“I Don’t Know Karate, But I Know Ka-Razor!”

In 1973, James Brown submitted a song for the soundtrack of a Fred Williamson blaxploitation film, “Hell Up In Harlem.” The song was ultimately rejected as being, “the same old James Brown stuff.” Pissed off, Brown released the record on its own and it became one of his greatest hits, reaching #1 on the R&B charts. It arguably had one of the greatest single lines of all time, “I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razor.” There is some dispute about what he’s saying, many people thinking he’s saying “crazy.” He is indeed saying ka-razor, referring to a strait edged razor to bring to a fight when his regular fighting skills just won’t do. It’s time that Democrats bring a little ka-razor to this fight against Trump and what he represents because they are literally taking away our rights while Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi whine.

With the retirement of Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court, Donald Trump is preparing to appoint, and the Mitch McConnell led Republican Senate to approve, a right-wing Justice that will change the shape of America for decades and it’s time to fight. I am not advocating violence, I am saying it’s time to acknowledge that we’re in a fight for our way of life and for others their actual lives if the right gets what many of them think now they want.

White women, 53% of whom voted for Trump, will eventually realize that when Planned Parenthood goes which is high on Trump’s list. So will the availability of healthcare to many women for whom Planned Parenthood is their only option. No matter one’s opinion about abortion, they’ll realize that mammograms and prenatal care, contraceptives and testing critical to all women, will be lost to many as a result of not fighting for these rights. This court will likely decide that they know what’s better for women’s bodies that they themselves.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Latinos are Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.” He was suggesting they would find more in common with Republicans than Democrats once they took a close look. Now, they can see from any distance how Republicans really feel. They’ve listened to the voices of children crying, torn away from their mothers and fathers at the border. They told immigrants as they arrested them, “you didn’t come in the right way.” When they tried to seek asylum at official ports, they were repeatedly turned away, leaving them little recourse. They rewrote the rules just for you saying fleeing violence at home wasn’t sufficient reason to grant asylum. The United States created much of that violence, helping establish the cartels, picking winners and losers, allowing some to prosper while crushing others. The same Ronald Reagan gave us Iran/Contra where he and the current NRA President provided arms to Nicaragua.

The LGBTQ community is well aware of what to expect from this massive change in direction on the Supreme Court. Recent gains including the right to marry are subject to being wiped away. The current court just said that their rights are subservient to whatever one can claim as a religious right of their own. Trump has already said, “Transgenders can’t serve in the military. He refuses to acknowledge, “Pride Month.” His Justice Department has argued in court that discrimination against gays is legal. Today they don’t have to bake your cake, tomorrow who knows?

If there are any of my sisters or brethren still undecided as to what in the hell they had to lose? Know that any Federal supervision of local police forces is already gone. The Supreme Court too will look away from the systemic practices of law enforcement and the official cover-up that always follows, resulting in no justice, no justice, never any justice. Your ability to get a quality education or be admitted into a good college is being negatively affected while at the same time, HBCUs are being underfunded and losing accreditation. Mass incarceration is making a comeback as for-profit prisons are ramping up to accommodate those caught up in the next round. Trump has already advocated “stop & frisk” in more of our communities and now the court won’t stop him. It’s time to fight (metaphorically) and if you don’t know karate, at least know ka-razy because it’s no time to hold back.

Starting today, call your Senator and let them know you will not stand for a directional change to the Supreme Court. At the same time, register to vote and if you already are registered, find someone else you can get registered because it’s the results at the ballot box that matter. It is essential that Democrats not only take back the House of Representatives but the Senate as well. This November, we the people need to change the current direction of America. Skinheads, Neo-Nazi’s and White Nationalists have become mainstream. They are represented in the White House, time to send them to the outhouse.

Whether or not the next Trump nominee is stopped, we must continue to reject what some Republicans have stood for while others said and did nothing. The housecleaning shouldn’t stop there because Democrats have not been nearly as responsible to the people as they have their contributors and lobbyists. It’s time to payback not just one Party but to force our entire government to represent the people and not the power. Getting rid of Citizen’s United would be a start, ending Gerrymandering and voter Suppression good follow ups. It’s not enough just to get mad, it’s time to get even!

