Hillary vs. Bernie

It’s hard out there being a black Democrat. It seems that if you have an opinion about who you’d vote for President, then other black Democrats will bombard you with all the reasons you’re making the wrong choice. Democrats are waging war on each other, weakening the chances for either candidate in the general election. All this while arguably the worst possible Republican candidates ever (one of which will be the nominee) have emerged and the need to defeat Trump, Cruz, Kasich or whoever is paramount in November.

Black Democrats have not remained on the sidelines in this intramural battle. Those who support Hillary have to hear how their votes are being taken for granted. How Bill and Hillary’s policies caused mass incarceration, and you’ll hear in or out of context, every questionable statement made in the last 40 years.

Bernie supporters will hear about his lack of support for Black people in his home state of Vermont. They’ll hear he has no foreign policy experience and that he also supported bills that led to mass incarceration. All while he disses black voters in the South where Hillary racked up huge wins.

I’m calling for a détente where we simply accept the right of voters to make a choice and that having made a choice different than you’d like, doesn’t make them uninformed, stupid or crazy. It would also be nice not to get our backs so far up against the wall where we’d refuse to vote for the other Democrat. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to vote for whoever the Democratic winner is because the alternative sucks so much as to be unacceptable. Do your research, make your choice and respect others with similar interests that have done the same.