Michael Bloomberg’s Insincere Apology That Everybody Hated

“The murder rate in New York City went from 650 a year to 300 a year when I left. Most police departments do the same thing, they just don’t report it or use the terminology.” -Michael Bloomberg- January 2019

Michael Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire former Mayor of New York City is considering running for President in 2020. Rumor has it he’s dissatisfied with the current batch of Democrat candidates and feels none of them have caught fire. The fact is, he can’t win without getting the black vote behind him which makes up a significant portion of the Democrat base. The chances black voters will overlook his role in implementing the Stop & Frisk Policy that targeted minority neighborhoods in his city are non-existent. Bloomberg tried to get ahead of the problem by going to a black church and making an apology.

Bloomberg followed the apologies to black people playbook and lined up his black supporters to cape for him. Former New York Governor David Paterson conveniently revealed that Bloomberg expressed his regret for the policy back in 2012 after learning searches had risen 800% over those conducted under the previous Mayor, Rudy Guiliani. This alleged regret was expressed before a judge ruled the policy illegal; setting Bloomberg off in his disapproval.

“This is a very dangerous decision made by a judge that I think just does not understand how policing works and what is compliant with the US Constitution as determined by the Supreme Court.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network; thanked Michael Bloomberg for his newfound contrition but highlighted that one apology won’t make up for the damage done by his policy.

“As one who helped lead countless demonstrations, marches, and rallies to amplify the racial impact that was had on the Black and Brown community from stop-and-frisk policing, I am glad to see Mr. Bloomberg now admit that the policy was wrong. It will take more than one speech for people to forgive and forget a policy that so negatively impacted entire communities.” — Al Sharpton

Other black voices were less forgiving and flat out rejected the Bloomberg apology.

“It is convenient that Bloomberg suddenly apologizes but has done nothing to undo the immense damage he has caused on countless lives. His apology is not accepted.” — DeRay McKesson

“Under Bloomberg, NYPD increased stop and frisk from 100,000 stops to nearly 700,000 stops per year. 90% of those impacted were people of color — overwhelmingly black and brown men. Bloomberg personally has the money to begin paying reparations for this harm. ‘Sorry’ isn’t enough.” — Samuel Sinyangwe

Not only did the apology have little immediate impact among black voters. White voters (many of whom never would have voted for Bloomberg anyway) were distraught the Bloomberg voiced his displeasure with a policy that suited them just fine. Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik says Bloomberg has forgotten just how effective the policy was.

“I think it is the apology tour. When you run for president these days, that’s what you do. And that’s what he’s doing. I think it’s disturbing.” — Bernie Kerik

Outgoing NYC Police Commissioner James O’Neill defended the tactic after Michael Bloomberg repudiated its’ use:

“It helps us get weapons off the street, it helps keep the city safe. But it has to be used correctly, and obviously it has to be used constitutionally. It’s something that we still employ. We are concentrating on the people driving the crime. It’s a constitutionally-tested tool that has to be used, needs to be used.”

The National Review wrote:

“As Bloomberg fills in political potholes on the left-hand side of his road to the nomination, he should remember that his repairs may come at the expense of his reputation as that rare officeholder who did what he thought was right and defended the results.”

Truth be told, very few not on the Bloomberg payroll think this apology was sincere and credible. Even if he told Gov. Paterson his regrets privately seven years ago. He publicly defended the policy until last week. Those who flank him to give him believability are doing more to harm their own reputations than to help Bloomberg. Progressive Democrats don’t believe him and the Right will use the opportunity to attack him. Bloomberg would have had to address Stop & Frisk at some point in his proposed campaign. Whether there was a better way to address it may never be known but the consensus is; his apology didn’t do the job.

What if Trump Won’t Leave?

It’s not as ridiculous a question as it seems. Trump has already hinted at the possibility of not leaving office; even if he completed two full terms in office. Of course, there are two distinct means by which he might not serve more than one term. He could be voted out of office in the 2020 Presidential Election, or he could be Impeached. The ongoing Impeachment investigation has reached the public hearing stage. America is learning more daily about Trump’s back-channel diplomacy and apparent extortion of Ukraine to improve his chances of staying in office.

“We’re cutting record numbers of regulations — we’ve cut more regulations in a year and a quarter than any administration whether it’s four years, eight years, or in one case 16 years. Should we go back to 16 years? Should we do that? Congressman, can we do that?”