“Sold me out, for chicken change (yes you did!)
Told me that they, they had it all arranged
You had me down, and that’s a fact
Now you punk, You gotta get ready
For the big payback! (the big payback!)
That’s where I land, the big payback (the big payback!)”

Why The Open Supreme Court Seat Gives Democrats A Better Chance At The Senate

In a bombshell announcement, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy said he was retiring from the Supreme Court. There had long been speculation he’d retire, his wife allegedly wanted him to retire. He will turn 82-years-old in July. Without meaning to disparage, he was old and tired and that was reflected in this last session where he seemingly rolled over and let the partisan right-wingers have their way. Even his concurring opinion in support of Trump’s “Travel Ban,” a meager 1 and 1/2 pages indicated his effort was gone. Kennedy had apparently retired long before his announcement.

Immediately, Trump, McConnell, and many top Republicans started drooling at the thought of what they could do with an untouchable partisan majority once they inserted another like-minded Justice to serve 30-40 years or more on the bench. They could undo Roe v. Wade, outlaw gay marriage and eliminate Affirmative Action. Planned Parenthood… gone! This most recent session gave us a glimpse as to what the new SCOTUS would look like. They approved a “Travel Ban” which was an ill-disguised Muslim Ban in its third iteration, they severely wounded public unions by eliminating their ability to collect dues from all workers they were required to represent. They looked the other way on “Partisan Gerrymandering” which in most cases is “Racial Gerrymandering” by another name. Out of the other side of their mouth, they said; “Racial Gerrymandering” is bad and rejected the Texas version of it, The new Court, not much different than the current one, will take away rights from women, gays, minorities, workers, and students. We don’t have to guess at their intentions, they are happy to tell us who they are and what they plan. And that will be their undoing.

While the Democrat Party has mostly been a pushover in times like these. Even the initial comments from the elected leaders are focusing on Republicans not “being fair” when not applying the same standard about holding confirmation hearings so close to an important election. Frankly, they sound like they’re whining and when Mitch McConnell points out that “Mid-Terms are different than a Presidential election,” he’s right. The same President will be in place before and after the election and would be in no way compelled to consider any result of the election when making his appointment and sending him/her to the Senate for confirmation. A far more compelling argument is that the current President is a target of an investigation and has a conflict of interest in appointing a Justice that might ultimately hear his case. Another possibility is that he’s demonstrated an unusual deference to the Russians he may or may not have conspired with, we should wait for the investigation to be concluded before possibly letting Vladimir Putin select our next Supreme Court Justice.

But it won’t be Democrat leaders who carry the fray, it will be the people. It will be the women, even many of the 53% of white women who voted for the serial sexual harasser, pussy grabbing adulterer that didn’t give them pause earlier. They will recognize that killing Planned Parenthood not only limits options for abortion but takes away the only source of Healthcare for an astonishing number of women, particularly in rural areas. The LGBTQ community will be reinforced in the knowledge that their hard-fought rights, many decided on the swing vote of Anthony Kennedy, are in jeopardy. Any Black people who hadn’t yet decided what it was they had to lose under a Trump administration will have noticed Trump and Jeff Sessions bringing back mass incarceration and expanding voter suppression. Hispanic voters will have noticed people that look like them having their children separated from their parents, some likely to never see them again. Muslim voters are now more than an ocean away from friends and relatives, they are separated by laws no less racially based that those that interred the Japanese during World War II while Germans and Italians with whom we were also at war, were affected in much smaller percentages. Young people will see that individual rights have been pushed aside for corporate rights and that they are doing worse than their parents as a result.

At Planned Parenthood, phones are already ringing off the hook because the man who promised he’d make overturning Roe v. Wade a litmus test when selecting a Justice, is preparing to do it again. He lived up to his promise on his first choice, Neil Gorsuch, and will no doubt do the same on his second. Hispanics who have traditionally not turned out at the polls in representative numbers will be there, perhaps remembering the cries of the children, calling for their mothers. Reliable Black people will be there again, hoping to get in line next to someone wearing a MAGA hat. Muslims will turn out, Native-Americans who don’t see the humor in “Pocahontas” being used to ridicule Elizabeth Warren about her lineage. And then the women, some of whom stood by while Republicans came for all the other groups, now see that Trump, and the Republican Party, have come for them.

