White House Aide: “He’s Dying Anyway!”

Kelly Sadler, responding to Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Trump’s nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel said, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” She made the comments in an internal meeting of about two dozen White House communications staffers. The White House didn’t deny she made the statement but later responded, “We respect Senator McCain’s service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time.”

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Sadler has been unavailable for comment… we are still paying her salary.

Cindy McCain, John McCain’s wife responded to Sadler on Twitter. “May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

Author: enigmainblackcom

William Spivey is a regular contributor to the Inner-City News where he writes about politics and popular culture. He also blogs as “Enigma in Black” where he explores poetry, religion, politics and all manner of things socially relevant. He is also a contributing Blogger at Together We Stand He is the founder of the Facebook pages Average Citizen Forum, Enigma in Black, and “Strong Beginnings,” the title of his soon to be released Political Fiction/Romance novel. William was the winner of a University-wide Essay Contest while at Fisk University titled, “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Fisk and resides in Orlando, FL. His goal is to make his voice heard and make a difference.

5 thoughts on “White House Aide: “He’s Dying Anyway!””

  1. Bill…referring to one of our favorite comic lines from Richard Pryor, “…how long? how long?…I say HOW LONG MUST THIS BULLSHIT GO ON?”

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