Elections Have Been Rigged For A Long Time

If you are a Republican and have discovered that your primary system is rigged and the votes of the people are displaced by the will of the delegates you’re right. If you’re a Democrat and found out that unelected Superdelegates have the power to swing elections you’re right too. If you are from either party and are up in arms about this lack of democracy, and have nothing to say about Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression. Just sit down, shut up and give it a little more thought.

Rigged Elections

Donald Trump is crying about the “rigged elections” that don’t reflect the will of the people. When he starts fighting against gerrymandering and voter suppression I’ll give a damn.

The Trump Effect

Another answer not spoken of in polite circles is that people are not voting for him in spite of his racism, xenophobia and misogyny but because of it.

We are witnessing a variation of the Bradley Effect where white voters when deciding between a white and a black candidate might profess to have no opinion or indicate they will vote for the black candidate in polling while they actually intend to vote for the white one. They do this because they don’t want to open up themselves to criticism of racial bias so they give a response that is more politically correct.

One thing we know about Donald Trump is that his followers have no concerns about being politically correct. We also often hear, “he’s saying what we’re thinking” which is likely true. Trump has consistently outperformed his polling which tells us that even more people than admit to supporting Trump are voting for him. Despite the recent horrific media cycles he’s had the past two weeks after his attacks on a rival’s wife, arrest of his campaign manager and desiring to punish women for having abortions. He still leads by a large margin in national polls which I submit is likely understated.

They say that Trump has tapped into the anger of largely white males which deserves an entire conversation of its own as to what they are angry about. The answer most often given is related to economics and the increasing gap between the rich and the rest of us. Another answer not spoken of in polite circles is that people are not voting for him in spite of his racism, xenophobia and misogyny but because of it. The Trump Effect like the Bradley effect before speaks less of the candidates than it does the hearts and minds of the populace.

Mark Fuhrman, Fox News, Donald Trump and America

Fox News presents Mark Fuhrman to assure their white base of viewers whose side they are on and that they give zero damn’s about whoever might be offended.


I’ve been watching “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” and Tuesday night I happened to catch the episode about Mark Fuhrman. You may remember that in 1995, he denied under oath he’d used the word “nigger” in the past 10 years. Afterwards, over 13 hours of audio tapes came out where not only did he frequently use the word, he discussed a pattern of policing where it was typical to beat and or frame black defendants. He outlined that the abuses were not rare but systemic in the Los Angeles Police Department happening frequently. To quote a line from the show, “it proved what black people have always known”. Although only two sentences from the tapes were able to be used in testimony to show Fuhrman committed perjury. All of America came to know he used the word “nigger” 41 times in the tapes and described his personal mistreatment of blacks and animus for blacks, Mexicans and women.

Fast forward to the present and Mark Fuhrman hosts a radio show, has written best-selling books and is a frequent contributor on Fox News. While I would love to single out Fox News, prior to his appearances there he worked for ABC, CBS and Court TV. My question is, what is it about Mark Fuhrman that makes his opinion desirable or acceptable. He was found guilty of perjury (only got 3 years’ probation) which calls into question his credibility and the tapes he made demonstrated no concern for following procedure except for how to get around it. Most of all he demonstrated he was an avowed racist who used his position to persecute those who didn’t look like him.

Make no mistake; his presence on Fox News is not in spite of his clear racist beliefs and abuse of power. It is because of it. Fox News presents Mark Fuhrman to assure their white base of viewers whose side they are on and that they give zero damn’s about whoever might be offended.

Given this background, it is easier to look at the campaign of Donald Trump and see more clearly how he enjoys a certain level of support despite his clear racism, xenophobia and misogyny. He is not receiving votes in spite of his clear views but because of them. If you have any doubt who Trump is nakedly appealing to, look at who attends his rallies. The people that have few other places where they can publicly display their confederate flags, or swastika tattoos have found a home at Trump events. Donald Trump is who he is and has discriminated against blacks in housing, taken out a full page ad advocating the death penalty for 5 black youth who turned out to be innocent. Hired illegal workers and paid them a fraction of their worth and done what he said you have to do which is, “treat women like shit”. Donald is who he is which is finally becoming clear and he will not become the next President of the United States. What he has revealed is the number of Americans that feel he is speaking for them and their desire to make America not great again but white again.

