Equalizer 2: A Review (No Spoilers)

While in another career, I once found myself working at a Michael Bolton concert. The music wasn’t for me but the 12,000 or so people in attendance obviously loved it. They sang along with the songs and you could hear them raving about him on the concourse. I saw the reviews the next day and his concert was thoroughly trashed by the reviewer. The same I think is true of Equalizer 2 which very much pleased the audience I attended with, yet the majority of reviews were generally critical.

I don’t know what the reviewers were expecting to see? Was there gratuitous violence? Yes! That was probably the point of the whole movie. Anyone that saw the first Equalizer movie, or even the original series starring Edward Woodward probably came to see Denzel Washington as Robert McCall kick ass and take names. No doubt happy to see the action start much earlier in the sequel than the original.

The story line was somewhat predictable and there was likely little shock as to who the main villain was. So what? If your goal was to get out of the house for a little escapism, you came to the right place.

Denzel looks quite fit for a man in his sixties (63) and is believable in the action scenes. There’s no Academy Award in his future for this film (he has two Oscars already) but this will make enough money that he might follow up his first ever sequel with a third in the series? If so, I’ll be right there. Leave the kids at home because the violence is a bit graphic, if that’s what you came to see, you’ll be quite satisfied. Denzel is reunited with director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and Academy Award winning actress Melissa Leo. Check it out!

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