Trump Word(s) For The Day: Patriot/Racist

Dear Donald,

Patriot, the word you described in your pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, doesn’t mean what you apparently thought it did. The word you meant to use was racist. Let me show you:

Patriot: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

a a a arpaio

Maybe you got confused because “Sheriff Joe,” vigorously attacked people of other races. A mistake anybody only you could make.

When Joe defied the courts, he placed himself above the law. His engaging in racial profiling was illegal and racist and he kept on doing it. With your pardon and support, you’ve forever linked yourself with a racist. You’ve done that a lot lately all your life.

Hopefully, this will help you to use the correct word next time. No need to thank me. I’m here to serve.


Special Twitter Only Edition: Tell Trump To Resign

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Let’s see what a single voice can begin. Reply “Yes” and retweet if you think Trump should resign! All the reasons why have been clear a long time. #TrumpResign

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The Moral Failings of Those Who Surround Trump

For each member of the Trump administration. There will come a time if it hasn’t already when their character will be tested. A moment when you have to decide whether anything matters more than your job, or kissing the feet of the man who requires your worship. For the Jewish members of his staff. One of those moments came in the aftermath of Trump’s statements after Charlottesville. He equated Neo-Nazis shouting “Jews won’t replace us” with protesters. He gave validity to the Klan and white supremacists. Gary Cohn who heads the President’s National Economic Council came closest to growing a pair. He allegedly prepared a letter of resignation and went to Trump to voice his displeasure. Trump has continued to double-down on his statements yet Cohn still remains. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen said nothing. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, stayed out of sight on vacation. Now in Israel allegedly negotiating world peace, I wonder if the Israeli’s questioned his failure to speak out.

a a a a fawwn

Elaine Chao the Secretary of Transportation, is married to Mitch McConnell, bless her heart. After weeks of having her boss blast her husband publicly, she finally responded. “I stand by my man… both of them!”

Ben Carson whom I’m coming to believe must have been some kind of idiot savant to be able to perform brain surgery but do nothing else well. He’s stood and watched as Trump suppresses the votes of Black people. Trump and Sessions are bringing back mass incarceration and Trump has tried to take away healthcare from millions of Americans. You would think Dr. Carson would have noticed but he stood two paces behind Trump in Phoenix at his latest rev up the racist’s rally.

a a a a fawning

When Trump announced he was pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, I had to search for any high ranking Hispanic officials. I found a Helen Aguirre Ferre who’s the White House Director of Media Relations. Helen used to work for Jeb Bush and had often denounced Trump before going to work for him. I guess having sold your soul the first time, it gets easier after that. There’s also a Carlos Diaz-Rosillo, a Director of Policy of some kind that advises the President. How’s that working out?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders clearly is a victim of body snatchers. Kellyanne Conway has gone to the bullpen, coming on in relief to tell the really big lies. Since his 10-day stint at the White House. Anthony Scaramucci has become the most honest person to publicly talk about Trump, now that he needs a book deal to make up the lost income.

a a a a fawnn

The Generals have let Trump push the Transgender Ban he just signed, down their throats. Rex Tillerson has stood by while Trump gutted (technically refused to appoint people to positions) the State Department and now that he’s on the verge of war with North Korea, Syria, Russia, and Venezuela in addition to actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s almost nobody remaining except Rex (and the ubiquitous Jared) to talk us out of these situations. Trump may already have planted the seeds for a war between nuclear powers India and Afghanistan with his remarks in his recent Afghanistan speech.

The entire Cabinet went around the table, sucking up, praising Trump and saying how happy and blessed they were to be working for him. The House and Senate, for the most part, have overlooked Trump’s ties to Russia and can’t be counted on to impeach him. The question as to whether anyone will legally rid us of this meddlesome President may already have been answered but there’s still hope.

Evidence of the financial misdeeds and collusion with Russia of Trump and several of his staff are slowly coming to light. Pressure is being applied to Manafort and Flynn, neither of whom seem so loyal to Trump that they’d prefer jail. Jared might do the calculations about whether to sing or rot in jail? There are a lot of figurative fat ladies warming up for the grand juries out there.