While Democrat leaders are calling on deaf ears for “fairness.” Americans are mobilizing against a Court and a Republican Party gone too far. These will be votes against the Republicans as opposed to for Democrats and Democrats would do well to start standing for something as opposed to only being against Trump. Democrats and even the people may not be able to stave off the confirmation of the type of Justice many of us fear. They can take back control of the House and Senate and begin to legislate fixes instead of not doing their job which has been true for the past two decades.

The Democrat Party has an excellent chance to re-take the House of Representatives and in what originally looked like dire straits, have a better chance than before of controlling the Senate as well. In a new day without the filibuster. They can perhaps pay less heed to civility and more to the people. It will require less whining and more organizing. The upcoming elections will be won by getting out the vote and the people have been energized to a level not seen before. The leaders of the Democrat Party need to lead or get out of the way because the people are coming.

What The Hell Do You Have To Lose? Why Trump’s Census Question Matters

According to the White House (which is always suspect), the Jeff Sessions Justice Department requested a question about citizenship be added to the 2020 Census. The Census is conducted by the government every 10 years and among other things is used to allocate Congressional Districts and Federal resources to States. The Justice Department said:

“This data is critical to the Department’s enforcement of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and its important protections against racial discrimination in voting. To fully enforce those requirements, the Department needs a reliable calculation of the citizen voting-age population in localities where voting rights violations are alleged or suspected.”

Even the concept of this Justice Department looking to enforce the Voting Rights Act is laughable. In 2013, when the Supreme Court gutted the enforcement provisions of the Act, Sessions called it, “good news for the South.” He elsewhere claimed that Shelby County which sued to terminate enforcement provisions, “never had a history of denying the vote, certainly not now.” Sessions did famously take credit for Civil Rights prosecutions while he was the Alabama Attorney General, in which he played no role.

The Citizenship question has appeared on the Census before, though not on the long form given to the general public since 1950. My first question was, how has the citizenship information been used in the past? My research provided no answer but in today’s Washington Post it was revealed that the Census Bureau provided block by block data on the location of Japanese-Americans living in California, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Arkansas.

For decades the Census Bureau denied its participation and that it had released confidential information but not so surprisingly they lied. Ask yourself, would Donald Trump and/or Jeff Sessions feel a bit of remorse about using census data to round up undocumented aliens? In 2007, the proof was discovered that the Commerce Department had lists with names and addresses of those with Japanese ancestry. The Second War Powers Act made the release of that information between agencies legal if not moral. The Census Bureau refrain has changed from “we didn’t do it” to “it wasn’t illegal.”

The basis for much of the criticism of the citizenship question is that fears that the government will do what it is now known already has, will lead to a significant undercount. That will redistribute resources and Congressional seats from blue states to red ones and possibly impact control of the House of Representatives. Of course, if you acknowledge an undocumented person is in your home, the government might come to your door. If they’ve done it before, why would we believe that this President and Attorney General wouldn’t do it again?

Impeachment, The NRA, Fox News, And The Coming Racial Storm

Impeachment is on the horizon, neither as near as some would like or as far as others hope but it’s coming. There are a multitude of financial crimes to choose from among others and Mueller is steadily documenting them all. The road will be rough, I predict rather than go gently into the night, Trump will fire Mueller and the nation will be torn asunder. There may be pardons followed by prosecutions by states like New York, already prepared for such an event. Congress will test the prevailing winds before eventually concluding what honor demands. But Impeachment will come, and Trump will go, what then?