The immediate threat to his presidency is the Impeachment inquiry. After the first week of public hearings, there is the testimony that Trump blackmailed Ukraine to force them to make public statements about an investigation of a political rival and his son; in order to receive hundreds of millions in military aid. Trump’s engaged in an unprecedented level of obstruction; refusing to let administration witnesses testify or release records and documentation. We’ve seen how an Ambassador was demonized, forced out, and even intimidated while on the stand testifying. He told a foreign leader she was “bad news,” and that:

“She’s going to go through some things!”

The official Impeachment inquiry began after a September 25th phone call during which Trump demanded a favor from the Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky; immediately after he brought up his willingness to purchase additional javelin missiles. An opening statement from closed-door testimony shows on September 26th, Trump talked by phone to Ambassador Sunderland and pressed him on the progress of Ukraine releasing the statement Trump wanted.

It is fairly certain, that the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will formally Impeach the President and send the case to the Senate for a trial. Less clear is whether the Republican-controlled Senate will do anything other than to vote by Party line. Impeachment requires a two-thirds majority in order to oust the President and currently that isn’t likely. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says he “won’t even read the transcripts” from the House investigations. He may not be alone.

There is a precedent, however; Republican support to impeach Richard Nixon was even less than it is for Trump. Yet televised hearings and public opinion pressured them to the point that Republicans went to Nixon and told him he “didn’t have the votes” to survive Impeachment. Nixon ultimately resigned “for the good of the country.” From what we know of Trump, the good of the country won’t cross his mind and resignation is unlikely. So what if he won’t leave?

“You know the last time I jokingly said that the papers start saying, ‘He’s got despotic tendencies, (staying in office longer) “No, I’m not looking to do it. Unless you want me to do it, that’s OK.”

The first thing Trump would likely do is to file lawsuits. Sue the House of Representatives, the Senate, the whistleblower; everybody. That he has no chance on the merits won’t bother him. He has claimed that the President has absolute immunity while in office and that the President cannot even be investigated; in his legal filings. He said publicly that he could “shoot someone on 5th Ave.,” and get away with it. People thought he was joking.

We’ve all seen how long he’s been able to avoid releasing his taxes as various lawsuits wind their way through the court system. He’s lost on every lower level, including appeals to the Federal courts. All that remains is the Supreme Court which these days is highly unpredictable. The goal for Trump won’t necessarily be winning, although he would like that. It would be the delay, up to two years. Certainly long enough to run in the next election. If Impeached during one term is there anything to stop him from running in the next election? He wouldn’t be a felon as he wouldn’t have been prosecuted or convicted while President.

“Do you think the people would demand that I stay longer?”

The other possibility where Trump might try to go against tradition and stay in office; is if he is defeated in November 2020, but decides not to stay. He would have no problem declaring it a “rigged election” and either declare himself the winner or demand a whole new election (or recounts in only the states he lost). He’d declare (as he did in 2016) that millions of illegal voters were allowed to vote, provide his own set of unverifiable numbers which would be instantly be backed up by his surrogates and Fox News. Because of our built-in transition period between the election and inauguration. For over two months after the election, Trump would still be President; with control over the Justice Department, the Secret Service, and the military.

America has always set itself apart from the rest of the world with its history of peaceful transition of power. Despite Trump’s constant declarations, there has never been a coup with a leader forced out of power. Usually, an attempt to illegally take power or stay in power involves the military. Whatever Trump believes, the military is not so ingratiated to him that they would obey any order. There’s also the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits American troops from acting on American soil. That doesn’t apply to the National Guard which is controlled by individual states. We might see some Governors call out soldiers in an attempt to defend the President. Trump has had a loyal base of 30–40 percent of the nation. Would they stick with him even in an attempt to unconstitutionally remain in power?

The one thing we can’t say is that Trump would never consider it. He put himself ahead of the country’s interest in Ukraine. He’s indebted to the Russians to a degree we’ll never know until his financial records are released. He will lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power. Overstaying his term will seem relatively minor in his view. He’ll do what he always does; make statements to test the waters, measure the level of resistance… act. Speaking of Chinese President Xi Jinping he said:

“He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

Should Donald Trump Receive a Pardon?

