It’s a Family Affair (Blood’s Thicker Than The Mud)

We may all find out soon if like the Sly Stone song, “Blood’s thicker than the mud?” The investigation into the ties between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign has now focused on Jared Kushner, son-in-law and White House Advisor to Donald Trump. In this case, Kushner isn’t actual blood but a relation by marriage as Kushner is married to Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka, also a White House employee.

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We know that Kushner attended an undisclosed meeting alongside embattled former advisor Mike Flynn with the Russian Ambassador. Kushner also met with the head of a Russian state-owned bank, also undisclosed. Kushner is alleged to have urged the firing of James Comey. Perhaps his interest in seeing Comey gone had as much to do with his own legal peril as with Donald Trump? Weeks ago Steve Bannon told confidants that Jared’s contacts with Russians and his expected testimony before Congress on the subject will become, “a major distraction for the White House.”

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Sooner or later, Jared will have to decide whether his primary duty is to protect himself and his wife and children or to protect the interests of Donald Trump? If he chooses to save himself will his wife stand by his side or will she be shown to love Daddy best? The least likely scenario is that Donald will sacrifice himself to protect those he allegedly loves. Melania already refuses to hold his hand in public. If he loses Jared or Ivanka, Jared and Ivanka… who else does he have? Don Jr and Eric don’t seem much like foul weather friends or in this case relatives. Tiffany seems banned to the family outer limits already.

I’ve seen Donald twice in real life, surrounded by an entourage but looking lonely and isolated none the same. It’s rumored he roams the White House at night, unable to sleep, now apparently unable to tweet as perhaps his outside lawyers have made themselves clear. During his almost completed foreign trip, Trump was able to limit exposure to the press with scripted appearances. On the flight home, Trump will realize it’s about to get real.

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Remembering back to the campaign. Kushner apparently had a long-standing grudge with Chris Christie who while US Attorney, prosecuted his father and sent him to jail. I wonder what he’s thinking as investigations threaten to bring down his father-in-law? And of course himself. Perhaps he longs for a return to a quieter life, he can go back to being a slum lord and suing tenants for their last dime inconspicuously. Instead he’s a subject of scrutiny of the FBI. Stay tuned!

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