Banned? Don’t Even Try Coming For April Ryan

As hard as it is to believe considering the source, President Trump considers some reporters “disrespectful,” and has been considering for some time how to punish them for “the way they ask questions.” According to sources, the top two on the President’s hit list are Jim Acosta from CNN and April Ryan also a CNN correspondent and Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks.

Trump has long wanted to retaliate against Ryan and others by banning them from official events or revoking their press credentials. Last week he and his new White House Communications Director Bill Shine (formerly of Fox News where he was fired in a sexual harassment scandal he covered up) banned CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from covering an event after she “shouted out questions” after a Trump announcement, as happens 100% of the time because sometimes Trump answers these questions.

Ryan has been going all-in on Trump in recent coverage. She recently said Trump is “scared” and “cannot be the dictator he wants to be.” Part of her role in the free press is to hold politicians accountable, holding them up to the light which is just what April Ryan has been doing. She once asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if Trump, “had ever considered resigning” after which she received death threats.

Trump already has an image problem in that he is considered racist and sexist by a large percentage of the population. Singling out April Ryan will do nothing to improve that image and holy hell will rain down on him should he actually ban her as he’s contemplated. Even Fox News supported Kaitlan Collins and would find it hard not to support Ryan as well. There’s a saying; “Don’t start none, won’t be none!” Trump would do well to heed that admonition!

April Ryan has covered four Administrations and will still be there long after Trump is gone. She’s written; The Presidency In Black And White: My Up-Close View Of Three Presidents And Race In America, and At Mama’s Knee: Mothers And Race In Black And White. I’m betting her next book will have much to say! Under Fire: Reporting From The Front Lines Of The Trump White House, coming September 1, 2018.

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