The FBI Investigation That Won’t Go Away

After the letter from FBI Director James Comey to Congressional leaders regarding an investigation previously thought closed. We’ve seen the best and worst from our political parties and the media. The only new fact I’m aware of is that during a separate investigation of Anthony Weiner. It was learned that his wife Huma, one of Hillary’s top aides. Sent some E-mails to Hillary from a computer they had not previously looked at. At the time Comey sent the letter, the FBI had not yet reviewed the E-mails as they were outside the scope of the Wiener investigation (Weiner investigation sounds weird, doesn’t it?) and they needed warrants to proceed. That’s it!

They don’t know whether these are E-mails they’ve already seen? They have no idea of the content. They certainly have no reason to believe they have anything to do with classified information; between two people by the way authorized to have it.

Where the politicians have gone astray, is to make public statements and assertions with no basis in fact. Both sides have put Party over Country and almost everything they have said is self-serving and often incorrect. Where the media fails, is in letting campaign surrogates take over their airwaves making allegations that mostly go unchallenged.

I will spend no time assessing Comey’s motives in releasing the letter 11 days before the election. He did it and I’ve moved on. I’m fairly certain that it won’t impact the election results although in a closer election it might have. I’m comfortable that the early voting and mail in ballots have established a comfortable margin for Clinton and that the percentage of truly undecided voters that might be swayed is small enough not to matter.

I suspect that Comey must come forward in the next few days and say more. Although there’s no way an investigation will be completed before the election. He owes us more than he’s said.

Back to the media. They will ignore many of the real stories relevant to the race while they speculate about this. Two more women came forward regarding their experiences with Donald Trump the sexual predator and you’ll likely not hear about it. There really is as of yet and likely ever, nothing to see here.

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