We know the Impeachment of Donald Trump is coming. That the House of Representatives will send multiple counts to the Senate for trial is a given. Whether Republicans are able to put Country before Party is another thing but despite the theory that if Trump survives Impeachment it allows him to declare himself a victor. The more likely outcome is that even if he’s not convicted by the Senate. American voters won’t want to put themselves through four more years of this perpetual madness. Once he’s out of office, he’ll be eligible to be prosecuted for his crimes and there’s a line forming of people waiting to charge him. The question is; should Trump receive a pardon as Nixon got? Allegedly to keep from tearing the country apart.

For those Ever-Trumper’s demanding to know what crimes he’s committed? The rest of the nation is sure he’s broken Federal Election laws and obstructed justice as well as violated the Logan and Hatch Acts. When his finances are finally revealed, we can add tax fraud, regular fraud, and money laundering to the list. There won’t be a question as to whether he and his family have broken the law. The question is; what are we willing to do about it?

When Nixon resigned in disgrace, President Gerald Ford pardoned him before charges could be brought in order to “spare the nation.” We’ll never be able to know how the nation would have responded had Nixon been jailed but America was pretty much in turmoil after he was pardoned. Ford discovered the voters held a grudge as he was beaten in the next election by a peanut farmer from Plains, GA. I’ve been to Plains and don’t suspect they’ll be producing any more Presidents anytime soon.

Yes, Trump’s base will be upset if he goes to jail. They’ll be upset if he doesn’t go to jail. They’d be upset if he managed to win re-election. When your constituency is glued together by rage, being upset is what they do. I’m less concerned about the Trump base than I am the next politician who wants to use the Office of the Presidency to enrich himself and his friends at the expense of the rest of us. It’s going to take enough to rebuild this nation as it is without a pissed-off Donald Trump on Twitter all day about how he was wronged.

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Donald Trump didn’t reach the highest office in the land with lofty aspirations to help the country and maintain high ethical standards. He was a crook when he arrived, surrounded himself with more crooks in his Cabinet and administration. It seems almost all of his political appointees were either crooks, white supremacists, or both. None of the people Trump pardoned went through the normal process of having been reviewed by the Office of the Pardon Attorney within the Justice Department. They were issued because someone knew someone or had a celebrity advocate like Kim Kardashian. Like every other American. Trump should have the opportunity to file for clemency. This usually takes place after someone has served a portion of their sentence and met all the guidelines.

I don’t want Trump to go to jail because I dislike him (although I do dislike him). Not because he’s a Republican (he’s not really a Republican although they are willing to follow him off a cliff). Not because he’s conservative (have you seen his deficits?). But because an example must be set. There’s a criminal right now thinking he can avoid a jail sentence if he can just get to be President and avoid prosecution. No, America doesn’t want to become a banana republic where politicians who lose or are ousted are thrown in prison. But America can no longer consider itself a nation of laws if its most visible citizen is above it.

Who Will Be The Vice-President Choice of the Democrat Nominee?

Each of the five leading candidates has different needs and therefore the answer to the question depends on the candidate. Some of the considerations typically in play are those that will give the nominee a balanced ticket. Someone who will help them reach particular voters they might otherwise have a hard time reaching. Once upon a time, geography was a critical factor and a running mate from the South might be helpful to a nominee from the Northeast. These days the swing states in the Midwest are considered crucial which might influence the pick. Let’s look at the current leading candidates and whom they might select?

#5 Kamala Harris

Kamala is currently languishing in 5th place after a brutal, seemingly coordinated attack against her that began once she took on Joe Biden during the first debate. She’ll need a breakout moment and a very strong finish in Iowa and victories in South Carolina and California to have a chance. She’s low on funds and it’s almost Hail Mary time in terms of winning the nomination. Should she win, however, who might give her balance and help her win a general election? Her choice would likely be male, neither Biden or Sanders are likely to agree to take the second spot. Booker would make the slate just a little too colorful. If she wins her choice will likely be Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana.

#4 Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete is slowly but surely climbing up the polls, almost in striking distance of the three leaders; Biden, Warren, and Sanders. Buttigieg has youth in his favor, is articulate (they usually save that compliment for black people). Though he started out with very little name recognition, when people actually listen to him he typically makes a good impression.

While Sanders, Biden, and Warren, are all in their 70’s and might need to choose someone younger. He would run the risk of pointing to his youth as a negative by in effect bringing aboard a chaperone, pointing to one of his potential negatives. Because of local issues in South Bend involving the fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer. Pete needs help with black voters. His choice will be Kamala Harris.

