I Need A Better Class Of Troll

When I first started my blog, almost a year ago, I lamented that I had no trolls. I made posts, some of which I felt were controversial and nobody came for me. I wrote about White Exceptionalism,  The Supreme Court, A Black Man’s View On “Lemonade”,   Racism Around The World, and of course  Donald Trump. I got comments from friends and those with similar views. From critics I got nothing.

One of course must be careful what one asks for because you may indeed get it. Trolls have finally discovered me. While experiencing some degree of satisfaction I’ve found like I was once taught in economics (John Kenneth Galbraith) satisfaction of wants creates more wants. I now want a better class of troll. There are a few categories of trolls I’ve encountered whom I’ll attempt to describe:


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  1. Meme Only – These are the trolls who have yet discovered how to use their words. They will post a meme to get their point across and if questioned will find another meme or perhaps a post from some right-wing blog as if they are engaging in a discussion. My basketball coach at Fisk once suggested I should be a lawyer because I would “argue with a rock.” I will go back and forth with a troll for quite some time if we’re actually talking. I have found my limit in that I won’t argue with a meme.
  2. People That Can’t Spell – Maybe it’s petty of me but you have a hard time making your case while simultaneously abusing the English language. In one recent back and forth I had a troll call me a “trader” which I can only assume he meant traitor and referred to a “coop” meaning coup. Because a word passes spell-check doesn’t mean that it was the word you intended to use.
  3. Racist Much? – One troll would follow my post commenting only, “Racist much?” I realized it was his go to comment which allowed him to object without having to engage. He is like those who believe that any person that mentions racism must be “the real racist.” In third grade that was, “he who smelt it… dealt it!
  4. Twenty Issues at Once – Some trolls are unable to argue a single point but throw out fifteen things at once trying to overwhelm you with volume if logic is unavailable. If they reach a point they can’t defend something they switch to another topic saying, “Well what about this?”
  5. It’s All Fake News/Lies – They have no need to grasp of the issues. They reserve the right to reject any fact by declaring it a “lie” or “fake news.” They discount any and every source as not being credible therefore all information from anywhere outside their bubble is untrue. They operate sometimes on a separate set of facts, other times with no facts at all.
  6. Anti-Obama – Those that hate President Obama so much they must tear down everything associated with him. They blame him for not creating a “post racial America,” for causing “the biggest racial divide in history,” for being “a dictator ruling by Executive Order,” and alternately “too Black” or “not really Black.” While it’s certainly possible to disagree with individual positions and policies. It seems like for whatever reason, waking up with Barack Obama as their President was an affront to their being.
  7. Foul Language – There is certainly a good time for a well-placed curse word for emphasis. If you are unable to make a point without belittling others. You missed one of the fundamental lessons of Kindergarten… playing well with others. Do better!

I long for a troll well versed in policy and issues and being willing to debate the same. I want trolls who are knowledgeable about American and World History (that didn’t come from a Texas school book). I want a troll with an open mind, that can concede a point as I am more than willing to when they make one. That respects others and refrains from personal attacks. I want my trolls to have a sense of humor. I don’t know if that’s possible but I’m putting it out in the universe in hopes it returns. Perhaps I’ll go out and troll some right-wing site, being the kind of troll I’d like to have.


Rich Depczynski Jim Mease, you liberals will grasp on to the smallest straws. President TRUMP is not a trader, far from it, people like you, and Obama are the real traders. Did you forget about Obama giving $170 BILLION dollars, and 116 tons of uranium to Iran, in his last two months of office??? And now they are doing missile testing?? Oh how about Hillary taking millions from the middle east. Oh but that’s okay right. GO fuck yourself Jim.

Bill Miller His administration is not in freefall…this President is under attack from the inside by Obama appointees just as much as he is from the outside by those funded by George Soros and now it’s becoming apparent by Obama’s own “Political” community activist group…..not even 1 month into his term he has been attacked everyday….I think he’s holding the line pretty damn good being faced this onslaught. A former President should not be encouraging anarchy or violent protest against a sitting President….Trump is OUR President, we want him to succeed, if you don’t you are a fucking idiot, this is our nation, he fails we fail you dumbasses!

