Where in the World is Ben Carson?

As elusive as Carmen Sandiego. I was surprised to find Ben Carson actually had commented on the recent events in Charlottesville, VA. As the top Black person in the Trump administration. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development went to Facebook to respond to criticism of his master boss Donald Trump after his racist insensitive comments in the aftermath.

Carson parroted Trump’s remarks saying, “Let us pray for those killed and injured during the unrest in Charlottesville today, but also for our nation as it is being severely threatened by hatred and bigotry on all sides.”

a ben carsonn

Elsewhere he said criticism of Trump’s equating White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and the Klan with counterprotesters were, “little squabbles” that were, “blown out of proportion.”

While Jewish leaders are calling for Jared Kushner and other Jewish officials in the Trump administration to make a public stand. We kinda wish Carson hadn’t.

In other news, Omarosa is looking for a forum where she can find her way back to the Black community after having sold her soul. A recent attempt at the National Association of Black Journalists didn’t go well as she refused to talk about Donald Trump and no one cared to listen to her talk about anything else.

a ben carsono

Anybody seen Pastors Darrell Scott or Mark Burns?

Bannon’s Gone… So What?

Steve Bannon was effectively fired by Donald Trump today. While many rightfully celebrate the departure on one of the main “deplorable’s.” The basket is still quite full along with the man who gleefully assembled them. As long as Donald Trump is still President, Jess Sessions is Attorney General, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, et al have influence, there can be no sigh of relief.

a a racisst

Bannon is already back at Breitbart News where his racist, xenophobic message, will carry more weight than before. Just because Trump is allegedly rid of Bannon, it doesn’t mean he won’t still be whispering in Trump’s ear, or that Breitbart won’t replace The National Enquirer as Trumps main published news source. We saw Corey Lewandowski leave, yet return at crucial moments and act as if he never went away.

The White House will be no less ___________ than it was before Bannon’s ouster. No policies have changed. No change of heart by Trump on any subject. The likely reason Bannon was fired was not pressuring from the outside to remove white supremacists from Trump’s sphere. If that were the reason, stopping with Bannon would leave the job barely started. It was giving an interview where Bannon acknowledged his power to make changes in the State Department which made Trump look weak, meaning his jealous master had to be rid of him.

Too Little Too Late

It is reasonable to be glad Bannon is gone. Don’t even think about slowing down the resistance because nothing has changed, So we must press on!



All You Need To Know About Trump In Magazine Covers


The President loves a good magazine cover. So much so that he placed fake copies of himself on the cover of Time magazine and displayed them at three of his clubhouses. Here is a collection of magazine covers featuring Trump that prove a picture is worth 1,000 words!


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Photo: pininterest.com

a a a magazine

Photo: twitter.com

a a a magazine3

Photo: time.com

a a a magazine9

Photo: motherjones.com


a a a magazine12

Photo: time.com

a a a magazine14

Photo: pinterest.com

a a a magaa

Photo: newsweek.com

a a a magazine8

Photo: time.com

a a a magazine15

Photo: economist.com

a a a magazine17

Photo: time.com

a a a magazine13

Photo: time.com

Featured Photo: newyorker.com

10 Photos Of “Very Nice People” According To Trump

Donald Trump insists, “very nice people” stand around and sing Nazi chants and mingle with those in Klan regalia, Nazi gear and swaztikas. Here are some other “very nice people” he surely supports as well:

a a a very nice 4

Photo: cnn.com

a a a very nice 2

Photo: naacp.com

a a a very nice 6

Photo: twitter.com

a a a very nice 9

Photo: forward.com

a a a very nice 5

Photo: nydailynews.com

a a a very nice 7

Photo: twitter.com

a a a very nice

Photo: naacpspringfieldohio.com

a a a very nice 8

Photo: rusevik.ru

a a a very nice 10

Photo: twitter.com

a a epotissm

Photo: yahoo.com

Featured Photo: nbcnews.com

Hold Up Republicans! Your Policies Are Just As Racist As Trump’s Words!

