Trump’s Day In Review(2/22/2017)

Trump’s true colors shone through today. The only constituency of his that matters to him, straight white men are watching America become greater again, for them.



  1. Finally has something to say about the raging Anti-Semitism across the country. Possibly inspired by the Anti-Semites occupying the West Wing. Sends Mike Pence out to speak nice words he’s incapable of. Is blasted by the Director of The Anne Frank Center for his “band-aid on the cancer of anti-semitism.”
  2. Denounces town halls where Republican elected officials are being taken to task on the Affordable Care Act, immigration and in some cases calling for Trump to release his Tax Returns. Calls them, “so called angry crowds.”
  3. Withdraws protections for Transgender students put in place by the Obama administration, then put on hold by a Federal judge. Joins with Jeff Sessions to bully Betsy DeVos who attempted to take a principled stand but found it wasn’t in her nature because she was after all… a scorpion. Sean Spicer later claims DeVos was “100 percent supportive of the President.”
  4. Admits to Congressional leadership he has neither a Tax Plan or Health Care Plan like he’s been promising but will instead work with Congress on whatever they come up with.
  5. Sees approval rating dip to 38%, his low while in office.
  6. Continued to roll out his immigration policy which effectively targets all 11 million undocumented except DACA students for now, for deportation.
  7. Related how much he enjoyed his tour of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History. Laments his good friend Frederick Douglas couldn’t join him due to other commitments.

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