Mueller vs. Trump (Part 3 Mueller Strategy Session)

Mueller vs. Trump (Part 3 Mueller Strategy Session)

Andrew Weissman said, “When do you think he’ll fire you?

Mueller replied, “Either right after the midterms or when the next round of indictments is announced? I want to go over today the plans, under the assumption that at some point I won’t be leading these meetings. Let’s go around the horn and report on where you are with your assignments. Andrew, you go first.”

Weissman said, “I’ve been working along with the New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood. If we have a problem, she’s ready to go with multiple indictments against Don Jr and Ivanka for the real estate fraud case that never got charged. Money laundering against The Trump Organization with the President as an unindicted co-conspirator, and New York State tax evasion against the company and the family members except for the President who’ll again be an unindicted co-conspirator.

Michael Dreeben said, “Her term expires in January, what happens to those cases then?”

Weissman said, “That depends on who wins, we have every reason to believe the Democrat, Letitia James will be all in to continue the cases. The Republican, Keith Wofford, doesn’t look like he’ll win but in any case, he’d be hard pressed to drop those cases once they’re made public. We go to the grand jury ourselves seeking sealed indictments for the relevant Federal charges, to be made public after the midterm elections. Even if you’re fired by the President, the cases will already be on the books and made public once Donald Jr, Ivanka, Jared, and Eric are charged and arrested. New York is continuing with their own case against the Trump Foundation.

Mueller said, “Where are we at with the bribery and money laundering cases in Toronto, Panama, and Asia?”

Greg Andres said, “The money trail is solid, these guys didn’t even try to hide anything. They were so arrogant they thought they’d never get caught. We’re ready to go with the sealed indictments against the usual suspects. Trump’s accountant Allen Weisselberg was very helpful in filling in the few blanks we had. Does he have to go to jail too?”

Mueller said, “We won’t ask for much, he’s an old man, but everybody has to do at least some time. Jeannie do you have something for us?”

Jeannie Rhee said, “I’m following the civil actions in all the cases involving women. We’re paying close attention to the Summer Zervos case. The President has to respond to written questions by the end of this year. We’ll get copied on his deposition and as a ‘friend of the court,’ we might be able to help her attorney with some perjury counts. If I might ask sir, what’s the end game?”

Mueller said, “We want Trump’s resignation and the rest in jail. Our own version of shock and awe. We want him hit from so many fronts on so many charges that he’ll have little choice. We may deal with the length of the kid’s sentences a little if he goes quickly, if not we press the Russia angle and go all the way for treason. He sold out America’s interests to make a little more money. Let him tweet about that! There are a few more Americans to round up as well that participated with Russia, whoever takes our place will have to finish the job. Sounds like we have everything about covered, anybody have anything else?”

Uzo Asonye said, “Will we be notifying the defendants of the indictments?”

Mueller said, “Glad you brought that up, we’ll have James Quarles notify Guiliani the day before the election of the pending charges. If he fires me, Sessions, or Rosenstein, we’ll bring all the obstruction charges with that as the topper. Thanks, everyone for the hard work. Unlike their slogan, you really are helping to make our country great again.”

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