Trump’s Week In Review: Can It Get Any Worse? July 28, 2017

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  1. Surely Trump is tired by now of all this winning losing! The biggest perhaps is the failure to get any Health Care Bill through the Senate. They tried Repeal and Replace, they tried straight Repeal, they tried the Skinny Repeal bill and even the “We’ll vote for it only if you guarantee it never becomes a law” bill that even Republicans called it “a fraud.” Mike Pence marched into the Senate with great fanfare, preparing to cast the deciding vote, before McCain pulled the okey-doke and voted no. Pence skulked out of the Senate under cover of darkness.
  2. The Cage Match at the White House was on full display. Scaramucci went after Priebus and Bannon, Trump went after Sessions on a daily basis along with pretty much the rest of the Justice Department. Russia kept coming up as Manafort was linked to the Russian Mob. Ivanka lawyered up and Trump kept tweeting.
  3. Thump threatened the whole State of Alaska over Murkowski’s health care vote. In retribution, Congress is planning hearings to slap down the Interior Secretary who passed along Trump’s threat.
  4. Trump tweeted that he was kicking Transgenders out of the armed services effective immediately. In what technically might be mutiny or treason or something. The Head of the Joint Chiefs and some of those Chiefs said they weren’t doing it.
  5. Even Russia is worried about Trump’s erratic behavior and there’s talk about wanting their money back.
  6. Priebus resigned was fired and is being replaced by General John Kelly, formerly of Homeland Security. Priebus was still riding with Trump on Air Force One when Trump tweeted the announcement.
  7. Scaramucci gave an interview to The New Yorker which was the most foul mouth, vile interview with a White House Staffer ever. Trump must be so proud!
  8. Trump takes credit for new jobs in Wisconsin that were planned before the election and will cost each Wisconsinite over $500 in additional taxes. Good job Donald!
  9. He still wakes up every day in Donald Trump’s body and that must suck!

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Trump’s Week In Review: The Worst Week of His Entire Life 5/17/2017

In the four months he’s been President, Donald Trump has had some pretty bad days and weeks. During the campaign when the Access Hollywood tape leaked where he described himself sexually assaulting women and “grabbing ’em by the pussy.” That was a bad week. In his business career, he’s experienced business failings and bankruptcies and for a man with his ego that was bad. Failed marriages, bad hair, the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner where he was mocked by President Obama… all bad. This week however, has already been the worst of his life. And it’s still early.

a lies and videotape


  1. An audio tape of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority leader Kevin McCarthy was leaked to The Washington Post showing them discussing their belief that Donald Trump and California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher were paid by Putin. When confronted by a reporter Ryan first denied the comment was ever made. When told “there is a transcript” a Ryan spokesman said, “this never happened.” When told there was audio of the tape, they said it was “just a bad joke.” This statement was made about a month before the Republican nomination. At the time McCarthy made the statement. Ryan said, “No leaks! This is how we know we’re family!”
  2. The New York Times revealed that Mike Flynn told the Trump transition team (including Mike Pence) that he was under Federal investigation and they appointed him as National Security Advisor anyway showing utter disdain for his transgressions.
  3. The Department of Justice named former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia and possible collusion during the campaign. Mueller has a broad mandate to investigate “all things Russia” including Trump’s business relationships, loans and transactions.
  4. After firing FBI Director James Comey, Trump apparently worried about what Comey might have to say. He tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.” Trump in one tweet reminded people of Richard Nixon who was ultimately forced to resign and pissed off James Comey. Comey associates told the press that Comey had made a contemporaneous memo which he sent to friends detailing Trump inquiring whether he could make the investigation of Mike Flynn “go away” which would be Obstruction of Justice. Trump hasn’t tweeted since.
  5. White House staffers had to turn the volume up on TV’s so that reporters couldn’t hear screaming and yelling coming from a meeting where Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders were trying to figure out how to respond to all the bad news and leaks.
  6. It was revealed that Trump himself gave highly classified information from a third party to Russian officials while boasting about “all the great intelligence” he gets. Spokesmen including Sean Spicer and Gen McMaster ran to the cameras swearing it never happened until Trump himself in an interview with Lester Holt admitted he did. It turned out it was Israel that provided the US the information who had to be called and told their source could be in danger as a result. Allies around the world are reconsidering whether to pass along information to the US because of Trump’s possibly being compromised by Russia or just his loose lips.
What Trump Does In The Dark
What Trump Does In The Dark


All this happened within the last week. I’m sure I’ve forgotten major things because Donald is so prolific in his horrible actions and total lack of control. With the appointment of the Special Counsel, scheduled testimony from Comey and others including a public hearing and the continuing releases about things Trump has done. He’s continuing what Republican Senator Bob Corker refers to as “a downward spiral.” Let’s hope he continues right down the drain!

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Trump’s Day In Review 2/16/2017

  1. Trump publicly raved about his selection for National Security Advisor, Vice-Admiral Robert Harward. Later in the day after Harward conducted “Extreme Vetting” he turned down the job. Sources say he was unhappy with the amount of control he’d have in selecting his staff. He’s also reported to being, “conflicted between the call of duty and obvious dysfunctionality.”
  2. When asked about Russia’s taunting of America with spy boats, planes and missiles. Trump replied, “Not good!
  3. Gave a press conference which left everyone in attendance and all who watched/listened all over the world very afraid. He says “this administration is running like a fine tuned machine!” He also declared that the leaks coming from his administration were true but the reporting of them was, “Fake news.”
  4. His Environmental Protection Agency choice, Scott Pruitt was ordered by a Federal Judge to turn over public records requests for his communications with oil companies which he’s refused for two years while Attorney General of Oklahoma.
  5. Recently replaced NSA Director Michael Flynn told the FBI he had “never discussed sanctions with Russia” which we now know not to be true.
  6. Administration lawyers tell the 9th Circuit the President intends to rescind the Muslim Ban and plans to reintroduce a new ban soon. Trump’s vow to “see them in court” was one more lie. No review by the 9th Circuit, no appeal to the Supreme Court, simply complete admission of defeat.
  7. Asks African-American journalist April Ryan to “set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus” who she must know because she’s black asking, “Are they friends of yours?”. The Congressional Black Caucus upon hearing the news produced a letter where they’d requested a meeting with the President but received no response.
  8. At the Press Conference a reporter fact checked his lie about the size of his election win asking, “Why should we believe you when you give us false information.” Trump replied, “Someone gave me the information” and added, “I read it somewhere.”



