5 Things Russia Knows About Donald Trump That You Don’t

As information drips out on a daily basis about the Trump campaign and administrations interactions with Russia. It’s important to note that while what we know is limited, Putin and Russian intelligence know everything that transpired. More than Trump, more than Tillerson, and currently more than the FBI which is closing the gap. Here are 5 things that matter that the Russians know that we don’t:

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  1. How much money does Trump owe the Russian banks, oligarchs or the mob? Both of Trump’s sons have openly bragged about the Russian money flowing into their business before there was a Presidential campaign. Trump emphatically denies any business deals with Russia. Except of course the hundreds of millions in profits in known real estate deals. Either his sons were lying or he is. Russia knows!
  2. Who else associated with the campaign or administration has had undisclosed meetings with Russian officials and what did they talk about? The list of known violators includes Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr, and Mike Flynn. Is Donald J Trump on that list? Russia knows.
  3. What promises did Trump make to Putin when in a room with only one other American. Russia says Trump accepted Putin’s denial of interference. Is that true? We know they laugher together at the media and “fake news.”
  4. Did Donald Trump before or during the campaign make promises to Russia about lessening sanctions, returning property in the US seized by President Obama? What has Russia promised Trump? All we know is that Trump under every circumstance has said only nice things about Putin and Russia. He’s also taken steps to lessen sanctions against Russia, return the seized property and deny the conclusion of 17 intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in our elections.
  5. Was Trump really in a hotel room in Moscow with Russian hookers peeing on his bed? Inquiring minds want to know (and see the video just once).

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