10 Images From The Charlottesville, VA Klan Rally (And One Bonus Photo)

KKK Rally in Charlottesville, VA

These are not the only images from last night;s rally. The Klan was protesting the City Council vote to remove a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. They were met by counter-protesters and police separated the two groups. The Klan members chanted, “White Lives Matter,” quoted scriptures and said, “God is on their side.” Apologies in advance if any photos from the July 8th Klan Rally at the same location are misidentified. Extra photos have been added since the murder and assault perpetrated by Klan members that Trump fails to denounce as terrorism.

a a klan

a a klang

a a klant

a a klann

a a kkkkh

a a kkkkk

a a kkkkf

a a kkkkg

a a kkk

a a kkkka

a a kkkkb

a a kkkkc

a a kkkke

Bonus photo from West Virginia, several days earlier which was eerily similar.

a a kkkktrump



Author: enigmainblackcom

William Spivey is a regular contributor to the Inner-City News where he writes about politics and popular culture. He also blogs as “Enigma in Black” where he explores poetry, religion, politics and all manner of things socially relevant. He is also a contributing Blogger at Together We Stand He is the founder of the Facebook pages Average Citizen Forum, Enigma in Black, and “Strong Beginnings,” the title of his soon to be released Political Fiction/Romance novel. William was the winner of a University-wide Essay Contest while at Fisk University titled, “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Fisk and resides in Orlando, FL. His goal is to make his voice heard and make a difference.

6 thoughts on “10 Images From The Charlottesville, VA Klan Rally (And One Bonus Photo)”

  1. It’s hard to believe that, in this day and age, there are still neanderthals like this roaming around. I think that, in an admittedly bizarre kind of way, we actually owe Trump our thanks for showing us all that, contrary to what some of us may have thought, racism and bigotry are alive and well in the country. It was just hiding just under the shiny, smooth surface of propriety and political correctness fermenting in its own vile concoction of hate and misinformation. Then, along came the Donald on his jet ski of lies and vitriol whipping up a frothing wake of anger, frustration and terror behind him. There’s work to be done to heal the country and the first step is to get rid of the most unqualified pretender to the office of the President there has ever been…

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    1. I agree💯💯💯💯
      He is a Total Complete Moron and its a damn shame that this country could vote in such an idiot….My question is when he is he gonna fi ally give it up..call it quits…. Or Impeach his ass…..Ur look at how much he has aged in 7 months he looks 20yrs older…..

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