Happy Anniversary Enigma In Black (And Happy Birthday to Me)

Happy Anniversary! Enigma In Black is one year old today. I confess I started out blogging without any specific goals! I wrote because I had things to say and needed to get them out. I wrote long essays on Facebook before I started this blog. More than a few posts are repackaged writings from before I had this forum.

Along the way, I decided upon a modest goal of 33,333 views by the end of the first year. I passed that early this month. My new goal is to reach 100,000 views by the end of year two. I follow bloggers who have that many views for a single post. Baby steps!

A few random thoughts. I started my blog on my birthday which allows me to keep track of anniversaries. Three people I owe in particular for starting this blog are former Fisk classmates Adrian Williams and Barbara Jackson who never failed to push me saying, “You should start a blog!” Thirdly, fellow blogger Babz Rawls Ivy who literally walked me thru the initial steps and made it impossible to turn back. This obligates them I think to keep reading and keep pushing so that I keep growing and push myself sometimes beyond what is comfortable.

I write about politics, maybe too much but the current environment requires it. I write about race, systemic injustice, education, and more and more… history. Those who do not know their past are indeed doomed to repeat it. In the future, I will be not only making commentary but suggesting ways to make a difference. In the same way that faith without works is dead… so are words without action.

Thank you for those who read almost all of my posts. I know who you are and you are greatly appreciated. Especially those that disagree with my views and are willing to use your words to express another view. I am above neither learning or changing my mind.

If you don’t read anything else, I encourage you to follow my Shadow Warrior series. A new individual/group is recognized each month on the 7th for what they’re doing which may not yet be receiving widespread recognition. Honoree’s so far are:

Sevgi Fernandez

The Wilson Academy

Kelly Wickham Hurst

I’m always looking for new people to highlight and your suggestions will be appreciated.

On to a new year. I have exciting (to me anyway) plans to reach a wider audience and hopefully make a difference. Take care!

William Spivey (Enigma in Black)

Introduction to Enigma in Black

They tell me that biographies shouldn’t be written in the first person but Enigma in Black will be all about breaking rules. I’m a political junkie and will therefore always have something to say about politics. I’ll write long essays including publishing two chapters a week of “The History of American (White) Exceptionalism which will be completed just before the November Presidential elections. Consider it the first draft of what will ultimately be a book and my goal is that people be unable to hear the words American Exceptionalism without understanding who it applies to and which peoples it is intended to minimize.

My youngest daughter won’t read some of the things I write because they’re “too long” so for those with short attention spans I’ll offer snippets of my thoughts on all manner of things. I welcome discussions on any of my thoughts including and especially from trolls as long as you are willing to actually engage in a conversation and be civil. I am able to change my mind about things but don’t be surprised if I change yours.

As a change of pace, there will be poetry and possibly a new genre of poetry I’m inventing called Tragically Insincere Poetry making light of all poetry conventions but hopefully still evoking thought. If any of you would like to contribute some Tragically Insincere Poetry you will be most welcome. I will also offer up entries from “The Vault” of my previous writings for your consideration including what I said about Donald Trump four years ago which is screaming for an update.

I haven’t said much about myself yet (rather strange for a biography) so I’ll say a few things now but promise to open up more along the way. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Went to Fisk University which I credit for much of what I am where I played basketball and graduated with a B.A. in Economics. I have worked in corporate America with Fortune 100 firms and spent over 20 years in business for myself before finally succumbing to my destiny and writing. I’ve completed and am now shopping a novel which I will be proud to update you on when there is news. I have two short stories currently entered into a competition which after July I will be able to determine where/how to publish but I will let you know. There will be much more about me eventually but not so much for now as I am, after all, an enigma.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to share differing opinions which I will respect unless of course I mock them.



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