#3 Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s choice of VP is extra critical seeing how he just had a heart attack. People have already been reminded the Vice-President is one heartbeat away from the Presidency with that incident. While by all accounts he gets along well with Elizabeth Warren, she’s almost the same age as he and they both appeal to the same general base of voters.

Sanders has struggled to attract black voters but is unlikely to choose Cory Booker or Kamala Harris. He needs to find someone seen as more conservative than he but pragmatic enough to accept his popular ideas. He’ll pick a woman for balance, but it will be Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota.

#2 Elizabeth Warren

Of the septuagenarians (people between 70–79) in the race, Elizabeth exudes energy and vitality. Still, her choice for VP will be someone more youthful, with a record of fighting for the consumer. They will have progressive bona fides yet be attractive to the mainstream Democrat voter.

Her choice will be male and although she could use some help with the black vote, it won’t be Cory Booker. She’ll be looking for someone to give a shot to her campaign and a shot at winning a state that will negate Trump possibly still winning Ohio or Wisconsin. Warren will pick Beto O’Rourke of Texas.

#1 Joe Biden

Biden more so than any of the others needs someone who can go on the attack. AssumingbTrump is still the 2020 Republican nominee given that Impeachment thing going on. Biden will face a blistering assault from Trump about Ukraine and any other topic he decides, truth notwithstanding.

Biden will need someone that can make the case that Trump is a criminal with the credentials to back it up. Politics make strange bedfellows and Biden will select the one voted least likely to be invited; Kamala Harris.

Feel free to disagree and post your VP picks and the reason you believe you’re right.

Kamala Harris Has Three Routes to the Presidency

Kamala Harris had a moment, after the first debate when she plunged a dagger into Joe Biden’s invincibility. People who had never considered her sat up and took notice. They saw clearly that the woman who had taken apart William Barr, Brett Kavanaugh, and others while serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee, might just be the one to take out Donald Trump on the debate stage. She had a moment, and then they came for her.

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When I say “they came for her.” I mean everybody. All the then twenty-something other Democrat candidates for President. Republicans who were fearful she would do to Trump what she’d done to so many others. Democrat establishment figures whose political futures were brighter under a Biden Presidency. Russian trolls and bots. They dragged her for a relationship she had with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in the mid-nineties. Criticized her for having a white husband. They all came for Harris and not without having an effect. She was a strong third or fourth depending on the poll after the first debate. Now she lags in fifth place in most polls with an average of 5% of likely voters. Despite the long odds against her, she said:

“It won’t be easy, but I intend to win!”

There are three plausible routes for Harris to end up being President. The least likely in my opinion is where she suddenly catches fire and wins some of the early primary and caucus states. One could make a case that Biden has been weakened by the Ukranian rumors involving him and his son Hunter. Elizabeth Warren has surpassed Biden in some polls but took the brunt of most of the other candidate’s fire at the last debate. Bernie Sanders called her out for being, “a capitalist,” oh, the horror. Mayor Pete has surged past Harris but has never received the brutal attacks that Biden, Harris, and now Warren have endured. His campaign might not survive the scrutiny heaped on the others but only time will tell. If Kamala does okay in Iowa and New Hampshire, she has a chance to do well in South Carolina and later her home state California with its huge block of delegates. I don’t consider it likely, but that’s one way.

The second way involves the looming Impeachment Trial of President Trump in the Senate. Once the House formally votes to Impeach the President. The Senate will take over the process although members of the House will act as Managers (essentially prosecutors) during the trial. Individual Senators will not have the opportunity to question witnesses like in regular Senate hearings. But Kamala Harris will be highly sought after by the media after each day’s proceedings. She can review the testimony and provide analysis with the gravitas of someone the public recognizes as someone who knows what she’s doing. She’ll project strength and confidence while helping shape the narrative. Depending on the timing of the Senate Trial vs. the Democrat Primaries, Impeachment may come in time to help her rise in the political standings.

The third way in which Harris could become President is rather indelicate. She could become Vice-President, and take over in the event the President becomes incapacitated or is otherwise unable to perform his or her duties. To be more clear, the three leading candidates for the Democrats are all in their 70s. Bernie (78) just had a heart attack that nobody wants to talk about. Biden (76) has had more than one aneurysm in his past and recently had an eye hemorrhage. At 70, Warren is the spring chicken of the bunch and has shown tremendous vigor and stamina but 70 is still 70. With the top three Democrat candidates being septuagenarians, the saying the Vice-President is “one heartbeat from the Presidency” takes on special meaning.