America has become far less of a melting pot than a place where a percentage of the population has a great fear of losing the privilege they have always enjoyed. They have done all they can to retain power despite shrinking demographics thru gerrymandering and redistricting and voter suppression. Trump’s campaign has helped shatter the illusion that racism is a thing of the past. It is front and center as perhaps it has always been.

D.C. Madam Phone Records Rise Again

For those that don’t recall. In 2007, a Madam in our nation’s capitol got busted and threatened to release all her phone records if she didn’t get a good deal. A couple names did come out including that of Sen. David Vitter R-LA who just lost the Governor’s race in Louisiana with his use of prostitutes being a major campaign issue.

The Madam was ultimately convicted however her records were never released because the judge placed a gag order on the records. Now a lawyer who allegedly has had possession of the records all this time want’s to release them because they contain information relevant to the 2016 Presidential Election.

His request to the original judge was denied. An appeals court has yet to respond and now he has made an emergency request to the Supreme Court because of the urgency of the situation. The lawyer has threatened that if the courts do not act within two weeks, he will release them anyway because “the People” deserve to be informed.

There was no indication as to who the alleged hooker patron is, but we’re down to just a few possibilities. We can assume because of the supposed urgency that the person is still in the race with a chance to become President. On the Republican side that would most likely be limited to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich. The visual of any of them getting busy is churning my stomach but I’d definitely want to know. On the Democratic side were limited to Bernie Sanders although it’s possible the lawyer with the records would consider Bill Clinton’s activities critical enough to the election that he’s willing to risk jail by releasing the records.

It’s very possible that one of the candidates is sweating bullets trying to figure out how to handle this news when it ultimately breaks.

My Friend Donald Part 1 (2012)


I’ve met Donald Trump on two occasions, in the way that when you’re in the same room with a celebrity you feel like you’ve met them even though you never got within more than a few feet. The first was in 1992 at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. I remember the event far more for Doug Williams and the Redskins decisive victory over Denver than for having been in the presence of “The Donald”. He was with a mini entourage, one of his wives I think Ivana was with him. He was in a suit and a Kojak looking overcoat and she was in a full-length mink coat. The game in Minnesota was played inside in 75 degree weather in the Metrodome but I suppose one had to get from the limo inside and he had people to hand all his stuff. I thought how uncomfortable it must be to watch a game in that attire but I guess when you’re Donald Trump you have an image to maintain.

The second time was maybe 10 years later in New York on the grounds of the US Open Tennis Tournament. For anyone that’s attended that event. Inevitably during the first week the temperature reaches approximately 100 degrees every day, and at some time during the second week the temperature breaks and then it gets cold, catching the uninitiated unawares who then have to buy one of the fleece items sold on the grounds or go home. There is a lot of open space on the grounds of the Open and there is no way to get around and avoid the elements. Donald Trump was there when the temperatures were hot, yet he still wore a suit and was accompanied by a new wife who looked considerably like the first. His hair had acquired a new tint that I couldn’t really attach any color to that I knew by name. He was a bit larger, not larger than life simply larger and he had the feeling this time of having become a caricature of himself that got up each day trying to maintain the image he imagined.

As Donald and I (now having met twice and on a first name basis) don’t really run in the same circles we haven’t had occasion to get together again. Of course, he is on TV from time to time and I might stop to watch my friend but it was during this election season with his myriad appearances that I began to see him as if for the first time.