Bob Todd What free fall ass wipe, he’s just getting started

Roy Griffin This is all hogwash. Trump made enemies with in intelligence agencies. You have a unhinged leftist democrats hell bent on disrupting his legitimacy as a president. Between the leftwing media that’s was exposed by wiki leaks showing how corrupt the DNC are. Nope what you have here is a coop to change are government our way of life to a European style global democracy. I didn’t vote for trump. I guess if hillary would have won none of this crap would be taking place. Differnce between us republicans and the neo fascist leftist democrats is we don’t riot, cuss have our kids carry signs displaying profanity. If trump goes down its because you have leaks spilling crap to the media which is dangerous to our national security. Only times in history this happens is in dictator style governments where the political machine smears political rivals like Russia, cuba, and others in the past.

David Mcnamara Racist much?

Mark Shouse The blog that originated this post relies upon all the unproven “facts” that have been peddled by Democrats for years, just adding other layer to update the position that when you are followed around in Walmart, it is because they are racist, no, they follow hundreds of people. Most are white, but blacks find it offensive, because of their pre-presumed thoughts that it must be racist.

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Trump’s Day In Review 2/16/2017

  1. Trump publicly raved about his selection for National Security Advisor, Vice-Admiral Robert Harward. Later in the day after Harward conducted “Extreme Vetting” he turned down the job. Sources say he was unhappy with the amount of control he’d have in selecting his staff. He’s also reported to being, “conflicted between the call of duty and obvious dysfunctionality.”
  2. When asked about Russia’s taunting of America with spy boats, planes and missiles. Trump replied, “Not good!
    Photo: usnews.com
  3. Gave a press conference which left everyone in attendance and all who watched/listened all over the world very afraid. He says “this administration is running like a fine tuned machine!” He also declared that the leaks coming from his administration were true but the reporting of them was, “Fake news.”
  4. His Environmental Protection Agency choice, Scott Pruitt was ordered by a Federal Judge to turn over public records requests for his communications with oil companies which he’s refused for two years while Attorney General of Oklahoma.
  5. Recently replaced NSA Director Michael Flynn told the FBI he had “never discussed sanctions with Russia” which we now know not to be true.
  6. Administration lawyers tell the 9th Circuit the President intends to rescind the Muslim Ban and plans to reintroduce a new ban soon. Trump’s vow to “see them in court” was one more lie. No review by the 9th Circuit, no appeal to the Supreme Court, simply complete admission of defeat.
  7. Asks African-American journalist April Ryan to “set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus” who she must know because she’s black asking, “Are they friends of yours?”. The Congressional Black Caucus upon hearing the news produced a letter where they’d requested a meeting with the President but received no response.
  8. At the Press Conference a reporter fact checked his lie about the size of his election win asking, “Why should we believe you when you give us false information.” Trump replied, “Someone gave me the information” and added, “I read it somewhere.”


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Trump’s Day In Review (2/15/2017)

  1. Andy Puzder, proposed Secretary of Labor forced to withdraw his name from consideration after video tape from Oprah show in 1996 was released to the public. The video showed Puzder’s  ex-wife relating her story of physical abuse at his hands.
  2. Denies all reports of his campaign’s constant contact with Russia before and after the election calling them, “Fake Media.”
  3. US Weekly reports his wife Melania is, “totally miserable” as first lady.
  4. Learns that intelligence community refuses to share certain classified information with him for fear it will be leaked to Russia.
  5. Had a bad hair day!


Trump’s Day In Review (2/14/2017)

Donald Trump had a bad day today while doing little personally. The dishonest media and the Intelligence Agencies have apparently conspired to whip that ass. Republican Congressional support is waning and expect another disappearing act tomorrow.