You’d think Biden would rule Harris out based on what must seem a surprise attack on him but politics make strange bedfellows. Should Biden’s relationship with black voters start to slip, adding Harris to the ticket might shore up his standing, also with women voters? Warren and Sanders seem to get along with their Senate colleague Harris and she could help with their weak spots as well. Many a person has chosen the Vice-Presidential route as a way to the option. Hopefully to succeed the President after two terms but ready to serve if required. It’s the only explanation for Mike Pence’s loyalty to the anti-christ under whom he serves.

Kamala Harris probably had different plan than any of her three remaining options. Her success will depend on her ability to adjust to the current political climate and might require a bit of luck combined with her skill and strengths. We will see.

With Apologies to Neil Diamond, “Trump’s Brother Love Travelling Salvation Show.”

To those on the outside, a Trump Rally stars a barely literate conman, repeating his hit lines from 2016. He spreads his unique brand of hatred, targeting mostly minorities and women, saving a few barbs for others who didn’t let him have his way. It somewhat reminds of a circus, although the Headmaster often seems like a clown with the oversized red tie and the hair. There’s no explanation for the hair except it seems to have a life of its own. Changing direction and color without notice.

For the insiders, the loyalists, the Trump base; it’s like church. Except instead of exhortations to chase Satan away. He’s leading the service. Trump rallies are a traveling roadshow. Seeking out destinations where a big enough segment of his loyalists can be found to listen to him brag about false accomplishments, attack the media, and cue the chants whether it be; “Lock Her Up,” or “Send Her Home,” or “Mexico!” in response to the question about who’s going to pay for the wall.

The Trump Rally is the biggest event of the year for those who aren’t on the traveling team. If they didn’t already have their MAGA hat and Trump shirt. A vendor will gladly sell them one. The official merchandise is made in the USA, although bootleg items may be tagged, “Made in China.” The crowd is a sea of almost all white, although you can usually spot the “Michael the black guy,” spotted in the first few rows behind Trump and holding a sign. He’s made a hustle out of supporting Trump as have Diamond & Silk and a few others.

If you’ve never seen the movie, “A Face in the Crowd,” starring Andy Griffith, you should. You’ll be impressed by Andy in a serious role starring as Lonesome Rhodes, a conman who had much of the nation adoring him until his true personality came out. You never saw this Andy Griffith in Mayberry. He was a charming womanizer with an evil streak a mile wide. Commentator Keith Olbermann used to regularly call Trump, “Lonesome Rhodes” long before the election. How right he was.

Singer Neil Diamond released, “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show” in 1969. It was recently featured in the Quentin Tarantino film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” which gave it a revival although it never really went away. Southern evangelicals originally hated the song, thinking it mocked their revivals and traveling ministers who went from town to town. Diamond explained it was a celebration of Gospel music and the controversy ultimately subsided.

The song can’t help but remind you of a Trump rally.

“Cause Everyone Knows Brother Love’s Show”

Everyone knows a Trump rally. They’re almost all the same. Rock music starts it out, much of it played against the wishes of the artists that originally performed it.

“ Room gets suddenly still
And when you’d almost bet
You could hear yourself sweat, he walks in”

When the man himself finally arrives on stage, the crowd cheers and he revels in it. He’s been known to break out clapping for himself.

The Trump Rally is a family affair. Grandma and grandpa, the kids, bring them all.

“ Pack up the babies
And grab the old ladies
And everyone goes
’Cause everyone knows
Brother Love’s show”

The rallies are a chance to see who makes up the Trump base. You could make the case that they are the extremists and every Trump voter can’t be associated with those wearing Confederate flag shirts and spewing hate which some in the crowd do. That they’re almost all white probably is a fair representation. When they were screaming, “Send Her Back” and Trump was basking in glory for 13 seconds before moving on. (He later praised the Greenville, NC crowd as “patriots.”) It took a couple of days to get back on message after the nation pointed out how racist they were. Racists hate being called racist, being racist they don’t mind so much.