There will be that percentage of the Trump base that will never accept any findings against Trump. They latched onto him in part due to their anger about what America had not done for them, seeing him literally as the Great White Hope that would restore their steel mills, bring back their factories, reopen the coal mines, enact bans and build walls. They hardly noticed when his only moves were to make the rich richer, make health care more expensive, and earn the $30 million the NRA purchased his loyalty for. He talked of many things regarding guns, promising much to all, but ultimately did the NRA’s bidding like a loyal puppy should.

Many of the same people that support Trump no matter his crimes, are the same ones that own assault weapons, buy additional guns after each mass shooting in fear someone will ban them and they won’t have enough. They run to Walmart to but ten more cases of bullets every time there’s a rumor of a shortage. The NRA has been stoking their fears, preparing them for the day the Second Amendment will be repealed, the government will take away their guns, and more subtly, when black and brown people revolt against them to take what’s theirs. They know an AR-15 isn’t required for hunting, they imagine themselves fending off legions of modern day Nat Turner’s, coming for what’s theirs.

When the day comes that Trump is removed, they will be angrier than before, and still have all those guns. Fox News, Breitbart, InfoWars, and others will tell them that the verdict was false. Your leader has been taken from you. The “Deep State” has taken control. They will enrage them into a frenzy, telling them to demand Trump’s return. Trump all the while tweeting injustice and indignation until all his appeals have run out and they take him and his phone away.

They will look for an outlet for their rage and eventually black and brown people… they will blame you. Some came to the Trump movement already skinheads, Klansmen, Neo-Nazi’s and White Nationalists. They won’t take much convincing that people of color are the root of all evil. Their regular targets of Hillary and Obama will be blamed as well, but they are heavily protected by Secret Service and hard to get to. They will see the celebrations and the “Good Riddance Parties” with black people dancing about the removal of Trump who proved they did have something to lose under his stewardship of the nation. Fox will depict them as “un-American” because they despised this con man, and some will agree, while angry, and stockpiling guns.

The racial violence will not begin with the revolt they always imagined, but with angry white people imagining they are defending their liberty, angry about changing demographics eroding their power, angry about Affirmative Action which they believe stole their rights and their jobs, angry about political correctness, illegal immigration, the label of hate crimes, restraint on free speech, and the prospect of gun laws. The violence will present itself in random attacks at black churches, mosques, nightclubs, and streets in minority neighborhoods. These will not be martyr’s using suicide bombs but cowards looking to escape into the night and brag to their friends.

When the violence comes, the nation will be tested in its response. Will it look the other way as it did for decades with the KKK, or will they wait until the inevitable retaliation? America, what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

The President Can’t Read! | ENIGMA IN BLACK on WordPress.com

There are three minimum requirements to become President of the United States:

  1. One must be at least 35 years of age.
  2. One shall have resided within the United States for 14 years.
  3. One must be a “natural born Citizen.”

There should be a fourth; 4. One should be able to read with comprehension. We have a President that cannot read.

While he reads well enough to realize that Spot is running and can differentiate between Dick and Jane. He is basically semi-literate, and the world knows.

When left alone with the four-page Republican memo, he had to be interrupted three hours later because he hadn’t finished. His recent State of The Union speech was the longest ever. Not because of its great length or amount of applause. He was reading as best he could from the teleprompter, remembering what he could from “Hooked on Phonics,” to plod his way through.

We recently learned he’s the first President in modern history that doesn’t read his daily briefing about what’s going on in the world. He likes pictures and graphs. He said himself, “I like bullets or I like as little as possible. I don’t need, you know, 200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page. That I can tell you!” Think about that.

He gets his information from, “Fox & Friends,” “Hannity,” his rich friends, and several of those he had to let go from the Administration because of their misconduct but still remains close to anyway.

Donald Trump is what happens when a perfect storm of social promotion in schools, rich parent donors, and a willfully obtuse political party allows this dunce to become, and remain, President of the United States.

While there is a mechanism grinding along to rid us of this menace (the Mueller investigation). We still need to act in a responsible manner to make sure our next Presidents have the basic capacity to read with comprehension, putting some minimum standard in place in order to attain the highest office in the land. Let’s Make America Read Again, starting with the President.

Originally published at enigmainblack.wordpress.com on February 10, 2018.

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