10 Photos Of John Lewis In Action (And What Trump Was Doing At The Time)

When John Lewis was at Fisk University. Working With Rev. Jim Lawson and alongside Diane Nash to coordinate Freedom Riders and fighting injustice across the South…


Photo: georgiaenclyclopedia.org

Donald Trump was being thrown out of school after school for being an insolent brat.

When John Lewis was marching on Washington, as the National Chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)…


Photo: youtube.com

Donald Trump was in Military School in as close to action as he would ever come.


When John Lewis was preparing to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge…


Photo: twitter.com

Donald was  preparing to begin a mediocre college career at the University of Pennsylvania

While John Lewis was being beaten by Alabama police…


Photo: youtube.com


Photo: cnn.com

And jailed…


Photo: twisave.com

Fighting for the right to vote…


Photo: twitter.com

Donald was a average student who would later claim both to be the “Valedictorian” and the “Most Accomplished Person In The Class.” All without making the Dean’s List?

When John Lewis began serving in Congress… All the while continuing to fight injustice.


Photo: twitter.com

Donald and his father Fred were marking “C” for colored on rental applications and being sued by the Federal Government twice for racial discrimination.

John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. He has fought against hatred, bigotry and racism his entire life. The one thing it’s impossible to say about him is that he’s all, “talk, talk, talk.”


Photo: siftingthroughtherubble.blogspot.com

Donald Trump has never participated in any form of public service. He discriminates in his businesses. He advocated for the death penalty in a full page ad for the Central Park Five who turned out to be innocent. He then protested the City’s settlement after they spent 12 years in jail, falsely imprisoned. He calls Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. Advocated the ban of all Muslims. Mocked the disabled, calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and in his own words admits to sexual assault. His closest advisor is a white supremacist and his Attorney General nominee a racist.


Photo: salon.com

Donald Trump doesn’t have the right to speak John Lewis’s name let alone besmirch his actions and legacy.

Featured Photo: bintang.com






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