The Trump rally is a portrait of a certain part of America. When Trump opened his 2020 Campaign in my city Orlando, FL. I didn’t attend but did scour the pictures to see who I know that did. For them, it was the Trump Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. For me, it represented something else entirely.

“Love, Brother Love say
Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show
Pack up the babies
And grab the old ladies
And everyone goes”

The Russians Are Coming For Kamala Harris. Why?

If nothing else was learned during the two House committee hearings featuring former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, (besides obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, and perjury) it’s that not enough has been done to prevent Russia from attacking our elections. A separate bipartisan report from the Senate Intelligence Committee showed that Russia hacked into the election apparatus of all fifty states. Except in the mind of Donald Trump who asked a reporter recently, “You don’t really believe this, do you?” It’s well understood that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election with the intention of helping Donald Trump and little has been done to prevent it from happening again.

“You don’t really believe this, do you? — Donald Trump

After the first Democrat debate when Kamala Harris put Joe Biden on his heels on an issue he felt was a strong point and threatened Biden’s strong support from black voters. The Democrat establishment circled the wagons and started making comments either in support of Biden or chiding Harris. Prior to the debate, Jim Clyburn told America for no apparent reason that the two black candidates, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker weren’t getting traction and Harris had done little to explain her policies.

After the debate, former Senator Barbara Boxer who had endorsed Kamala Harris when she ran to take over the Senate seat Boxer retired from; reminded America that Harris had previously supported Biden without mention of the issues she critiqued in the debate. I wrote an article then saying, “The Long Knives Are Out For Kamala Harris,” I didn’t know the extent that Russia would come out against her as well. The question is why?

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After the second debate during which Kamala Harris was criticized onstage by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on her history as the Attorney General of California. Russian bots went all-in on the Internet in declaring Harris’s candidacy all but over. Like clockwork, Fox News reiterated everything said on the Internet. Make no mistake, Kamala Harris’s record on any issue is fair game to be discussed and debated which is true of any of the candidates. A campaign to misrepresent that record by Russians supporting Trump is another thing entirely.

Not long after the second debate, the hashtags #KamalaHarris Destroyed, #KamalaDestroyed, and others, began appearing with hundreds of retweets showing “bot-like-activity” according to the Wall Street Journal. Previous activity on Twitter tried to suggest that Kamala Harris wasn’t eligible to run for President because her parents were immigrants. That tweet was pushed by Russian accounts and Donald Trump, Jr which may well be one and the same.

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Russian activity in 2016 was designed to support the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. Given that they pretty much have gotten what they paid for in terms of the current administration leaving the door open for future attacks and looking the other way in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere. There’s no reason to suspect they won’t be backing Trump again. Are they coming after Harris because they perceive her as a formidable candidate against Trump should she make it to the general election? There’s no doubt that once the Democrats have a nominee, the Russians will single out that person for their interference. But for now, their strategy appears to be to try picking off those that present viable threats to Trump, starting with Harris.

The Russians are doing what they can to bring down Kamala Harris, using the playbook they used to attack Hillary Clinton. Like in 2016, many Americans are unwittingly supporting those efforts by retweeting and helping spread their narrative. Real black people are buying into what the Russians are saying and helping bring down one of two black candidates. I’m not saying don’t challenge Harris’s record. I am saying research it for yourself and reach your own decisions.

Most of the attacks on Harris focus on her record as Attorney General of California. There are claims she participated in the mass incarceration of people of color. She’s alleged to have locked up 1,500 people for marijuana use while laughing for having done the same thing. These and other charges were looked at more closely by Politi-fact which provided additional information. Don’t take their word either, do your own research before taking Russia’s or anyone else’s word for it.

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There are some other attacks on Harris that concern me but it is the right of others to make them. One notable writer criticized the grammar in one of her tweets. There are online discussions about her white husband and what that means, or her long-ago romance with Willie Brown who was a much older man and separated from his wife at the time. Are we applying a double standard for a black woman? Congress is full of former prosecutors who have rarely been condemned for putting people in jail. Twenty-six former Presidents were lawyers, some have a record of prosecuting cases. Jeb Bush’s failure to become President wasn’t related to his Mexican-American wife.

The attacks on Harris today will become the attacks on Joe Biden, or Bernie, or Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, or even Tulsi Gabbard should success come her way. Be wary of the Internet claims about any candidate. the next one under attack may well be your own.

Is Anyone Actually Leaving The Republican Party?