  1. After Flynn resigns the night before, Republicans hold a press conference to talk about… Obamacare. The last speaker Paul Ryan did say Trump did the right thing by “immediately firing Flynn”  three weeks after the White House was notified Flynn was a potential Russian blackmail target. He then quickly disappeared.
  2. Mike Pence was MIA but did express through surrogates he was upset with Flynn for lying to him but didn’t mention Trump who withheld the info about Flynn for three weeks.
  3. Sean Spencer stated unequivocally that “No member of the Trump campaign had contact with Russia during the campaign. Later today the New York Times published a front page article about several of the Trump campaign team communicating with Russia… DURING THE CAMPAIGN.
  4. A Russian spy boat was spotted off the coast of Delaware and there were reports of a Russian spy plane hangared in New York.

  5. Kellyanne Conway went on air to explain how she said yesterday afternoon Flynn had “the full support of the President” a few hours before he was fired
  6. Reince Priebus… Reince Priebus… Has anybody seen Reince?
  7. Trump did tweet about all the “illegal leaks” coming from his administration. They see themselves as patriots telling the truth when those in power lie all around them.

Not a good day. Forecast for Trump tomorrow: Hurricane Winds!

Last Man Standing?

As the Trump Administration begins its freefall. Republicans are working towards how to rise from the ashes and position themselves in the best possible way for the future. The “Russian Connection” that without a doubt reaches all the way to the President and has tentacles throughout his staff is becoming more clear. The attacks will come daily from the media, from Democrats and ultimately the Republicans in Congress who can finally equate National Security with doing their job.

There has never been any love in Congress for Trump, the brash outsider who has at one time or another belittled them all. They’ve kept silent or offered grudging support as he offered up an unqualified batch of billionaires to fill his Cabinet. The Trump support had little to do with love or respect for the man. They fear the Trump supporters who would turn on them at the first sign of dissent. Ferreting out the Russian links to the Administration will be the means to the end whereby they can get rid of Trump while offending the smallest portion of his base.


Mike Flynn is gone as head of the NSA. Not because he lied to Mike Pence or the President but because it was about to go public the Justice Department revealed to the White House that Flynn was susceptible to Russian blackmail. The important detail there is that Trump and others knew for a month and did nothing. Why?

It is impossible to conclude Trump didn’t know about Flynn’s phone calls in real time. It’s most likely that he was directing the content, undermining the current President and the sanctions he placed on Russia which Flynn said Trump would undo. It is impossible to believe that nobody bothered to get to the bottom of how the language got changed in the Republican Platform at their convention in favor of Russia. Now suddenly, they name Paul Manafort the ousted former Campaign Chairman as the culprit.

Investigations are already underway. The FBI, CIA and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It is the last which may do much of the damage because it will be more public. The same Committee where Republicans a month ago tried to refuse to investigate the Trump/Russia ties will now see Republicans take the lead as they try to recover the self-esteem Trump had previously crushed.

At the White House, self-preservation will be in full effect. This is a new Administration with no real loyalty to each other and questionable loyalty towards Trump. Most are there because their role increased their personal income or influence. It’s hard to be a true believer when the man you work for has few if any core beliefs. Who will be willing to throw themselves on their sword to save Trump? Probably nobody. The question, who would tell everything they know to save themselves would likely generate a line. When faced with prosecution or perjury charges, the truth will be told. Except from Trump who is incapable of telling it.

The elephant in the room is that if and when it’s revealed that the Trump campaign and Russia conspired to help him win the election and that Trump knew. What do we do then? While the Impeachment/resignation of Trump would be clear. How could any of his appointments go unquestioned? Bannon, Sessions, Conway… all those who were there early and often will be suspect. Everybody brought on by Flynn. Tillerson with his Russian ties. There will be a feeling that if the election was truly influenced by Russia that the result cannot stand. As opposed to simply handing over the reins to the next in line, Mike Pence.


