Discover Tamika Newhouse: Shadow Warrior

“You Don’t Know My Story You Don’t Know the Things That I’ve Come Through You Cannot Imagine…” It is only fitting that the first “Shadow Warrior” since moving to the AAMBC Journal would be Tamika Newhouse. Shadow Warriors recognizes those who are doing outstanding work in the community and have yet to receive the national … Continue reading “Discover Tamika Newhouse: Shadow Warrior”

Kelly Hurst: Shadow Warrior (Founder and Executive Director; Being Black At School)

Kelly Wickham Hurst makes some people nervous. All her life people have responded to her either by challenging her to reach her obvious potential or resenting her for exceeding their ability to control. As a youth, she was an athlete. Taller than her peers, she was faster than most, stronger than many and played every … Continue reading “Kelly Hurst: Shadow Warrior (Founder and Executive Director; Being Black At School)”

George Cooper (GEO) Shadow Warrior

George Cooper is the first “Shadow Warrior” I’ve personally known before writing about. We attended Fisk University together and knowing his history is important to knowing George. In those days, Fisk had just over 2,000 students. There were those hardly anybody knew and those that knew everybody. George was in the latter category. He had … Continue reading “George Cooper (GEO) Shadow Warrior”

“Shadow Warriors” Moves to AAMBC Journal

On January 7, 2017 a new series called, “Shadow Warriors” was launched by William Spivey on his Enigma In Black blog. The goal was to highlight individuals and groups that were doing great things in the community that might not yet have gotten the national recognition they deserve. After a full year and having saluted … Continue reading ““Shadow Warriors” Moves to AAMBC Journal”

Alan Spivey: Shadow Warrior

Almost two years ago, I made an appointment to interview a young man in anticipation of one day writing a book about him. Not for the things he had accomplished, but for what he would. He was the sort of man that radiates purpose and destiny. That he would do great things was certain, my … Continue reading “Alan Spivey: Shadow Warrior”

Shadow Warriors of 2017: End of Year Update

On January 7, 2017, I introduced a feature on my Enigma In Black blog, Shadow Warriors. The intent was to shine a light on those putting in serious work on behalf of their respective causes, that might not have gotten the recognition (yet) they deserve. This year there were eleven individuals or groups I was … Continue reading “Shadow Warriors of 2017: End of Year Update”

Babz Rawls Ivy: Shadow Warrior

“Never mess with a badass woman. Her Pen. Or her guitar.” – Fee Thomas As far as I know, Babz Rawls Ivy doesn’t play guitar? If she did she’d no doubt be badass at that as well. There are words in the dictionary that she doesn’t quite understand the meaning of; impossible, can’t, and failure. … Continue reading “Babz Rawls Ivy: Shadow Warrior”

Harry T Moore: Shadow Warrior

“Florida means land of flowers  It was on a Christmas night. In the state named for the flowers  Men came bearing dynamite… It could not be in Jesus’ name  Beneath the bedroom floor On Christmas night the killers  Hid the bomb for Harry Moore” Langston Hughes   Who was the first martyr of the Civil … Continue reading “Harry T Moore: Shadow Warrior”

Coming October 7th: New Shadow Warrior

Never before has Enigma In Black honored anyone posthumously as a Shadow Warrior. This month’s selection is someone we should all know or know better. A story that needs sharing. Each month, Enigma In Black will feature a new Shadow Warrior. We highlight people and organizations doing great work that have yet to receive national … Continue reading “Coming October 7th: New Shadow Warrior”

The Dreamers (DACA Recipients): Shadow Warriors

When “Shadow Warriors” was conceived. It was intended to shine a light on those who are doing good works that are not yet recognized by greater society. The name is more appropriate for this month’s recipients, who have figuratively and sometimes literally lived in the shadows as they fought to remain in the country they … Continue reading “The Dreamers (DACA Recipients): Shadow Warriors”