Atlanta’s Going Back To The Super Bowl!

Hello Atlanta Falcons fans. Congratulations on your team’s return to the Super Bowl after only having one previous appearance in 1999 in Miami! Before you book your flights or make your reservations. We need to talk!

For any of you that remember. Y’all didn’t do a good job as a team and as fans in that game. One of the team leaders, Safety Eugene Robinson received the Bart Starr Award for “high moral character” the day before the game. That night he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Offering an undercover female officer $40 for oral sex. I’m not saying this to shame anybody but to remind the team to avoid distractions.



Your fans that year definitely came to party. They took over South Beach. There’s basically one major road to South Beach which is Collins Avenue and Atlanta fans literally blocked it for most of two days. People in cars would stop to chat with people on the sidewalk. Open bottles were omnipresent and the aroma of serious ganja was in the air. You hit the clubs, did the “Dirty Bird” at the drop of a hat and let it be known the ATL was in the house.



Unfortunately the players and fans left it all in the streets and didn’t show up for the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was 17-3 with the Denver Broncos in the lead. They never looked back.

I say all this to say Atlanta, you can do better. You must do better. There’s nobody on the present team that was at the last Super Bowl. Act like you’ve been there before. You’ll be playing a team with a winning Super Bowl tradition while yours is nothing to brag about. The good news is you have the best offense in the league. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman. Green Bay never did figure out how to stop you. There doesn’t even have to be any bad news if the team just comes to play.



The game is in Houston this year and there will be many traps awaiting you. Hookers, exotic dancers and bootleg cab drivers from all over the country are already making  their way there. Parties will be everywhere. Have a good time but don’t forget to have a designated driver or maybe Uber it. Your friends won’t want to spend the morning of the game bailing you out.



Security is much tighter these days so allow enough time to get into the game. Houston weather is normally warm during the day in February but gets cold at night so be prepared. Game time is 6:30 pm and with the long half-time you won’t get out before 11. Consider the museums or the Space Center instead of the Strip Club. I promise Houston doesn’t have anything you can’t find at home at Magic City.

I want Atlanta to win the Super Bowl. Maybe I’ve have exhibited a bit of hatoration in the past but this is a new day and I’m definitely on board. Keep focused. Handle your business and just do the damn thing! I’ve seen you still walking around in your 1998 NFC Champs jerseys. It’s about time for an upgrade.

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