Great lengths are being taken to pass along the narrative that Mike Pence was lied to. He wasn’t part of the plan and was the leading force behind ousting Mike Flynn. When Pence went out on national TV supporting Flynn, he was only repeating the lies told to him so that’s okay. It’s not like Pence has ever lied to us before. During the campaign he would blatantly lie about things Trump had said saying, “He never said that!” He lied about Trump saying more countries should get nukes. He lied and said that Trump “never attacked anybody.” He lied about the Carrier Corporation jobs staying in Indiana scam where he as Governor of Indiana  granted them millions in tax offsets while Carrier  merely shifted jobs from another location. Why would we believe anything Pence says about anything?


We will be given a theory that Pence will be the solution as opposed to being a continuation of the problem. The narrative is already building. The Republican Congress has always preferred Pence because he’s someone they feel they could more easily do business with. There are many including the LGBT community that have long feared a Pence Administration more than Trump. Let’s hope their fears aren’t realized.

Orange Hair… Small Hands

Orange Hair Small Hands

Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land


Do you like

Orange Hair Small Hands?


I do not like him in my land

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

Would you like him

Here or there?


I would not like him

Here or there

I would not like him


I do not like

Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him

In my land


Photo: redditt.com


Do you like him

In the White House?

Would you trust him

With your spouse?


I do not like him

In the White House

I would not trust him

With my spouse

I would not like him

Here or there

I do not like him


I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him

In my land


Photo: funkyjunk.com


Do you think he’ll

Build that wall?

With those hands

So very small


No he will not

Build a wall

With those hands

So very small

Not a single

Brick he’ll lay

There’s no way

Mexico will pay

Not in the White House

Not with my spouse

I do not like him here or there

I do not like him anywhere

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land


Say’s he’ll make America Great

All the time he’s spewing hate

Tried to impose a Muslim ban

Not in places his hotels stand

Put Steve Bannon in a very high place

Signals he only cares about one race

Kellyanne and Spicer lie

Is General Flynn a Russian spy?

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land


Photo: nymag.com


The Department of Education has gone to hell

Proves in tweets they cannot spell

Justice Department’s making plans

First they must check with the Klan

Russian troops are grabbing land

Orange Hair won’t condemn his man

Flynn can’t remember Russian calls

If the transcript leaks he then must fall

Business conflicts they abound

Tax Returns they must be found

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land


Some folks tried Orange Hair Small Hands

Very shortly they weren’t fans

For future healthcare they can’t pay

Once he removes the ACA

He promised to repeal and then replace

Now you know he lied to your face

He promised “the swamp” that he would drain.

Goldman Sachs has taken the reins

ICE has been given orders to start

Tearing families all apart

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land


I don’t want him to build a wall

Not with those hands so very small

Don’t want him in the White House

Who could trust him with their spouse

I do not like him here or there I do not like him anywhere

I do not like Orange Hair Small Hands

I do not like him in my land

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Trump’s Day In Review: 2/12/2017

  1. Congratulated his spokesman Stephen Miller for going on the Sunday news shows saying voter fraud kept him from winning New Hampshire, “people bussed in from Massachusetts.” He also said, “The President’s powers are beyond question.”
  2. Bragged about the “big crowds of supporters” lining the road as he left Florida. All reports of demonstrators against him are “Fake News.”
  3. Goes to the media to complain about Sen. McCain and others going to the media.
  4. Starts Twitter war with Mark Cuban because there’s so many other things he doesn’t want us to pay attention to.
  5. Watches the Grammy’s and begins a new enemies list.


Photo: Univision.com

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For The Love Of Bacon

My Agent keeps telling me that words are never wasted. I once applied to be a “Bacon Critic” and although I didn’t get the gig, the words remain. I’d love to be able to say that I’ve evolved since some long ago bacon loving days. Indeed my consumption is at a far slower rate than ever before. The company that didn’t hire me really missed out. I could have been a contender!

“Just the thought of being a bacon critic had me almost salivating in a Pavlovian kind of way. Instead of ringing a bell I could be set off by the sizzle of bacon grease in a frying pan. Bacon critic and by necessity bacon taster ranks right up with video game tester and licking the spoon used to mix cookie dough in terms of enjoyment.

