Fly Girl… Fly Girl… Fly Girl… Fly Girl

Thirty years ago today, the “Fly Girl” was born at Winter Park Hospital in Winter Park, FL. The doctor was determined that I needed to cut the umbilical cord which would “help me bond” with my daughter. While I needed no such mechanism to create a bond with the small creature before me. I did it anyway just to keep things moving.

A couple of days later, she got her first nickname, “Fly Girl.” One might think she was named after the dancers named The Fly Girls appearing on the television show, “In Living Color?” They would be wrong. In reality, it came from the horror movie, “The Fly” where a man tried teleporting himself and his body got mixed up with a fly accidentally trapped with him in the chamber. Two figures emerged; a human-sized fly with the features of the fly except for a couple of small human parts and a small fly with the head of the man. At the end of the movie, the fly with the human head was trapped in a spider-web with the spider rapidly approaching. He cried out in a pitiful small voice, “Help Me! Help Me!’ The sound the fly made was the exact sound Lauren Ashley Spivey made at two days old and that is how she got the name.

There were many songs dedicated to the Fly Girl over the years. With the shamelessness of P. Diddy, songs were stolen and revised to meet my needs in honor of the Fly Girl. Among the songs appropriated were, My Girl by the Temptations, Darling Nikki by Prince, I Believe I Can Fly (now removed from the rotation) and my personal favorite, Can’t Touch This by M.C. Hammer.

In honor of this day, I give you the lyrics:

My, my, my, my, Fly Girl hits me… so hard

Makes me say, Oh My Lord

Thank You, for blessing me

With a girl so fly and so pretty

It feels good when you know you’re down

A souped-up Fly Girl from the O-town

And she’s known… as such

This is a Fly Girl

You can’t touch!

Happy Birthday, Lauren. Always the Fly Girl!

Trump Word Of The Day: “Oranges”

In a not too unusual rant by President Trump regarding the Mueller Investigation he now no longer wants the public or Congress to see the full report of. Trump multiple times demanded his Justice Department investigate the “oranges” of the investigation into his campaign’s frequent secret interactions with Russians, that they all lied about. Trump repeated his misuse of the word “oranges” as opposed to origins, removing the possibility it was a slip of the tongue like one of his spokesmen that thrice referred to Puerto Rico today as “that Country.”

Also today, in remarks about Germany’s contributions to NATO, he proudly asserted his father Fred was “born in Germany.” That may have surprised family members and others well aware Fred was actually born in New York. It would be piling on to bring up Fred’s ties to a German organization and his arrest in 1927 when that group was involved in a violent clash with New York police. Fred shared representation with the other’s arrested at the time. To his credit, Donald Trump denied the event happened and that Fred was not actually there.

The questions raised by Donald’s lack of comprehension of the English language and his assertion of false things as being true and the opposite. One must wonder, is he merely stupid or a pathological liar? Of course, both things can be true at the same time.

Log Cabin Republicans… Sellouts?

Last year, President Trump rescinded President Obama’s order protecting Transgender students in schools. The earlier order although held up in the courts; would have allowed Transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender identification. Because the original order was signed off by the Justice Department and Department of Education. The same two Departments needed to agree to it being rescinded. Apparently, Betsy DeVos had misgivings and initially withheld her consent until pressured by Jeff Sessions the Attorney General and Donald Trump.

I decided to check and see what the response was of the Log Cabin Republicans, the organization within the Republican Party that advocates for the LGBT community. I have previously sympathized with the Log Cabin Republicans and had the perception over the years that they were a long-suffering group. Fighting to make headway within an organization that often publicly and privately rejects them. I’ve watched them fight during Presidential election years against language in the Republican platform which was ultimately included. They may have had some victories along the way. I’m certainly not clocking them 24/7 but I’m not aware of any major victories.

I went to their website and read article after article along with an interview of the organization’s President, Gregory T. Angelo. I looked for their response to Donald Trump reversing gains achieved under the Obama Administration and they said… nothing. Now there were congratulations for Donald Trump for not signing an Executive Order that had apparently been written and presented to him which reversed a different Obama order providing protections from Federal contractors. There were hopes for what a Trump Presidency would mean to the gay community. They were invited by the transition team to submit a White Paper which would be duly considered. They acknowledged they were unsuccessful in keeping the Republican Platform from being as hateful as always but they apparently decided not to take them literally.


There was talk of progress and a great Utah compromise where they worked together with the Mormon Church to carve out some protections while allowing for “religious exceptions.” When Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Slate and the New York Times immediately found Gorsuch’s anti-LGBT views and rulings but Log Cabin Republican Republicans promised only to “review his record.” They rely on the hope that President Obama’s order involving contractors will ultimately only be amended as opposed to rescinded. In their only action with even a minimal return, they were all in for Betsy DeVos. And she had their back for a brief moment before ultimately caving.

The thought of what Log Republicans could be is apparently much greater than what they have become. They have become a full-throated voice supporting all the programs of the Republican Party including full repeal of Obamacare, 2nd Amendment rights, and opposing “Radical Islamic Terrorism.” The issues they forgot to stand up for were their own. They are excited about being a full-fledged sponsor at CPAC for the second year in a row which is something I guess.

I don’t presume to tell the Log Cabin Republicans how to be gay. I do recognize when an organization has sold out and they have at least on the leadership level. I say the same thing about Project 21. The “leading voice of black conservatives” which was founded and bankrolled by the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) which is a white right-wing advocacy group. They have a website where half the articles are contributed by black members, the other half by their white overseers and no black conservatives can ever be found in the comments section of any post. Need a Project 21 speaker? Call their Speaker’s Bureau and the NCPPR will take your call and hook you right up. I don’t believe the Log Cabin Republicans are wholly owned by some faction of the Republican Party but it seems they might as well be.


Something the Log Cabin Republicans are good at is asking for money. If I were to seek the best organization to fight for LGBT issues I’d look long and hard for an independent group not beholden to the Party. Appeasement doesn’t seem to be getting them anywhere.

Update: Since this article was written, the webpage has been updated to praise the Trump Administration for it’s announced program to decriminalize homosexuality in several nations. It was a reaction to the death of an Iranian gay male at the hands of the government. One might wonder if the event hadn’t occurred in Iran. The list of countries singled out includes Saudi Arabia. The country Trump tried to help cover up the murder of a journalist. Since the announcement of the effort in mid-February. No actual action has taken place, except the praise from the Log Cabin Republicans. Jerri Ann Henry has replaced Gregory T. Angelo, taking the title of Executive Director. One can hope that change is good. Evidence of progress would be even better.