Despite the moral failings of all those who surround him. Trump’s time is getting shorter and he acts very much like a man that knows it. When all this is over, and it will be soon. We can all begin to breathe normally again.

When First We Met

When first we met I had not the words. I don’t mean I didn’t have the vocabulary, mine was extensive enough. I knew the definition of all the words and the spelling as well, but I had them not.

When first we met I had not the courage. The fear of rejection kept me from pursuing that which truly challenged. Instead I settled for that which was less hard.

When we first met I had not the wisdom. I had not learned that having was not always as pleasing as wanting and that being able to do a thing doesn’t mean one should.

I wasn’t a man when we first met. Fully developed perhaps but not having yet unlearned the destructive traits ingrained by society and peer pressure. I was far too concerned about the perception of others instead of knowing and following my own mind.

When we met I only thought I knew the Lord. I attended church, could quote scripture, knew the parables and sang the songs. I didn’t yet have a true relationship with God and make Him a part of each day.

When we first met I wanted you. That never changed I want you still but if I had obtained then what I sought, I might have too easily disregarded its value in thinking the goal already achieved.

Each time we met as the years went by, I still wanted you but instead came to greater appreciate the value of your company, the pleasure of your laugh and the worth of your friendship. We talked so freely about anything, years and distance did nothing to wither the bond that I know exists between us. By then I knew the words but because of other commitments it would have been inappropriate to speak them.



Now I am free to speak the words and hopefully you are free to consider them. I was wrong about knowing the definitions of all the words because some of them have much different meanings to me than when we met in our teens. Love is not only about strong feelings but also about commitment. Passion is still valued but is no more highly regarded than contentment and peace. Forever perhaps technically means the same thing now but then it may have had some flexibility whereas now it means until the end of time.

When I see you next, I will share with you the words. I’ll summon the courage and hopefully demonstrate the wisdom that I have accrued over time. I’ll tell you of my relationship with God and pray that you will join me on a journey, including Him in all that we do. I’ll share with you what I have learned and unlearned and how much I value friendship, monogamy, mutual respect, partnership and common experiences. I’ll let you into places where others have not been and ask you for the same. I know so much more now than when we first met, one of the most important being to recognize and know with certainty that you are the one I wish to share my life with. I realize that one of the hardest things for you to do is put your complete faith and trust in another yet I ask you to do just that.

Take my hand,

Share my future,

Love me always as I shall always love you!

  • An excerpt from an upcoming novel, “Strong Beginnings.” Which came first, the book or the poem?

The Trump Dossier: Hookers, Blackmail, and Collusion

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about the dossier on Donald Trump which first surfaced back in January, just before Trump took office. It’s becoming more relevant because the man who commissioned that dossier, Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter. Testified before Senate staffers for 10 hours about how and why the dossier was compiled and the accuracy of the information. Members of the Senate committee are insisting the transcript of that testimony be made public. The Republican committee chair, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, seemed to agree it should be released in a town hall last night.

a a a dossier

As a reminder of what was in the dossier which was compiled over a period of months by former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele. It contained allegations of Trump employing hookers to participate in unique activities. It alleged that Russia had gathered enough information on Trump that he could be a blackmail target in the future. It said that high-level campaign officials and Trump himself participated in efforts to target Trump’s Republican opponents and Hillary Clinton during the general election campaign.

Let’s begin with the Russian prostitutes, referred to by Vladimir Putin as, “the best in the world.” The report alleges that knowing  President Obama had stayed in a particular room in a Moscow Hotel. Trump requested the same room and paid Russian hookers to pee on the bed in order to defile it, carrying out some sort of demented revenge on Obama. It is believed that Russian intelligence routinely places hidden cameras and microphones in hotels used by high profile Americans like Trump, in a desire to obtain “Kompromat” or compromising information. While the most salacious part of the dossier. This is probably the least important in terms of affecting his Presidency and his lack of morality will only be confirmed and not revealed.


Russia hopes to gain compromising information on politicians and figures with influence in order to blackmail them. Putin, according to some the richest man in the world. Isn’t seeking money, but the ability to change policy, for example, removing sanctions or ignoring its forays into Ukraine or elsewhere. It appears that although Russia may have garnered quite a bit of information worthy of extortion. They had little need to pressure Trump as he was a willing participant.

