Busted! Carlos Slim


The Trump campaign has revealed the insidious plot where Mexican financier Carlos Slim has been found guilty of coordinating the smear campaign against Donald Trump. He enticed scores of women to come out with their claims against him just weeks ahead of the election that will determine the fate of this nation. His motivation is obvious. He is Mexican. Trump wants to build a wall. Guilty!

“Slim” is a large shareholder in the New York Times and has given money to the Clinton campaign and Foundation. When taken into consideration, his guilt is clearly proven. “Slim” also owns the network where Larry King has a show. This proves that Trump showing up criticizing the US Military on Russian TV was really a secret Carlos Slim plot.

Anonymous sources within the Trump campaign credit Slim for planting evidence over a period of decades. Waiting to spring his trap when Trump made his inevitable rise to be King… er… President of the United States. The coup d’etat was planting the microphones on the Access Hollywood bus, getting Billy Bush to lead Trump into bragging about being a sexual predator.

Based on the mountain of evidence against Carlos Slim. Trump has been vindicated and now freed up to expose the cabal of International Banks financing a global conspiracy and disrupting the plot to rig the election.


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Attempts were made to reach Carlos Slim for comment but he was unavailable. His new spokesperson. Pastor Mark Burns a former Trump surrogate. Denied that he falsified all his credentials when working for Trump in an attempt to embarrass the Trump campaign. Burns said, “I was a fake long before I met Donald Trump. We met, found we had lying in common which was the basis for our working relationship. When asked how he could be seen as a credible spokesman for Carlos Slim. He replied, “Just ask my frat brothers. They’ll vouch for me!


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In a related matter. An APB has been issued for Kellyanne Conway who hasn’t been seen in days since the Access Hollywood video came out. Katrina Pierson raised her hand to take her place but nobody called on her. She was told to “sit back down.”


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