African-American women vote at a higher percentage rate than any other demographic in America. We ask so much of Black women and to suggest there is more they could be doing is wrong on so many levels but I ask anyway. The mere possibility of a Trump Presidency requires that no stone be left unturned. I ask that in order to increase the voting percentage of African-American men, you Chi-Raq the vote.

a-chi-raq poster

Spike Lee’s recent movie Chi-Raq was based on the premise that the women associated with the members of two gangs were able to stop senseless violence by abstaining from sexual relations. In this case; no vote means no sex. Find out when early voting starts in your community. Research absentee balloting. Consider work schedules and other conflicts and determine the first day your man can vote. Set that day as the start date for abstention until he votes.

a chi-raq poster no peace

Now if your man has a history of voting and can be depended on to vote there’s no need to take such action. If there is the slightest wavering or you hear statements like, “My vote won’t matter anyway.” He get’s nothing until he votes. What do you suppose is the chance he values not voting over sex for the duration? This goes not only for Presidential elections but for off-year elections, Mayoral elections, elections for Dog Catcher. If any of you have grown children staying at home, prepare no meals for them. If they aren’t paying rent, start charging them. And add a no-voter surcharge.

a group of chi-raq women

I don’t suggest using this tactic lightly. This is not to be used generally to get something you want as that would be sexual blackmail which cannot be condoned. This is about the lives and future of your children. This is not doing it for the cause.

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