The report states that Russia had been cultivating Trump for several years. Hitting the jackpot when he actually became President of the United States. Real estate deals which funneled hundreds of millions to Trump and propping up his businesses with loans when American banks wanted nothing to do with him. These gave Trump what he covets most, money, as confirmed by each of his older sons in separate interviews over the years. The report alleges that “Trump himself” and other top officials in his campaign, “willingly participated” in an exchange of information in which Russia helped him target his Republican opponents first and then Hillary Clinton.

When this report originally surfaced in January, it was denied by Trump as “fake news” saying, “it didn’t happen.” At the time of its release, all the information contained was considered unverified and was easy to dismiss. Since then, a number of claims have been proven to be true and none including the urinating prostitutes have been disproven. After his testimony to the Senate, Glenn Simpson’s attorney said they were, “proud of their work” and invited its release by the Senate. In addition to his testimony, Simpson turned over more than 40,000 pages of documents in support of the dossier which was basically a summary report.  Simpson was the first witness to testify regarding the dossier which he once suggested should be a “roadmap for the investigation.” This “fake news” is about to get very real!


Racist Hall of Shame is Accepting Nominations

Looking for nominees for the Racist Hall of Shame. Honorees will be recognized by the century in which they did the most damage. They will be considered for their body of work and the impact they had on others. A special category will exist for allies and enablers. Those without an extensive body of work but showing great promise may be eligible for the coveted position of “Newcomer of the Year!”
a a hall of sham
Bull Connor
Provide those names… the “Hall” will do the research and be the sole determiner of eligibility. Announcements by century will begin October 1st beginning with 1600-1699 and approximately every week after the next century will be announced until we reach the present. Anyone worthy of note before 1600 may be grandfathered in. The first edition will feature specifically North America but future editions are open to the rest of the world so you Hitler fans out there needn’t fret. Let’s get those names in!
a a a afghanis
Donald J Trump
Featured Photo: George Wallace
Send those names in and share widely!

When You’re On a “Need to Know Basis”

Everybody’s got shit in their past they wish they’d never done and wish would simply go away, never to be discussed ever. A variation of that is someone that has something done to them that bring up terrible memories like rape or abuse. They think people will perceive them differently, possibly find them unworthy. Compound that with even a little bit of pride and you can create a vicious cycle in which secrets come between you and your partner. When your partner is on a “need to know basis” and you decide they don’t. How does that end up working out well?

My agent/writing coach would tell me that this would be an excellent time to provide an example from my own life as to how secrets have impacted my relationships. “How did it make me feel?” Well, I’m not one of those writers (at least not yet) that will bare my entire soul for the sake of my craft. I don’t begrudge anybody for that but it’s just not me. Most of the world for me truly is on a “need to know basis,” but if I’m forming a partnership with a woman. There comes a point where there is much that needs to be shared or I’m placing limits on intimacy and barriers to communication. I’m not talking about naming people you’ve slept with or divulging the deepest secrets of friends. I am talking about the events in your life that inform all that you do that you refuse to discuss.

These aren’t first date kinds of conversations although certain things probably ought to come up sooner than later. I’m talking about when you’re at a point where things are getting serious and there are some things that you should know and that you should share. The longer you wait though, the harder things are to bring up.

In my semi-player, manipulative days, I would casually reveal highly personal details about myself to create a false sense of intimacy. None of the things I really wanted to be kept hidden, but enough to accomplish my limited selfish goals. My goals have changed and I want more now than I ever did before. I recognize I have to give true and full access to myself and have also come to expect the same. It is normal for people to be reticent to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets. It requires great risk and facing your fears. If you choose never to… there may be a cost.