Republicans rage at being considered racist. They remind us of the old days when they were considered, “The Party of Lincoln.” Indeed, the Party’s roots were in opposition to slavery. What they lacked was conviction. The slippery slope began in 1877 when they achieved a political goal by removing Federal Troops from the South, ending Reconstruction and extending the invitation to Jim Crow.

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Republicans looked the other way as most of the evils of slavery were revisited on the freed slaves in the South under another name. They went as far as to make sure Federal Troops would never return to American soil with the enactment of Posse Comitatus.

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Then came the 1960s; disgruntled Democrats fled their Party after the Democrat-led passage of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965. The angry, racist Democrats were welcomed with open arms. President Lyndon Johnson stated, “We have lost the South for a generation.” That was three generations ago.

“We have lost the South for a generation! – LBJ

Whatever date you wish to pick that Republicans stopped being the Party of Lincoln, they are now surely the Party of Trump. Watch any Trump rally; whether the chant is “Lock her up,” “Build the wall,” or most recently, “Send her home.” The Trump administration bans Muslims, calls African nations, “shithole countries,” pries brown children from their families at the Southern border. Not bothering to collect information to facilitate their eventual return. They fiddled as Puerto Rico drowned.

In the only area Donald Trump fails to discriminate, his Twitter attacks target Republicans as well as Democrats. Those that fail to please him are ridiculed and threatened mercilessly until they get on their knees and kiss his ring. Rather than stand up to Trump, they seemingly respond, “Yes sir, may I have another?” Does anyone ever remove themselves from association with the racist demagogue? Does anyone simply leave the Republican Party?

The easiest ones to measure are the elected officials. Dozens were either removed from office or decided not to run for reelection in the 2018 midterm elections. On the state level, State Senators or Assemblymen in three states; California, New Jersey, and Kansas became Democrats. Their common theme is that the Party under Trump has become “too extreme.”

“This is largely a product of the Trump phenomenon, President Trump has blown the lid off of this party. It starts to look like a personality cult.”

Patrick Murray — Monmouth University Polling Institute

On the national level, Rep. Justin Amash recently left the Republican Party to become an Independent. He was one of four non-Democrats to support the resolution against President Trump’s racist attacks against four minority Democrat Congresswomen. If you didn’t know about Trump’s racism when he engaged in housing discrimination in the 1970s, settling twice with the Federal government when sued. Or when he was the main cheerleader for the Birther Movement, claiming President Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Even if his appointments and policies didn’t convince you, surely his telling the four women to go back to their country is proof positive. But do any Republicans really care?

There doesn’t seem to be any mass exodus from the Republican Party like when Democrats left that Party for not being racist enough. Polls show Donald Trump’s popularity increasing, especially in the South (no surprise). If one were to draw a conclusion, it’s that while Republicans resent being called racist, actually being racist doesn’t bother them We’ve reached the point where pretending not to notice just won’t do. You’re either with the racists or against them. If you’re still in the Party despite Trump’s actions throughout his term, guess which category you fall in?

I have no data as to how many regular Republicans have had enough, deciding to either take their Party back… or leave. CNN ran an interview with 8 Texas Republican women who aren’t swayed by anything Donald Trump has said or done. While they seemed like lemmings, following their leader off a cliff. I’ll be willing to stipulate they aren’t representative of the entire Party. But if there any reasonable ones left, they aren’t speaking up.


In a Democracy, assuming Trump doesn’t successfully negate the Constitution, castrate Republicans in Congress and stack the Courts. A strong Republican Party would be a good thing. Unless that Party has been taken over by a racist, white supremacist spreading vitriol wherever he goes. That the Republican Party is lost has become clear. The unanswered question is, why do so many of its members stay?

To the Black People that Chanted, “Send Her Back!”

I saw you! Not just the #BlacksFor Trump guy (Maurice Symonette) that shows up for all the rallies. He, along with Diamond & Silk have made supporting Trump their hustle (bless their hearts) and it isn’t them I’m concerned about. Let me also say I don’t begrudge black Republicans who have joined the Party for whatever reason. In my opinion, traditional Republican values like reducing the deficit have given way to going along with a despot to avoid angry tweets but if black Republicans wish to try to effect change from the inside, more power to them. I’m speaking to the black people who attended the Trump rally July 17, 2019, in Greenville, NC and chanted, “Send Her Back,” to accompany Trump’s verbal attacks on a US Citizen who immigrated as a child from Somalia, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

If I had a chance to talk to you, I’d inquire as to what you were thinking at the moment? When you were part of an almost all-white mob, calling for literally sending Omar back to Africa. What was on your mind? Don’t you realize that the people in that crowd weren’t limiting their call to send her back to Representative Omar? Given the least opportunity, they would send you with her, along with your family, your black friends, and anyone that looks like you.

