Trump’s Very Bad Day In Review: (3/14/2017)



Donald Trump


1. Since the publication of the terms of the proposed American Health Care Act. Trump has been hammered about the discrepancy between the plan he wholly supports which will remove healthcare from 24,000,000 people in the next few years vs. his campaign promises of healthcare for all Americans. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that a lot less Americans will get coverage and rich people will get huge tax breaks.

2. Conflicts of Interest regarding Trump and his family members abound. New reports about the Kushner family including Jared who has not cut his ties completely from their real estate ventures. They are selling a building to China for the highest price ever paid for a piece of real estate in America. The Kushner’s will make $400 million in profits from the deal. Part of the $4 Billion dollar deal was the forgiving of 80% of the current mortgage on the property. Jared will be among those meeting with Chinese leaders next month.

3. Taxes! Portions of Trump’s 2005 tax returns were promoted to be released on the Rachel Maddow Show. After being asked for confirmation, the White House released a statement explaining his taxes and declaring their release and publication “illegal.” In an attempt to not be outed, Trump released those pages first, shortly before the Maddow show aired.

4.WikiLeaks reports that Hillary Clinton and US Intelligence officers have a plot to overthrow the Trump Presidency with VP Mike Pence taking over. Pence denies.

5. Tax releases show that if Trump is successful in abolishing the Minimum Alternative Tax,he would have paid about $33 Million less in taxes in 2005. They also show him continuing to write off over a hundred million dollars a year which had been previously reported would have kept him from paying taxes for almost twenty years.

6. The reporter to whom the documents were leaked said they were literally put into his mailbox. Trump must be wondering what other years tax returns are lurking and whether the associated Schedules and documentation will come

7. Despite the focus on Health Care and now Taxes. His Russian ties are becoming more clear daily. The wagons are circling. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Author: enigmainblackcom

William Spivey is a regular contributor to the Inner-City News where he writes about politics and popular culture. He also blogs as “Enigma in Black” where he explores poetry, religion, politics and all manner of things socially relevant. He is also a contributing Blogger at Together We Stand He is the founder of the Facebook pages Average Citizen Forum, Enigma in Black, and “Strong Beginnings,” the title of his soon to be released Political Fiction/Romance novel. William was the winner of a University-wide Essay Contest while at Fisk University titled, “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Fisk and resides in Orlando, FL. His goal is to make his voice heard and make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Very Bad Day In Review: (3/14/2017)”

  1. Taking an objective stance.
    Amateurs. Professionals would know there was a risk of all this and prepared the ground work; even then there’s always the risk…Ask any previous president.
    Another point. Have any of these folk worked in a business that is in the business of selling products to the public?


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