Monday Night Massacre: When The Attorney General Defies The President

“It is now more clear than ever that the Trump Administration is out of control. Donald Trump is a petulant, vindictive man who has already abused his power in office as demonstrated by the constant and building demonstrations against him all over the land.”

To comprehend the Friday Night Massacre that now defines the Trump Administration along with his outrageous Muslim Ban. You need to be aware of the Saturday Night Massacre that was the beginning of the end for Richard Nixon. In the middle of the Watergate investigation that ultimately led to the resignation of Nixon. The President wanted Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox fired. Cox had issued a subpoena for the secret Oval Office Tapes that Nixon recorded of visitors to his office. Nixon wanted to fire Archibald Cox but legally needed the Attorney General to actually fire him. The Attorney General at the time, Elliot Richardson, refused to do so and was forced to submit his resignation. The Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus also refused and was forced to resign as well. Nixon finally found someone, Solicitor General Robert Bork who would agree to fire Cox and ultimately became acting Attorney General and did so.

In the present; Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, issued a statement about the Muslim Ban saying, “For as long as I am the acting attorney general, the Department of Justice will not present arguments in defense of the executive order, unless and until I become convinced that it is appropriate to do so.” The evening after posting her letter she was fired by Donald Trump and replaced by Dana Boente who apparently has agreed to enforce Trump’s Ban for him. It’s now reported Dana Boente was sworn in as Acting Attorney General as of 9pm, Monday January, 30 2017.



It is now more clear than ever that the Trump Administration is out of control. Donald Trump is a petulant, vindictive man who has already abused his power in office as demonstrated by the constant and building demonstrations against him all over the land. Trump himself tweeted,  “The Democrats are delaying my cabinet picks for purely political reasons. They have nothing going but to obstruct. Now have an Obama A.G.”

More people within our government will be called on to indicate where they stand. Will they support Trump or the Constitution. The people have already demonstrated thru their actions that they have already enough of this madman. The Senate will take sides with their yea or nay confirmation votes of Jeff Sessions who has supported Trump’s Ban in the past. Of Rex Tillerson who would have to pacify our allies like Iraq who is already placing restrictions against Americans as a result of Trump’s Ban. Donald Trump is not only a bull in a China Shop; he’s a bully in the White House. Who will stand with Sally Yates? Time will tell!

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Pictorial Essay Of Trump’s First Ten Days



On January 20,2017…



Donald Trump became President of the United States…



Since that day…



Every single day…



The people have taken to the streets in protest.



White people…



People of color…



Across the nation, even the world!!!



With the united purpose…



Of stopping…










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Returning February 7th: Shadow Warriors

Shadow Warriors will return February 7, 2017 and honor its second recipient. On January 7th we honored Sevgi Fernandez the founder of  Together We Stand whose mission is to proactively dismantle racism, discrimination and police brutality through education, advocacy and legislation.

We’ll be back in February with a new honoree. We are continuing to seek suggestions of people doing the work that may not yet have received national recognition. Others may well be known for other accomplishments but not for what they do behind the scenes. Please make any suggestions in the comments section or E-mail to To not miss a recipient. Please press the “Follow” button on the side bar or from a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

When A Madman Takes Control

The title of “World’s Most Deranged Leader” has been usurped from North Korea’s Kim Jong-il. In less than a week Donald Trump has demonstrated what should be worrisome to all Americans if not the world. It’s abundantly clear that the greatest military in the world is now in the hands of a petulant child. Operating with little restraint and surrounded by sycophants would consider a good day hiding his phone and taking back  his statements.



Without getting into the many policy disagreements I have with Trump, in those cases where one can actually discern his policies. I’ll focus mainly on the lunacy. That which represents a clear and present danger to this nation and its citizens. Ad the other steps taken this week have helped no Americans, only hurt them.

While speaking to the CIA, he brought a crowd of his own cheerleaders and placed them in front of the Wall of Stars honoring those  who’d given their lives in service to their country. They cheered his every word to make it look like he was a hero to the CIA rank and file. He mused we should have “taken the oil” when we had a sizable force in Iraq and suggested we “might get another chance.” In a few words he put American’s serving in oil rich nations at risk when fears of American opportunism now had a name and face, Donald Trump.

While issues rage around the world including in North Korea, Africa and the Mideast. Trump has shown his focus was on the crowd size of his inauguration and the negative comparison to the Obama Inaugurations and even the Women’s March protest the following day. His insecurity and pettiness knows no bounds. His desire to retaliate legendary.

One of his first actions was to sign an executive order limiting funding for women’s reproductive services around the world. None of that money was funding abortion but with a group of mostly old white men by his side, he signed away.



Another act was to stop an order that would have saved first time home-buyers an average of five hundred dollars on FHA loans. He’s issued orders making it harder for Americans to get health care. Issued a freeze on Federal hiring (except the military). Ordered his Press Secretary to chastise the press about their reporting on the Inauguration and said it was “seen by the most people in history… period!” and personally described the crowd as between 1 to 1.5 million.

