“The Most Bullied Person On The World”

I try not to come down too hard on Melania Trump, she no doubt is experiencing some kind of personal hell, wondering if her husband will barge into her separate bedroom and demand his due. He used to satisfy himself on the outside but that’s gotten a little tougher lately given the constant media presence and the lawsuits and all. She might be experiencing Stockholm Syndrome where the hostage develops an alliance with her captor. But she wasn’t taken captive, she volunteered for that shit, trading her self-esteem for riches. Lending her support to perhaps the biggest bully in the world.

She was right there adding her voice to the birthers. Even when claiming to support #MeToo she made sure she also said you can’t just go around believing the women. She stood by her man after Charlottesville, she stood by him as he supported Roy Moore. She stayed silent while Donald mocked a sexual abuse victim, a disabled reporter, wives of other politicians. By standing mute at his side, Melania cosigned onto everything Trump did and now complains about what people say about her.

In her interview with Tom Llamas of ABC NEws, she did allow that maybe she was just “one of the most bullied” after first saying she was the most. Understandably, she spends as little time with her husband as possible. First refusing to move from New York to Washington for several months after Donald was elected. She then started playing “Where’s Melania,” being in Florida when he was in Washington and taking an extended tour of Africa, knowing Donald wouldn’t follow her to “shithole countries.” The only problem is that we the public are spending millions for her to try to escape her husband. People try to give her credit for slapping away Donald’s attempts to hold her hand and for silently suffering public humiliation as the details of her husband’s dalliances with porn stars and Playmate’s occupy the news on a regular basis.


Melania may feel bullied and picked on, but if she wants to be appreciated by the public. She needs to do something the public respects. That might include leaving his ass, making public statements denouncing his bullying, and disowning his misogyny, racism, and xenophobia for starters. Whatever the difference is between your current allowance and whatever your prenuptial agreement allows can’t be worth it. Don’t whine about being bullied… leave!

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