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Trump’s Day In Review (2/15/2017)

  1. Andy Puzder, proposed Secretary of Labor forced to withdraw his name from consideration after video tape from Oprah show in 1996 was released to the public. The video showed Puzder’s  ex-wife relating her story of physical abuse at his hands.
  2. Denies all reports of his campaign’s constant contact with Russia before and after the election calling them, “Fake Media.”
  3. US Weekly reports his wife Melania is, “totally miserable” as first lady.
  4. Learns that intelligence community refuses to share certain classified information with him for fear it will be leaked to Russia.
  5. Had a bad hair day!


Trump’s Day In Review (2/14/2017)

Donald Trump had a bad day today while doing little personally. The dishonest media and the Intelligence Agencies have apparently conspired to whip that ass. Republican Congressional support is waning and expect another disappearing act tomorrow.

  1. After Flynn resigns the night before, Republicans hold a press conference to talk about… Obamacare. The last speaker Paul Ryan did say Trump did the right thing by “immediately firing Flynn”  three weeks after the White House was notified Flynn was a potential Russian blackmail target. He then quickly disappeared.
  2. Mike Pence was MIA but did express through surrogates he was upset with Flynn for lying to him but didn’t mention Trump who withheld the info about Flynn for three weeks.
  3. Sean Spencer stated unequivocally that “No member of the Trump campaign had contact with Russia during the campaign. Later today the New York Times published a front page article about several of the Trump campaign team communicating with Russia… DURING THE CAMPAIGN.
  4. A Russian spy boat was spotted off the coast of Delaware and there were reports of a Russian spy plane hangared in New York.

  5. Kellyanne Conway went on air to explain how she said yesterday afternoon Flynn had “the full support of the President” a few hours before he was fired
  6. Reince Priebus… Reince Priebus… Has anybody seen Reince?
  7. Trump did tweet about all the “illegal leaks” coming from his administration. They see themselves as patriots telling the truth when those in power lie all around them.

Not a good day. Forecast for Trump tomorrow: Hurricane Winds!

Trump’s Day In Review: 2/12/2017

  1. Congratulated his spokesman Stephen Miller for going on the Sunday news shows saying voter fraud kept him from winning New Hampshire, “people bussed in from Massachusetts.” He also said, “The President’s powers are beyond question.”
  2. Bragged about the “big crowds of supporters” lining the road as he left Florida. All reports of demonstrators against him are “Fake News.”
  3. Goes to the media to complain about Sen. McCain and others going to the media.
  4. Starts Twitter war with Mark Cuban because there’s so many other things he doesn’t want us to pay attention to.
  5. Watches the Grammy’s and begins a new enemies list.



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Trump’s Day In Review: (2/6/2017)

Today was a busy Trump day, even by his standards:

  1. Says “Any negative polls are fake news”
  2. Attacks judge some more, says if anything happens, “Blame him and court system”
  3. Is confused about what he signed when he elevated Bannon to National Security Council
  4. Says “dishonest press won’t report on terror attacks”
  5. Tweets NY Times is fiction, “now are making up stories and sources”
  6. Upset that former buddy Kanye West turned on him and deleted his tweets. #Sad
  7. May be banned from visiting Parliament
  8. Refused to hold his wife’s hand (twice) when she met him at the airport because he wanted to appear “Alpha”




Don’t wanna hold your hand!

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Trump’s Day In Review:(2/5/2017)

  1. Ramped up attacks on Federal Judge who issued Stay on Muslim Ban
  2. Say the Health Care Plan he promised to reveal when his nominee was approved will be pushed back to maybe 2018.
  3. Reaches lowest approval rating of any President in American history
  4. Floats offer to Melissa McCarthy to replace Sean Spicer

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Trump’s Day In Review (2/4/2017)

  1. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly he reiterated his respect for Putin. He defended charges that Putin was a killer by saying, “We got lots of killers. You think our country is so innocent?”
  2. Backed off plans to re-open “Black Sites” around the world but does plan to expand Guantanamo Bay.
  3. Tweet attacked a “so called Judge” for halting his Travel Ban
  4. Hit the daily double by hosting a Republican Fund Raiser at Mar-a-lago. The trip cost taxpayers $3 million and he profited personally on the rooms rented and food & alcohol served at the event. On a side note; an Eric Trump trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers almost $98,000 and we may be paying as much as $300 million a year to help Melania Trump avoid her husband.

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Trump’s Day In Review (2/3/2017)

  1. Muslim Ban met with nationwide Temporary Restraining Order
  2. Signs Executive Order to initiate next Financial Crisis
  3. Suggests Women in his administration follow a “dress code.” Wants more Dresses!
  4. Tweeted Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he not only has bad ratings on The Apprentice but did a bad job as California Governor
  5. Bragged that he made the cover of a German magazine                                                       Der Spiegel Trump Photo:

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