Anybody paying attention knew Trump was a liar. During the Presidential campaign, 70% of Trump’s statements were deemed false by PolitiFact. 11% were deemed completely true. He has taken his lies to new heights by ordering his staff to make easily disprovable lies on his behalf. One spokesperson even gave us the term, “Alternative Facts” which should embarrass her forever. He claimed today he only lost the popular vote because of the “millions of illegals” that supported his opponent.

There is a danger when a petty, vindictive, small minded man has control of the nuclear codes. When he has an uncontrollable urge to be the center of attention at all times and has no fear in being involved in multiple running feuds across the world. There is one blessing that his chosen method of communication is tweeting. If give more than 140 characters there’s no telling how much more damage he could do.

Trump Russia


I won’t speculate as to what his actual relationship is to Vladimir Putin and Russia. I’ll let the nations intelligence agencies continue to investigate intercepted communications and follow the money trail leading from the Kremlin to the US. That in addition to having no self-control, petulance beyond measure and no attention span, that he might also be under Russian influence is too much to consider without more evidence. Hopefully he’ll be unable to stop those investigations as his cronies get approved and come into power.

There have been madmen that were heads of state before. Henry VI of England was bipolar and often became unaware of anything around him. Emperor Caligula of Rome had a whole family executed while he laughed. The youngest, a 12-year old girl pleaded for mercy because she was a virgin. He had the executioner rape her first before killing her anyway. I rather liken Trump to the Zhengde Emperor of China who played make-believe in the Royal Gardens and made others play along. I wonder what he’ll do when we stop playing along?

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The Media’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

The national media is shocked, shocked that Donald Trump sent his Press Secretary Sean Spicer out to lie about the pettiest thing. The size of the crowd at the Inauguration. People are calling for Spicer’s resignation, pounding on tables demanding that he tell only the truth from the White House Podium.



No offense but the media has been cultivating lies to build ratings for at least the past eight years. You have given a forum to candidates and surrogates who you know have lied and will continue to lie and now you complain. For every matter of truth you bring out, you’ve rushed to provide the “Alternate Facts” and take no stand as to which if either is correct. You have allowed the news to become a game, a formula, designed to attract viewers with no regard for the truth. There are people on both sides wandering around in bubbles of false information. This is something you not only perpetuated, you created.

Even in your attempts to corner the most recent prevaricators, you cannot bring yourself to say “You Lie!” The closest I’ve heard yet is, “he uttered falsehoods.” If you want honesty in Government, in elected officials and candidates. It starts with you requiring it. Stop bringing on guests with a history of lying to fill out your programming. Stop giving credence to liars when you have the power to put it to a halt. It’s not enough to characterize people after the fact as being “untruthful.” Call them out as a liar and cut off their microphone.

Stop letting guests “pivot” and run roughshod over the interviewer. Never answering the question asked and only talking about what they want to talk about. It’s not enough to “get” an important figure into your studio. It only matters if an interview provides information, or clarity, or heaven forbid… news.



We the people deserve better information than you are showing a desire to provide. You promote your on-air personalities, the amount of “breaking news.” You give us informed opinions 24-7. I’d settle for the truth.

Your scolding of the Trump administration is well deserved by them. They are actually lying. In one sense Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and even Trump himself are just doing what they’ve always done, they lie. Just like you’ve always put up with in the past. The outrage you now proclaim rings hollow coming from you. Do better!

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Atlanta’s Going Back To The Super Bowl!

Hello Atlanta Falcons fans. Congratulations on your team’s return to the Super Bowl after only having one previous appearance in 1999 in Miami! Before you book your flights or make your reservations. We need to talk!

For any of you that remember. Y’all didn’t do a good job as a team and as fans in that game. One of the team leaders, Safety Eugene Robinson received the Bart Starr Award for “high moral character” the day before the game. That night he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Offering an undercover female officer $40 for oral sex. I’m not saying this to shame anybody but to remind the team to avoid distractions.



Your fans that year definitely came to party. They took over South Beach. There’s basically one major road to South Beach which is Collins Avenue and Atlanta fans literally blocked it for most of two days. People in cars would stop to chat with people on the sidewalk. Open bottles were omnipresent and the aroma of serious ganja was in the air. You hit the clubs, did the “Dirty Bird” at the drop of a hat and let it be known the ATL was in the house.



Unfortunately the players and fans left it all in the streets and didn’t show up for the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was 17-3 with the Denver Broncos in the lead. They never looked back.

I say all this to say Atlanta, you can do better. You must do better. There’s nobody on the present team that was at the last Super Bowl. Act like you’ve been there before. You’ll be playing a team with a winning Super Bowl tradition while yours is nothing to brag about. The good news is you have the best offense in the league. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman. Green Bay never did figure out how to stop you. There doesn’t even have to be any bad news if the team just comes to play.



The game is in Houston this year and there will be many traps awaiting you. Hookers, exotic dancers and bootleg cab drivers from all over the country are already making  their way there. Parties will be everywhere. Have a good time but don’t forget to have a designated driver or maybe Uber it. Your friends won’t want to spend the morning of the game bailing you out.