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s equating protesters with the Neo-Nazis, Klan members and White Supremacists whose stated goal is to start a “race riot.” Republicans have been scurrying to portray themselves as being against racism and bigotry in any form. While very few have called out the President by name (Rubio and McCain being exceptions).

Most have issued tepid tweets like that of Paul Ryan, “We must be clear. White supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for. There can be no moral ambiguity.”

Healthcare Act


Then there’s Mitch McConnell, “The hate and bigotry witnessed in #Charlottesville does not reflect American values. I wholeheartedly oppose their actions.”

a a mitch

Well, Paul and Mitch, your policies are just as racists at Trump’s words and your policies demonstrate your values far more than your words. The Republican Party, in every state where they have control, have implemented or attempted to implement voter suppression, targeting the very people you now claim to support. Your party didn’t even waste a day after the Supreme Court gutted the enforcement provisions of the Voter Rights Act. Texas and North Carolina’s laws were found to be unconstitutional and each specifically targeted to dilute minority voting strength according to Federal judges. North Carolina’s used “surgical precision” to target Black people in the state. Alabama tried to make it harder to get the ID’s they require to vote in multiple majority Black counties.

Your party engaged in a redistricting policy wherever you have control of the states in order to maintain control of the House. It’s why you have a majority in the House despite getting less congressional votes than Democrats.

Your health care proposals were little more than an excuse to take from the poor and give to the rich in forms of massive tax cuts. While you would have hurt a large number of poor white people as well. It would have disproportionately affected those minorities you now claim to stand for.

Jeff Sessions is attempting to reinstitute hyper mass incarceration. A few of you have whimpered statements but most of you are standing idly by. Where are you on stop and frisk? And then there’s your immigration policy.


Many of you were right with Trump on the Muslim ban. You have no problem with Trump’s wall or at least lack the guts to say so. You stand by as Trump reneges on DACA and have supported “papers please” laws in many cases.”

We saw how you treated President Obama as well, going far beyond ideological differences. The man served two terms with grace and honor, look what you gave us in his place? So make your tweets, talk about American values yet implement your racist policies. You put white supremacists (plural) in the White House. Shame on you! We see you and there will be a reckoning in 2018.

What You Want vs. What You Need In A Relationship

“You can’t always get what you want 
You can’t always get what you want 
You can’t always get what you want 
But if you try sometimes well you might find 
You get what you need”

The Rolling Stones sang about it, now it’s time to talk about what we want vs. what we need in relationships. My observation is that most people, spend far more time pursuing that which they want without much consideration of what they need. Some have conflated their needs with their wants and are unable to differentiate between the two.

When I started writing this I was headed toward differentiating between wants and needs and suggesting we prioritize the latter vs. the former. The more I thought about it, is it even possible to override a lifetime of indoctrination and suddenly change priorities? If you want something bad enough it pretty much is a need, whether anyone else including your partner thinks so or not.

We are all shaped by our experiences. Maybe you experienced abandonment, destitution, infidelity or abuse. Your needs will be shaped far more by what you’ve been through than anything I might offer up. What I will suggest is, take the extra time and energy to choose someone whose needs and wants are compatible with your own. It’s very possible to fall deeply in love with someone, totally unable to be what you need them to be. Worse yet is someone who pretends to be what you need in order to accommodate wants/needs of their own. Not only will they ultimately let you down. They will also have lost a bit of themselves in conforming to the needs of another.

The point is… and maybe what I wanted to say all along. Is that you have to have serious and honest communication or extremely good luck if you hope to have a successful, ‘till death do you part kind of relationship. You have to discuss each others fears, weaknesses, and expectations in order to even begin to know what you might be getting into. I have a theory that you don’t really know a person until you know their deepest pain. That hurt will inform their choices the rest of their life as they have no desire to repeat it. That could be a good place to begin the conversation.

