Trump Word(s) For The Day: “Best Not”

As part of my patriotic duty, I will begin sharing the word(s) of the day to help our President prepare for what’s coming. Because he doesn’t seem to attach the same meaning to words like honesty, news, Constitution, and transparency. I feel that if given a little time to consider the actual meanings of words he can do better. I will provide both the common definition and when applicable the urban translation. Today’s words: Best Not

There is no classic dictionary definition of “Best Not.” The Urban Definition is best used in a sentence by Omar Little from the classic television series, The Wire.

a a best not

“You come at the King, you best not miss!”

Omar Little lived out in those rough Baltimore streets and his reputation was well earned. When people said, “Omar’s coming,” people knew he was a man to be taken seriously. When Trump tells Kim Jong-un what he “best not” do. It was the bluster of a man who had never backed up a thing in his life.

Omar Little was as hard as Trump is soft. But they kept coming for the King… and one day from an unexpected source, they got him. They’re coming for Trump as well. The FBI Special Counsel, the New York State Attorney General, House, and Senate Investigations. They’re coming for the President, and you best believe they won’t miss.

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