Since before the end of slavery, there have been calls to send blacks back to Africa and it wasn’t always the usual suspects. Thomas Jefferson in his, “Letters to the State of Virginia,” called for sending slaves to Liberia, having earlier expressed that whites and blacks couldn’t live together peaceably. Abraham Lincoln considered sending them to Africa and also using freed slaves to colonize Central America. Donald Trump is nothing new, just more crude and disgusting. But I already know who Trump is, I want to know about the black people chanting, “Send Her Back!”

Did you sense any hesitation? Did you wonder if your foremothers and forefathers were rolling over in their graves? Did you once wonder if you were doing the wrong thing; supporting a racist and attacking someone you once might have called your sister? Or maybe you’ll wait for Fox News to offer an explanation to hang your hat onto to explain away your despicable behavior? Trump is Trump and he is who he is. I’m wondering about you, how will you explain this to your children, or are you very proud? I’d love to hear back from you.

The day after… Trump tried to distance himself from the chant. He says he started talking right away (actually 13 seconds passed while he basked in the moment). He distanced himself only after Republican leaders went to Vice-President Mike Pence and begged him to get Trump to disavow the racist chant and not tie the Republican Party to racism once again. Trump has not apologized, surrogates Kevin McCarthy lied and said, “it was a small group off to the side.” He added, Trump “didn’t call the Representative by name.” (he did). But again, I know what has become of Republican politicians, they have sold their souls. My concern is for my black brothers and sisters however few that chanted, “Send Her Back!” The next chant may be about you.

Do “Bernie or Bust” People Have a Plan B?

Anyone that remembers the 2016 Democratic Primaries and campaign, knows the Bernie Sanders voters were all in. Aided by a combination of the DNC, Russian hackers, Wiki-Leaks, and Donald Trump; Bernie loyalists feel he was cheated out of the Democrat nomination and should be President of the United States. They were totally pissed and didn’t join forces with Hillary Clinton voters to defeat Trump. Enough Bernie voters stuck to their mantra and decided to take a chance on “Bust,” either voting for Trump, 3rd Party candidate Jill Stein, or no one at all. The question is, what are they going to do this time?

A Presidential campaign has ebbs and flows. It’s way too early to state with certainty the outcome today before even the Iowa Primary has taken place. But if the election were held today. Bernie Sanders would finish far out of first place. The best day of his campaign was his first, bringing in $5.9 million from 220,000 individual donors. Joe Biden had yet to enter the race and he was the clear leader. Sanders still has a loyal base, but he is no longer the leader. In one recent poll of New Hampshire voters showed Bernie in fifth place. Behind Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and even Mayor Pete Buttigieg. It’s time to face the prospect that Bernie will lose again. This time without the familiar refrain that he was cheated. So what will the Bernie voters do?

There exists today a “Bernie or Bust,” Facebook page with 16,000 members. In addition to information about his, “Medicare For All” plan, there’s whining about “unfair media coverage” relative to other candidates. There’s the suggestion he runs as an Independent if not the winner. There’s a sense of entitlement you’d never find in the Kamala Harris or Cory Booker camps. While Biden perhaps feels he should inherit the nomination due to his service as Barack Obama’s Vice-President, nobody has a greater sense of entitlement than a Bernie voter. So if he again loses… what are you prepared to do?


Democrats (of which Bernie Sanders is not one) are hoping that all Democrats will coalesce behind the ultimate nominee to defeat Donald Trump, which is the ultimate goal, right? Say what you like about Trump’s base, they’re loyal, and he can get 40% of the vote without regard to what others think of him. Bernie Sanders running as an Independent could severely damage the chances of whoever the Democrat nominee might be. Will Bernie be the Democrat-aligned Independent, more concerned with defeating Donald Trump than his personal agenda? Or will he try to keep hope alive, continuing to run without any hope of winning? Will Bernie be a team player, or will he or his followers lead a bust movement as they did before? Time will tell.

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