In the process of editing this piece, I made the mistake of showing it to the aforementioned agent/writing coach and then heard all of the things I expected. “This is a good beginning” (it always starts with faint praise) but you need to go deeper.” People need to have specific examples of what are deal breakers because nobody’s going to tell you everything. After an intense negotiating session, I compromised and agreed to produce a list of things that ought to come up in conversations early in your relationship, (I’m married, I have kids, I’m being stalked by my just released ex-husband). Things to discuss when things start getting serious, (I’ve served time, my credit sucks, that stalking ex-husband said he’d “kill anyone “ he saw me with or I’m transgendered). And the things you swore never to tell anyone ever but there came a time to share, (I was once a male prostitute, I murdered my last lover, I voted for Trump).

People can dispute at what point in a relationship various things should be shared. My point is that not sharing can ultimately force you to lie and may ultimately build walls between you that can’t easily be torn down.

I Watched Trump’s Afghanistan Speech So You Wouldn’t Have To!

For those of you who just can’t when it comes to watching Trump speak. I bit the bullet, had arm restraints applied and downed a shot of whiskey to brace myself to watch the whole speech. My ultimate reaction ranged from bemusement to horror, I’ll give you the high/lowlights.

The speech was held at an Army Base, Ft Myer, near Arlington Cemetary in Washingon, D.C. The crowd was mostly military personnel, the President’s Cabinet and family were there. Notably the Secretary of Defense was absent for what’s that worth. When the President entered they played a recording of, “Hail to the Chief” which I have to spend a minute on.

a a a afghaniss


The song, “Hail to the Chief” was adapted around 1812 from an old Scottish song and was occasionally played for Presidents over the years. When James K Polk became President, the last man elected to the position before him, William Henry Harrison was seen as a manly man, an Indian fighter, and physically tough. All the things that Polk was not. It didn’t serve Harrison all that well because he died of pneumonia a month into office but that didn’t keep Polk from appearing a wimp. Polk’s wife, Sarah Childress Polk decided it would add to his stature to have the song played at formal events when the President entered a room. A prop to give him the appearance of manliness. I noticed about a week ago when Trump made a brief statement in one of the smaller rooms in the White House that they played, “Hail to the Chief.” It’s the prerogative of the President as to when it’s played. Given the need for praise of this President, expect to hear it played now when he enters the bathroom. But I digress…

a a a afghanis


Trump began his speech giving praise to those in the military in which he never served (he got four deferments). He talked about the need for the country to come together “in unity” in a weak-hearted attempt to glide past the events in Charlottesville and his Neo-Nazi, Klan, White Supremacist supporting response. He then glossed over his previous public statements about Afghanistan which had always been some form of “get out and stop wasting money.” He got around to saying that America shouldn’t get out and that he wouldn’t tell our enemies what he was planning (also not our allies and the American people) and that we would leave not on any timeline but after we see certain unstated results. He ceded all decision making authority to the military (which he’d done months ago but they knew his treacherous ass and wouldn’t accept it without an official policy to document it). He more or less decided to keep following the policy of the previous administration while of course blaming the previous administration. He almost got through the speech without upsetting the world order except for this next part.

India and Pakistan are two nuclear powers that border each other, pretty much hate each other. They’ve been at war multiple times in my lifetime and are never more than one bad mood away from another. In what is a departure from American policy in recent history. Trump decides to publicly blast Pakistan (who we depend on to resupply our troops in Afghanistan) and kiss up to India. No good can come from this! Yes, Pakistan harbors terrorists but is starting a war between nuclear powers really the answer? Afghanistan leaders pretty much hailed the speech, ignoring the part that cited their own corruption because they hate Pakistan as well and get to keep our troops. All in all, the world once again is a less safe place because Trump is President. In one week Trump comes close to starting a race war at home and a nuclear war in Asia. BTW, the State Department hasn’t staffed any of the positions in that part of the world that normally focus on diplomacy. There is good news in that he didn’t elect to pay Betsy DeVos’s brother, $10 Billion a year to sub contract the war.

Tonight he goes to Arizona for a Trump rally where he may pardon Joe Arpaio. How could that go wrong?