Security is much tighter these days so allow enough time to get into the game. Houston weather is normally warm during the day in February but gets cold at night so be prepared. Game time is 6:30 pm and with the long half-time you won’t get out before 11. Consider the museums or the Space Center instead of the Strip Club. I promise Houston doesn’t have anything you can’t find at home at Magic City.

I want Atlanta to win the Super Bowl. Maybe I’ve have exhibited a bit of hatoration in the past but this is a new day and I’m definitely on board. Keep focused. Handle your business and just do the damn thing! I’ve seen you still walking around in your 1998 NFC Champs jerseys. It’s about time for an upgrade.


Update: There were those of you who said, “Don’t worry, take him seriously but not literally.” As if that made any sense at all. Now some of those same people are praising him for doing what he promised in the campaign. I his first week as President he’s established a Muslim Ban (a portion of which has been stayed by a Federal Judge). Kickstarted the Dakota Access Pipeline (where he has a financial stake in a company involved). Started on his wall (that Mexico won’t pay for). Promised healthcare for all while taking steps to deny it. Belittled women and whined about crowd size for days. All over the nation and now its airports. People are protesting #WhatDidYouThinkWouldHappen #WorstHumanEver

Update: There were those of you who said, “Don’t worry, take him seriously but not literally.” As if that made any sense at all. Now some of those same people are praising him for doing what he promised in the campaign. I his first week as President he’s established a Muslim Ban (a portion of which has been stayed by a Federal Judge). Kickstarted the Dakota Access Pipeline (where he has a financial stake in a company involved). Started on his wall (that Mexico won’t pay for). Promised healthcare for all while taking steps to deny it. Belittled women and whined about crowd size for days. All over the nation and now its airports. People are protesting #WhatDidYouThinkWouldHappen #WorstHumanEver


To those that voted for Donald Trump. To the Republican elected officials that forgot everything you previously called him; con man, bully, sexual predator, sniveling coward, pathological liar. To those who set aside his misogyny, racism, xenophobia and more. To those who wondered about his love of Putin, the ties of his staff to Russia and looked away. What exactly did you think would happen?

Now he’s actually President. He talked about draining the swamp and only brought in bigger alligators. During the campaign you were all told of his coding of rental applications by marking them “C” for colored so he could refuse to rent to black people. He promised to be the “law & order” candidate and wants to bring back “Stop & Frisk.” He made constant false accusations about widespread voter fraud, especially in the inner-cities (read minorities). Guess what he did? He brings us Jeff Sessions who want’s us to “be careful how we speak to white people.” Jeff supported voter suppression in Alabama and even before being approved by the Senate, halted the Federal lawsuit against Texas for one of the worst race based voter suppression laws in the country. For some of you that was part of the reason you supported Trump. For the rest of you, what did you think?



You knew what he said about Mexicans and Hispanics beginning the first day of his campaign. He called them “rapists and criminals.” He attacked the ability of a Federal Judge, born in Indiana and of Mexican Descent. To be fair based on his heritage. Now we have the first Cabinet in decades not to include a single Hispanic person. What did you think would happen?

You were told of his former Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort’s ties to Ukrainian leaders and Russian oligarchs. When Manafort slinked out after news of an $11.5 million cash payment from his foreign pals. Most of his staff with ties of their own remained. You knew his son referenced the large amount of Russian investment in Trump businesses. You knew Russia hacked the Democrats and flooded the media with news true and false in hopes of affecting the election in Trump’s favor. You even knew the Republican platform was changed to include language favorable to Russia and Ukraine and never bothered to question how and why. Now Trump is already talking of ways to lift sanctions against Russia as he continues the Putin love. We now learn of the joint investigation of six intelligence agencies, getting to the bottom of intercepted Russian communications and following the money trail. That Russia questions continue to bubble up shouldn’t be a surprise. What did you imagine would occur.



Women… You saw the video. You heard from his own mouth the contempt he has for women. He can “grab them by the pussy!” Whether or not the reports of Trump hiring Russian prostitutes are true. You know there are dozens of videos from “The Apprentice” outtakes that Mark Burnett won’t release. A recent defamation lawsuit against Trump may expose those video’s yet. We can watch the President of the United States engaging in sexual assault and harassment. Did you think if he won this would all just go away?

If you even bothered to look at his policies. You knew his tax plan didn’t add up. You knew he had no replacement healthcare plan. Did you really believe he’d build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it? The only knowledge he has regarding foreign policy is related to golf courses.



And then the lies. You say you elected him because he’s a businessman? He is one of the most sued people in American history. Contracts he’s broken, people he failed to pay. Trump University. If you ever listened to any Trump speech ever. You know he lies. And he’s been lying to you.

So now that you’ve got a President Trump, how will you measure him? Will you judge him by his actions? By his tweets? Will you remember his broken promises? Will you care that he’s extended the bully pulpit to every area of the office? Or is being a bully what you were looking for? This is a serious question and not rhetorical. How specifically do you think he will make America greater? What does the richest Cabinet in history know of the plight of the common man? What exactly did you think would happen?