I’m sure you would agree that there should be strict requirements for the position. The first should be a strong internal code regarding the quality and taste of bacon. If one doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for. How will they know when they’ve found it? The ultimate strip of bacon does not break but bends as the best flavor resides in the fat and grease that must not be allowed to be fried completely away. You’ll note I’ve made no mention of microwaved bacon which is simply heresy to the bacon aficionado. The length of the strip may vary however the width is crucial as too thin a strip will burn in the middle whereas the wider strip can cook properly all the way through. The coloring should be a rich brown although some white indicating fat is acceptable but may not make up more than 7% of the strip. Proper bacon cooks in its own grease and if at all possible should be fried in a black cast iron skillet.


Photo: youtube.com

In addition to the taste of the bacon itself. One should look at the imaginative use of bacon which can earn extra credit. In a perfect world the critic would have an encyclopedic knowledge of bacon recipes that could shame Forrest Gump’s uses for shrimp as passed along from his good friend Bubba. What separates the wheat from the chaff is the ability to combine bacon with other foods; seafood like shrimp or scallops and supplementing other meats like hamburger, steaks, chicken and pork chops.


Photo: cavemank.eto.com

I suppose I should address the fact that there are those that fail to appreciate the virtue of bacon. I submit that people can be lumped into two groups; bacon and anti-bacon people. When a bacon person finds themselves in a relationship with a non-bacon person. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover the tolerance and acceptance required in a good relationship. If they can’t accept your bacon, it’s only a matter of time before they want to replace your friends, change out your furniture and start picking out clothes for you to wear. The quicker you remove that person from your life, the better off you’ll be. If you find a person that doesn’t eat bacon but will sometimes prepare it for you the way you like; that’s a keeper!


Photo: seriouseats.com

I thought of attaching my bacon eating resume including the locations all over the country where I’ve indulged but that might seem pretentious. I’ve been preparing for this role all my life. Once in a while I’ll indulge in a little Canadian bacon but my taste buds always return home.


Photo: recipegreat.com



Of course one must watch their diet and one cannot live on bacon alone as tasty as that might be. All this talk of bacon is making me hungry but in deference to a balanced diet I will have a salad… containing bacon. Not bacon bits or some other false equivalent but bacon tenderly prepared, torn not broken into bite sized bits which will enhance this and in fact any meal. I bid you adieu, bacon is calling.”

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The Tears Of A Clown’s Wife

The former model stands behind her man. He turns to address her and her face morphs instantly into a joyful smile. As he turns his head back, the smile instantly goes away. For a brief moment showing a frown, anger in her eyes. She once dreamed of being an international star, living in the limelight, having wealth unimagined as a young girl in Yugoslavia before it became Slovenia.

The scene repeats itself several times a day. On the days she is even in the same town as she chose to stay in the Manhattan prison decorated in 24K gold and marble. When summoned she appears in the White House or Mar-a-lago to repeat the pretense.


Photo: dineroclub.net

The effort in the smile is beginning to fade. No longer joyful but patently false. The frown afterwards is becoming etched almost permanently. What is her outlet? To whom can she confide?

Yes she made her deal with the devil yet she thought it would turn out differently. The lavish lifestyle made up for a lot. He thought it absolved him of any transgressions. He had affairs, is taped talking about “grabbing them by the pussy.” He brags about his intelligence but leaves a Twitter trail proving otherwise. He’s boorish, an egomaniac… she dreads his touch.


Photo: twitter.com

Her life now is waking up everyday to go to a job she can’t stand. To act loving to a man she detests. She reflects on all the paths not chosen. Certain that all led to a better destination. She speaks several languages and listen’s every day as her husband butchers the single one he knows. She found that having wasn’t nearly the same as wanting. She cries herself to sleep at night. She realizes she has helped create the monster she lives with part-time. She spoke up for him as needed. Affirmed his character. Read every speech she was handed.


