Trump’s Day In Review (Day Two)

Yesterday, as a throwaway I posted on Facebook, “Trump’s Day In Review:

  1. Threatened to invade Mexico
  2. Hung up o the Australian Prime Minister
  3. Praised Fredrick Douglas and promises to follow him on twitter

It sort of became a thing and by popular demand (okay it was just one person) I’m bringing it back for another day.



Trump’s Day In Review: Day Two

  1. Blamed Obama for disastrous raid he (Trump) approved where a Navy Seal was killed along with several children. He initially said it was a “great success.”
  2. Promised to eliminate separation of Church and State
  3. Pledged to reduce sanctions against Russia
  4. Told Israel to stop West Bank Settlements
  5. Put Iran, “On Notice” which must be rather like double secret probation
  6. Heard Beyonce was pregnant with twins; says he could have fathered triplets if he wanted to.

Until tomorrow…

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