10 Things To Like About A Trump Presidency



Many people I know are still apoplectic about the pending Trump Presidency and all the damage he can do in four years. He is undeniably the most ill-prepared person to ever attain the office and he’s currently filling out his Cabinet with a Who’s Who of Deplorables.

People have good reason to fear a Trump Presidency but I submit we actually have some things to look forward to while hoping he doesn’t start a nuclear war because someone insulted him. Here’s my top ten:


  1. Assuming he actually holds a press conference. How fun will it be when he tells his usual lies and someone finally calls him out on it. His face will turn red, he’ll call for the Secret Service to arrest the reporter and then storm out to begin a Tweet Storm.                                                                                                                                                   a-a-trump-mad
  2. How long will it take before a sitting President (or First Lady) sues someone for what they call slander. Others might call it telling the truth.
  3. What a ruckus there will be when the Russians hack Mark Burnett’s unreleased footage from The Apprentice and we see Trump hugging and kissing women against their will. Trump will tweet afterwards, “Et Tu Putin?” a-a-a-touch
  4. Wait until Trump’s first International Presidential Trip when he insists the entire entourage stay at a Trump owned hotel. Conflict of interest much? a-a-donald-hotel
  5. Can’t wait to see Trump’s renovation of the Oval Office? He’ll get rid of that tacky Presidential Seal in the carpet and replace it with the Trump Log0 a-donals-presidential-seal
  6. With Melania staying in New York. Whose p***y will Donald be grabbing in the meantime. If he couldn’t keep it in his pants while she was pregnant. How can he manage with her not in the White House with him? Poor Little Rich Girl
  7. When will Camp David become Camp Donald?
  8. When giving speeches around the country. In addition to the normal recognition of local elected officials, will Trump point out his business partners as well?
  9. Will Pastor’s Darrell Scott and Mark Burns ever come out of hiding. Will Ben Carson actually go to work for Trump in a job (any of them available) which he’s already announced he’s unqualified for.
  10. Will Steve Bannon have little swastika’s on his desk nameplate? Will Republican’s care?

Steve Bannon

There will be a morbid humor in watching Trump at the helm of the country. There’s work to be done to minimize the harm and ensure he doesn’t get a second term. All Republicans that turn a blind eye to all things Trump must be turned out of elected office as well. In the meantime… laugh. Not with him but at him. Make him the biggest loser as he certainly is a joke.