The Appearance of Impropriety




the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals.
“he always behaved with the utmost propriety”

decorum, respectability, decency, correctness, protocol, appropriateness, suitability, good manners, courtesy, politeness, rectitude, morality, civility, modesty, demureness;

sobriety, refinement, discretion

Impropriety… the absence of any of the above

The focus right now is on Attorney General Jeff Sessions who just recused himself from any investigations regarding the Trump campaign. After denying under oath that he had spoken with any Russian officials. It was discovered that he held two meetings with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign. Since that revelation, Sessions has made several evolving statements and/or tweets where he acknowledged the meetings (one of which was held in his office), said they weren’t about the campaign, and he can’t remember what was talked about.



Sessions is not alone of course. Regarding Russia alone, Campaign Manager Paul Manafort resigned prior to the election due to his ties to Ukraine and Russia and a $11.5 million cash payment. General Mike Flynn stepped down after 25 days in office as the National Security Advisor after undisclosed discussions with the Russian Ambassador were revealed where the campaign was discussed. Jared Kushner met with the Russian Ambassador at Trump Tower in December after the election. This too was undisclosed until recently and reporters who were watching Trump Tower are certain the Ambassador didn’t come in through the front door.


Even if we could ignore Steve Bannon’s White Nationalist allegiances and racism. He’s been previously charged with domestic violence, threatening a witness (his ex-wife) and sexual harassment of an employee. Andrew Puzder had to withdraw his nomination for Secretary of Labor after old charges of spousal abuse and a video of his ex-wife on Oprah became public.


It would be the worst of luck if Donald Trump happened to surround himself with rogues who either happened to have Russian leaders in their social circles or had tawdry pasts outside Trump’s knowledge. There is of course another theory; that Trump himself was at least aware that multiple campaign members were seeking Russian assistance in his campaign. He may also have an affinity for sexual abusers due to his own admitted history in this regard.

Donald Trump himself is the role model for all his underlings. He has courted impropriety all his life. When learning the real estate business with his father Fred Trump. Their company marked rental applications from black applicants, “C” for colored so that they could deny them housing. He lies about his academic accomplishments. Cheated on his wives. Trump admitted on a now famous video that he can kiss women against their will, “grab them by the pussy.” He wanted the innocent ‘Central Park Five”, executed. He was opposed to the settlement they received after spending years in jail unjustly. He’s cheated business partners, reneged on contracts, failed to pay laborers.

The Fall of Trump

Trump has no relationship with the truth unless you say he’s divorced from it. Contemporaneous stories published in the New York Times reported the arrest of Fred Trump at a violent KKK rally where they clashed the police. Donald, who wasn’t born at the time, says “it didn’t happen.” “His father wasn’t there.” No one in his administration lies more than Trump. He lies about things large and small. Sessions and Flynn’s lies seem almost small in comparison.

The Trump Administration, “And some, I assume, are good people!” Views propriety as “political correctness” and pride themselves about not conforming to established norms. Trump never released his tax records, leaves in place his financial attachment to his businesses (those we know of) and their inherent conflict of interest. He imposed a Muslim Ban as part of an Executive Order until the Courts stopped him.

When Hillary Clinton apologized for calling half of Trump supporters, “A Basket of Deplorables.” She regretted using the term half, suggesting it encompassed too high a percentage. I neither agree or disagree with that percentage as applied generally to Trump supporters. As far as his Administration however. Half is far too low!