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Excerpt From, “Letters to Amber” (a different kind of romance novel)

“Amber’s Reply:

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a voracious reader. I read biographies, autobiographies, fiction, erotica, romance, mysteries… did I say romance? In my book club, we’ve gotten good at analyzing content and providing objective analysis. Your first seven letters were amazing. They showed a level of thoughtfulness and introspection rarely seen. Those were love letters. While I appreciate much about the 47 steps so far and I don’t mean to come off as a jerk. The critic in me says that you’ve dropped off and I know it’s in you to say more because you’ve already demonstrated it.

In our reviews, we often consider the level of showing vs. telling. It’s hard to explain but in your early letters you were showing how much you cared and now it’s a bit more telling. I invite you to show more, speak to why you feel as you do and not simply that you feel that way. I debated whether to say anything because I do appreciate the effort you’re making and what you’ve sent has already exceeded my greatest expectations. Only because I know you capable do I ask you to put more of yourself in these steps. It is there that the connection will be found that makes this totally worthwhile despite the barriers and the distance.

I’m working on one of the things that’s tripped me up in previous relationships which is to communicate my feelings instead of not wanting to make waves. I care for you already to a degree I didn’t think possible given we haven’t yet met. If you want to take a break from writing or stop altogether I’ll understand after these comments. What I hope though, is that you’ll continue and find that place again where you reveal your thoughts and feelings and make me understand how special you are and that this thing we’ve found is spectacular. I’m going to send this now while I still have the nerve! BTW, when you mentioned tasting me I completely lost my train of thought. I had to reread the steps a couple times before making it all the way through. . You should be getting the book I sent in the next day or so and I look forward to talking about it with you. I invited you to communicate with me on my Facebook page because I have no secrets either from you or about you and want you in my universe. Your honesty is refreshing, even the parts where you acknowledge plotting against me. I just might be plotting against you too!”

*Information about release date coming soon!

The Fuller Warren Bridge: Monument to Racism

Racists monuments are not limited to Confederate statues. In Jacksonville, FL a massive bridge carrying 8 lanes of I-95 across the St. Johns River bears Fuller Warren’s name and the weight of his racism. As a former Governor of the State, having lived in and practiced law in Jacksonville and having championed the Interstate road system in Florida. He was a natural choice for the naming honor. As an avowed segregationist who usurped justice, condoned murder and aided the Klan… perhaps not.

a a a fuller warren bridge

Redemption came easy in those days. Outed as a “former” member of the KKK, three months into his term as Governor. He admitted his folly as a youth and pointed to his service in WW2 where he fought Nazis, “first cousins to Klansmen,” coming back with a new perspective. He did speak out against the Klan when they paraded in the streets of Tallahassee less than a month after his election. Like family members you choose not to acknowledge, showing up at your new job.

Truthfully, almost all elected officials in Florida at the time were at minimum segregationists and the bridge had to be named after somebody. There was that impeachment thing where he was almost ousted because of his ties to gambling and using State resources to target one of the rivals of his Al Capone linked gambling buddy from Chicago. The House refused to impeach him so that went away.

I fault him for abdicating his duty to remove Sheriff Willis McCall despite knowing he murdered an innocent black man in his custody and attempted along with one of his deputies to kill another. On the eve of his planned action, he met secretly with McCall who reminded him of all that he knew and might say. Already facing impeachment related to gambling, he overlooked those charges and failed to take action. Sheriff McCall went on to stay in office another 23 years, killing at least one other black prisoner and participating in the bombing assassination of Civil Rights leader Harry T. Moore. Behind the scenes, he blocked state investigations and allowed the reign of terror of Willis McCall and others during his term.

a a a fuller warren

After his term as Governor from 1949-1953, Warren moved to Miami, running again for Governor in 1956, promising to “maintain segregation” in the state. As Governor he used the National Guard to suppress Black citrus workers. His legacy will be that he stood by, ignoring pleas to use his office to fight racial oppression instead of condoning it. One of the pleas he ignored was the last letter written by Harry T. Moore before they murdered him and his wife:

“We seek no special favors, but certainly we have a right to expect justice and equal protection under the laws even for the humblest Negro. Shall we be disappointed again?

Respectfully yours,

Harry T. Moore”

State officials knew full well who the late Fuller Warren was when the new $100 million bridge was named in 2001. Was it because they didn’t care about his past or because of it?

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