Donald had become shrill in voice and was constantly calling out for attention. I was now finally able to understand the phrase concerning Don Quixote tilting at windmills. His obsession about the President’s Birth Certificate was clearly much more about his vanity and desire to stay in the spotlight than anything else. It was at the White House Correspondents ‘Dinner that he reached rock bottom I thought. When the President of the United States on national television having released his long form birth certificate days earlier, took the time to publicly humiliate my friend Donald with the camera’s pointing at him slinking in his chair. And when it became known that he did so while Donald occupied only a minor portion of his thoughts as he was involved at that moment with the raid to get Bin Laden. I wondered who near him would step in with an intervention.

Donald disappeared for a time, but obviously his crack like addiction for attention still needed to be fed so he got back up off the mat and inserted himself back into the public eye. He took credit for having been the one that “got the President” to release his birth certificate while at the same time doubting its authenticity. He stood by Mitt Romney and endorsed him in his own hotel which has more to do with the shamelessness of Mitt than the significance of Donald. And as the election wound down and his name seldom mentioned, Donald knew he had to do one last thing to throw himself into the spotlight making his big “announcement” less than two weeks before the election.

Being his friend I don’t even want to talk about the aftermath. I can usually associate life scenes from old or obscure movies and this time, two came to mind. The first was from “Sunset Boulevard” at the end where the aging Gloria Swanson let Mr. DeMille know she was ready for her close-up when the only interest in her was for her car. The second was from “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” again at the end when Betty Davis was being driven away from a crowd and reporters, smiling when all around her just thought her sad. For those who haven’t seen those movies, just understand that Donald has become what he would have least desired… the joke. Fortunate is he that he has been spared the shame of the depths of his fall. I don’t want to watch this story’s conclusion when he’ll inevitably start approaching strangers and asking “Don’t you know who I am?” I brushed away a tear while writing this because the Donald I once knew is alas no more!

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An Open Letter to Joe Scarborough


I watched the roundtable discussion on your show regarding the Voting Rights Act. I’ll first give you credit for recognizing that efforts to disenfranchise voters are not limited to the states that were required to undergo preclearance due to their past. Pennsylvania and Ohio were just as capable of coming up with laws that ultimately impact minorities more than white voters and also other voting groups like students who are more likely to vote Democratic. I’ll give you a pass on not wanting the states you grew up in to forever be tainted by their racist past although in my opinion they are still less enlightened than you would like to believe.

Where we differ is your refusal to acknowledge that Republican efforts to pass new laws are politically motivated in an attempt to restrict minority voting, giving Republicans a better chance to win elections. This not by convincing voters of the value of your policies but by disenfranchising those who would vote against you.

You talked about the reasonableness of showing a voter ID while ignoring all the restrictions associated with them. You didn’t mention in many states that a gun registration would be acceptable whereas a state issued student ID might not. You say it isn’t a poll tax however if in some cases an out of state original birth certificate is required or extensive travel or time is involved to get these ID’s. It is exactly that for those who don’t already have those ID’s that happen to be overwhelmingly minority.

You ignored all the other aspects of the laws being passed. Limiting early and weekend voting, restricting the ability to register voters, allocation of polling places designed to create long lines and discourage voting. You insist to be against making the Voting Rights Act impotent is to insist that Southern Republicans are bigots and racist while no one was making that claim. Let’s just call those Republicans pragmatic in that they recognize it will become their only way to win elections. If not now then soon as their percentage of the population continues to shrink.

Where your logic was the most faulty, was your insistence that the majority of middle America and average voters will agree with the practicality of presenting a photo ID (presuming they ignore all the other related laws being passed). I promise you that close to 100% of the minorities being affected that care enough to vote,recognize both the intent of these laws and their effect. Even if not racist in intent it is definitely racist in their result. Your party may convince themselves how innocuous these laws are, unfortunately, you aren’t likely to convince those who you (your Party, not you personally) are allegedly trying to attract.

BTW, it was not just “one lunatic” in Pennsylvania admitting the true intent to give Mitt Romney the election. Dozens of Republicans across the country have said as much in many ways. Texas is currently implementing redistricting that a Federal court has already found unconstitutional because they now can. Just saying!

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