affect the future of the Republican Party. And there’s nothing they can do to get out of the way.

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They knew who Donald Trump was when they nominated him. They knew he was a con man, totally unfit to be President, a braggart and a liar. Now they’re shocked, shocked to find that he’s a misogynist, a sexual predator, and an adulterer. If they were capable of admitting it they’d be just as shocked to discover he’s a racist, a white supremacist, and a xenophobe. And all the while he’s been letting us pay for the government services he utilizes thru our taxes; something he doesn’t pay.

So what do you do? All the #NeverTrump holdouts that are still in elected office have held their nose and sold their soul to support Trump. Even Ted Cruz, whose wife Trump said was ugly. Whose father Trump accused of being involved in the assassination of JFK. Caved and not only endorsed Trump but worked the phone banks on his behalf.

Now those same politicians are lining up to rescind their endorsements. Some are calling for Trump to step aside. They’re claiming to have rediscovered their moral authority that they demonstrated didn’t exist when they supported him in the first place. They think themselves safe as the polls have suggested they may well retain the Senate and will securely keep the House. What they have failed to account for is “Trump or Bust.”

We’ve seen all along that Trump’s base will support him no matter what. He wasn’t far off when he said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” His base won’t care about his crass statements. Unlike the rest of you. They always knew who he was. They want him to “Make America Great Again!” When you’re able to handle it I’ll explain to you what “Great Again” means but that can wait. His base isn’t enough to win the election. They are more than sufficient to destroy the Republican Party though. The Trump or Bust people will still come out and vote for Trump in November. But they will despise those of you who turned on their man. They see you for the spineless, sniveling cowards you’ve been and while they’ll vote Trump. They’ll ignore you.

There’s a term called “undervote” that describes when a voter votes for the top of the ticket but ignores many or all of the down ballot races. Because of the Trump or Bust movement, some Republican Senators who expected to win will now lose. Several House seats once thought safe will be flipped to Democrat. It will be close as to whether Democrats take the House as well as the Senate but even if the Republicans hold a majority in the house. Will they still have a united Party?

One could make the case the Party has only been able to unite the last eight years in their opposition to President Barack Obama. The Tea Party will now find themselves in the middle, between the few remaining moderates and the Trump or Bust group. They will still be the “Party of No” but there will be defections. Work in the Congress just might get done.

When it’s over. Republicans will do another self-evaluation like the one they` ignored last time. They’ll say they need to appeal to those outside the Party while they cling to that which appeals mostly to old white men. They’ll watch the Supreme Court move left with the Hillary Clinton appointments. Eventually, Voter Rights will be secured, and Citizen’s United will be overturned. Lastly, ever so slowly, Republicans will come to the realization they brought it on themselves.

When You Lie Down With Dogs…

“I in no way condone [the comments] but I don’t condemn him,” Pastor Darrell Scott, a Trump adviser, said. He explained that Trump’s 2005 remarks came before he had “spiritual influences” in his life.”


Darrel Scott, please sit down. I pray for your congregation.

Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous (Part Two)

Bernie or Bust People: You’re Being Ridiculous (Part Two)


I’ve mentioned previously that something has been disappointing to me since starting my blog. Nobody has really come after me for anything I’ve written. I’ve called out racists, misogynists, xenophobes and I hardly got a peep. I’ve received feedback from people who mostly agreed with me which was nice. But I wanted to hear from people with an opposing view. Then I wrote a piece called Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous , and along came Burt.

Burt went to my blog and cursed me up and down. He assured me he wasn’t my “indignant child acting out.” And that he was a “well educated and politically aware middle-aged man.” Even though he did misspell the word ballot throughout saying “ballet” instead. Burt raised every conspiracy theory as to how the election was stolen from Sanders. He also repeated almost every allegation ever about Hillary Clinton although he somehow missed the murder of Vince Foster. All this while cursing me throughout which his oft-mentioned education and intelligence must have told him would help make his point.

On my blog,I approve all replies and indeed I approved Burt’s response and replied to him as well. It occurred to me during my reply that “Bust” has an entirely meaning to me than Burt. And while Burt certainly doesn’t represent all of the Bernie or Bust people. He reminds me that he can afford to see no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because in his world there is none.

During the early fight for women’s rights. Ida B Wells was attacked by some white leaders in the movement like Frances Willard. Ms. Wells was criticized for speaking out against lynching which Willard viewed as a distraction. Both women strongly believed in much of the same cause. One because of her privilege; was unconcerned about the needs of the other. Burt cares little about what “Bust” means. Because to him little changes.

If Burt were black. He’d realize that “Bust” meant unconditional support of the police. Even when they do wrong. He’d understand that it meant flooding urban areas with additional police to keep their foot on the neck of black citizens under the auspices of “Law & Order.” He’d know that their communities would be viewed as war zones and that their lives did not matter. He’d be concerned about being subjected to “Stop and Frisk.”

If Burt was a woman. He’d be aware of the misogyny of the new leader. He’d know that women should be “punished” for choosing to have an abortion and that body shaming would be elevated to the highest office in the land.