Photo: thefederalist.com

She secretly thinks that Impeachment wouldn’t be that bad. Maybe he won’t be re-elected? Maybe he’ll have to resign? She doesn’t know how it ends but it can’t come too soon. Maybe he’ll be humbled, perhaps need her again. Did he ever need her? She cries again. Every public moment she’s surrounded by the media, her handlers, the Secret Service she regards as Donald’s spies. She goes shopping. Buys something she neither needs or wants. Re-enters the luxury prison and lies across her bed. Crying once more.

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The Shadiest Administration Ever

In less than three weeks the Trump Administration has proven itself to be the shadiest of all time. Shadier than Nixon’s, Clinton’s, Andrew Johnson’s… Trump beats them all.


Photo: alamy.com

What Trump has that the others didn’t is a Congress and a Party base eager to look the other way until some unknown line is crossed when they can ignore it no more. Starting with Trump; he of the unreleased taxes, failure to divest himself of his businesses and clearly making decisions in the best interests of the family fortune. He is more interested in his brand than the nation. His wife was selling her jewelry on Inauguration Day. He is hosting foreign dignitaries at his hotel a few blocks from the White House. He just doubled membership fees from $100,000 to $200,000 at Mar-a-lago which he calls the winter White House. He is blatantly selling access to himself. Those who care aren’t in power. Those in power don’t care!

He has his sons running the family business yet attending meetings with foreign leaders with access provided by Daddy. His son-in-law has been made a top advisor. His daughter Ivanka allegedly stepped away from her business yet has sat in meetings with foreign leaders whose state owned banks she’s negotiating financing from. A White House spokesperson speaking in front of the Presidential Seal made an appeal to support Ivanka’s business. Donald Trump tweeted his contempt for Nordstrom’s that dropped Ivanka’s clothing line due to declining sales.


Photo: thedailybeast.com

His Cabinet is being approved by a Republican Senate that has ignored situations where the Secretary is totally unqualified (DeVos and Carson), has a history of putting their profits ahead of the nation’s interest (Tillerson and Mnuchin), insider trading (Price) or racist (Sessions). Whatever their transgressions, the Senate just looked away and cast their “aye” vote.

For all the sins of those that had to be approved by the Senate. Trump’s political appointees are even worse. Bannon the White Supremacist. Kellyanne Conway, she of “Alternate Facts,” Sean Spicer the designated liar. Mike Flynn who we learn was discussing sanctions with the Russians even before taking office. There are those who say that wasn’t necessarily a problem. There is a problem with the fact that he lied about it, Pence lied about it, Spicer lied about it and of course Trump. Reince Priebus when RNC Chairman led the RNC effort to suppress black and minority votes.

Photo: twitter.com

There is not a single one that hasn’t stood in front of the cameras and lied to the public. They don’t even tell good lies, most are easily disproved. There’s a theory that they have so many lies being told at the same time that no individual lie gets any real attention.

Then there’s Russia. We know the former campaign manager Manafort had to resign because of the millions in cash he’d received from Ukraine. Flynn and Tillerson have close Russian ties. One of Trump’s sons bragged about the level of business the company did with Russia. Donald now denies it but we never did see those taxes did we?

We saw the video of Trump talking about his ability to “grab them by the pussy” when discussing women. The rumors about a tape with Trump paying Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed may or may not ever be proven true. Still, we know that there are unreleased video’s of Trump debasing and/or assaulting women on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. Lawsuits are moving forward from some of the women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. His own words validate their claims. An ex-wife (who is not the only woman) accused Trump of rape.


Photo: yelp.com

Trump would be happy to know his Administration is record setting. Were it not for a Sessions in charge of law enforcement and a partisan Congress unwilling to investigate there would be more investigations underway than already are. Flynn and others are under FBI investigation for their relationship to Russia. Manafort is being investigated related to Russia. Kellyanne Conway is in theory being investigated for her comments urging people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products. Other investigations related to Russian hacking and influencing our recent election may yet snag some of the administration, possibly Trump himself. The smoke is billowing. Soon will come the fire. The shadiest Administration ever.

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