Trump Word(s) For The Day: Too Little, Too Late

As part of my patriotic duty, I will begin sharing the word(s) of the day to help our President prepare for what’s coming. Because he doesn’t seem to attach the same meaning to words like honesty, news, Constitution, and transparency. I feel that if given a little time to consider the actual meanings of words he can do better. I will provide both the common definition and when applicable the urban translation. Today’s words: Too Little, Too Late

Definition: Not enough of something that should have been provided earlier

After two days of holding firm to his earlier statement of blaming, “many sides,” for the violence in Charlottesville. Trump finally read a statement in which he said, “Racism is evil.” He added, “And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

He read a statement that someone else wrote that he almost certainly doesn’t believe. He waited to see if he could ride out the pressure (he couldn’t) before being forced to make a stronger statement, still measured in its criticism of right wing hate groups. This doesn’t make him King or Ghandi. It makes him a lying sociopath who caved to political pressure to at least pretend not to be racist, having already turned the White House into home base for the Alt-Right.

a a asss

Urban Translation: You made your move too slow, asshole!

We Think Trump’s In Bed With Russia, We Know He Is With White Supremacists!

The Mueller investigation will turn up all we need to draw a fact based conclusion about Trump’s ties to Russia. We don’t have to wait to know whether he colluded with White Supremacists. He’s given them offices in the White House.

a a racistt

When Steve Bannon was head of Breitbart News. He proudly referred to Breitbart as the “platform of the Alt-Right.” They have an even bigger platform now. Bannon whispers in Trump’s ear. Stephen Miller writes his speeches and Jeff Sessions enforces his laws. Sebastian Gorka is always willing to promote the White Nationalist agenda and defend Trump about never denouncing them.

a a racisst

The number of people associated with the Trump campaign and administration who have retweeted Neo-Nazi memes and White Supremacist statements even exceeds the number who had undisclosed meetings with Russia. They include both of the Trump sons and the son of Michael Flynn. They include Trump himself.

a a racest

We have always known who Trump was in his twenties when he was involved in housing discrimination and sued twice by the Federal Government. We knew of his desire to see the innocent members of the Central Park 5 executed. When proven innocent, he begrudged them their settlement. We knew him when he encouraged crowds to attack black protesters and offered to pay their legal fees.

a a fbiii

I personally do not require Trump to explicitly denounce the hate groups that were already publicly aligned with him. The Klan, Neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists are not his enemies. They are his base. If he belatedly comes out with some words that have no sincerity. Nothing will have changed. He’ll still be exactly who we thought he was. Racist in Chief!

10 Images From The Charlottesville, VA Klan Rally (And One Bonus Photo)

These are not the only images from last night;s rally. The Klan was protesting the City Council vote to remove a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee. They were met by counter-protesters and police separated the two groups. The Klan members chanted, “White Lives Matter,” quoted scriptures and said, “God is on their side.” Apologies in advance if any photos from the July 8th Klan Rally at the same location are misidentified. Extra photos have been added since the murder and assault perpetrated by Klan members that Trump fails to denounce as terrorism.

a a klan

a a klang

a a klant

a a klann

a a kkkkh

a a kkkkk

a a kkkkf

a a kkkkg

a a kkk

a a kkkka

a a kkkkb

a a kkkkc

a a kkkke

Bonus photo from West Virginia, several days earlier which was eerily similar.

a a kkkktrump



Trump Word(s) For The Day: “Best Not”

As part of my patriotic duty, I will begin sharing the word(s) of the day to help our President prepare for what’s coming. Because he doesn’t seem to attach the same meaning to words like honesty, news, Constitution, and transparency. I feel that if given a little time to consider the actual meanings of words he can do better. I will provide both the common definition and when applicable the urban translation. Today’s words: Best Not

There is no classic dictionary definition of “Best Not.” The Urban Definition is best used in a sentence by Omar Little from the classic television series, The Wire.

a a best not

“You come at the King, you best not miss!”

Omar Little lived out in those rough Baltimore streets and his reputation was well earned. When people said, “Omar’s coming,” people knew he was a man to be taken seriously. When Trump tells Kim Jong-un what he “best not” do. It was the bluster of a man who had never backed up a thing in his life.

Omar Little was as hard as Trump is soft. But they kept coming for the King… and one day from an unexpected source, they got him. They’re coming for Trump as well. The FBI Special Counsel, the New York State Attorney General, House, and Senate Investigations. They’re coming for the President, and you best believe they won’t miss.