Were Burt Muslim… or Hispanic. He’d be concerned about racial profiling. He’d worry about a second-hand status and having to carry papers or have their houses of worship bugged and infiltrated. He’d worry about families being torn apart or unable to unite due to an unconstitutional interpretation of immigration law.

Burt need not worry about these things because “Bust” to him would look much like the status quo. He could come and go as he pleases. His community will not be militarized. His house of worship would remain  a place of refuge. Even his vulgar language would fit in with the new administration.

So Bernie or Bust people. When I say you’re being ridiculous. I don’t intend to shame you or insult your intelligence. I encourage you to think hard about what “Bust” looks like? Not only to you but to the others who protested and organized and voted alongside you. If “Bust” looks okay to you, consider what it means to others? Don’t ignore the real differences between the remaining choices whatever your reasoning. One may not be your preference which is understandable. The other is a clear and present danger to our future as a nation. Thank you for your consideration.

Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous


I enjoy talking/writing about politics and get most excited when interacting with people with opposing views. Even though I love a good argument. I rarely get into them with people who believe mostly the same as I because there is frankly no point. I’m going to make an exception for those who are still, “Bernie or Bust.” Especially the black ones, because I have a pretty good idea of what bust looks like.

I was minding my own business when a real life friend, tagged me to a Facebook conversation where he was once again. Chiding those who planned to vote for Hillary in this election. He said, “It’s an analogy of being forced to eat shit or doo-doo just because everyone else is doing it, when you can have a choice to have an apple.”

No! You don’t get to choose an apple. You might dream of an apple. Salivate about one in a Pavlovian sort of way but you’re not going to get an apple in this election. It’s Clinton or Trump.

He said elsewhere, “I completely understand what you are saying and why others feel the same way. But that isn’t really voting if you are being forced to vote for someone who doesn’t and historically has created policy against your own people. Having a false choice is not a choice at all and I feel it’s disrespectful to the people that fought and died to give us the opportunity to cast a vote. By vote I mean to really express your beliefs and values without compromise or cohesion. Voting for bad people and policy has gotten us nowhere. We must be principled and disciplined and not view this as a fight or morals. We have to change now or we are dooming our kids to participate in the same flawed system.”

There’s a lot in there so forgive my lengthy response. You had, and took the opportunity to vote for the person who best matches your beliefs and values. He lost during the primaries. Because he’s no longer an option you appear to have decided to take your ball and go home as opposed to dealing with the remaining choices. Your supposition that it’s a “false choice” suggests that we’ll end up with the same approximate outcome without regard to the winner. In some elections, that might have been true. This time, you couldn’t be more wrong. Have you seen Trump and his, “Make America Great Again” motto? What do you think that means? Have you seen the Alt-Right cohorts of his? Bannon, Giuliani, Sessions, Gingrich, Ailes, Hannity; the list goes on. How is that going to turn out for America? Who in the Republican Congress will stand up to him? Even Ted Cruz sold out his wife and father when it seemed like his future reelection chances were sliding downhill. This is no false choice. And abdicating yours and encouraging others to do the same is being ridiculous as Sarah Silverman so astutely observed.

You alluded to Hillary having, “created policy against our own people.” I’ll assume you’re referring to the 70’s Crime Bill which as First Lady she certainly didn’t create but let’s assume she may have had some input. She spoke of some black gang members as being, “Super Predators.” She has some things in her history which should be considered. She also has a lengthy history on the right side of policy issues which should be considered as well and I have. That both Clinton’s helped implement policy (begun in the Nixon administration) that added to the mass incarceration rate of black people (as did Barack Obama in the stimulus package) is true. They saw it as a compromise with a Republican Congress who were determined to push something much harsher down our throats. The Crime Bill had the support of the Congressional Black Caucus and much of America. There were detractors at the time like Al Sharpton but there is plenty of blame to go around including every administration after Bill Clinton. Hillary now is pledged to continue efforts begun by President Obama to reduce mass incarceration and end profit motives for high prison populations. Trump is dedicated to flooding the inner cities with additional cops and throwing more minorities into jail as part of his “Law and Order” promise. This is part of your choice.

The system is flawed, agreed. It has been since the implementation of the Electoral College which is designed to favor small and rural states (read white people). It’s rigged with redistricting and gerrymandering. It’s rigged by voter suppression tactics. It’s rigged by the lack of protection of voter’s rights. The next President will likely make multiple Supreme Court nominations which will help determine whether the system stays rigged or whether it’s possible to offer protections and change. I think you know the kinds of nominations that President Trump would make. You spoke of “dooming the kids/” Throwing away your vote is a good start.

So for those of you who are still “Bernie or Bust,” what are you going to do? If you live in California or New York, Mississippi or Alabama, or any other state where your Presidential vote won’t make a difference. Feel free to make a protest vote, while continuing to fight for change. If you live in Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and others. Think real hard about what bust looks like? You just might help us all find out.