SHADOW WARRIORS: Coming January 7, 2017

We now have an official name for the recognition that will be given each month to someone who is out there in the struggle. Shout out to Roger Radcliffe of Dayton, OH for the suggestion. I’ll recognize some of the “Shadow Warriors” who may not yet have achieved national recognition for the work they do. Some may be well known but not always noted for the work they do on behalf of others which may be obscured by their other accomplishments.

Shadow Warriors will recognize leadership in a time when leaders often are targeted. There are often those working hard to de-legitimize their efforts. Some of this effort is planned by those who would prefer to see them fail. Enigma In Black will be unapologetic cheerleaders for those who sacrifice their time and money to make a difference for the rest of us. The leaders selected will represent a cross-section of America with no limitations based on race, creed, color or national origin.

I’m seeking your help in identifying leaders from all walks of life whose work should be recognized. You can suggest names in the comments section of the Enigma In Black blog. Send an Inbox Message on the Enigma In Black Facebook Page or send an E-mail to You can send information on your candidate but we will do our own research.

Help spread the word by sharing this post and the posts featuring those recognized, beginning January 7th. Don’t miss any of the featured Shadow Warriors by scrolling to the bottom of this page and pressing follow.

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Coming January 7, 2017

Something that has distressed me for some time is the way that we treat our leaders. By “we” I mean the coalition of people that have much in common but were unable to unite to defeat what most recognize to be the worst incoming President in our lifetime. Why do we require our leaders to fit our definition of perfect when the other side ultimately unified behind a racist, misogynist, insecure, lying bullshit artist?

All the efforts to bring down our leaders are not organic. The other side is working hard to de-legitimize our leaders and some of us are accepting their twenty pieces of silver to help. It’s fine to have honest differences of opinions, even public ones. It’s not okay that we denigrate everyone that reaches a certain level of impact to the point where it’s hard for anyone to lead. If you’ve been supportive of leaders and causes you believe in. Please continue. No movement succeeds without followers. I think we should support our leaders more, none of them perfect since nobody is. I plan to positively recognize leaders from all walks of life that are about progress. Now every leader doesn’t mean us well. I have no current plans to come after them in this forum but no promises.

Every month I plan to recognize a leader in the struggle. Some will be readily identifiable, others more obscure. We need to appreciate those who are stepping up and doing their part. In spite of the inevitable backlash that comes with it.

I welcome nominations of people anyone reading this thinks should be considered. Please send any nominations either by Facebook inbox (William Spivey) or email to I’m also entertaining suggestions for the name of this recognition. For those that don’t approve of my selections. Please resist the urge to drag them down like crabs in a bucket and wait for the next selection which you might like better. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities elsewhere to assassinate their character.

There is a power in positivity and conversely a negative impact in looking only at what is wrong. I’m looking forward to offering some positive recognition of those engaged in real work and hope it’s received in the spirit intended.

William Spivey

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