Donald Trump We Heard You Loud and Clear!



During his exceedingly long acceptance speech which closed out the Republican Convention. Donald Trump made a number of points, designed to coalesce the Republican Party around him in support of his Presidential run. It was clear he was mostly talking to his base which is generally white men without college degrees. He spoke often about what his plan would do without ever hinting at what his plan might be. His goal was to scare the populace by claiming we currently live in some dystopian society that is only getting worse. He offers up that he… and only he is the solution.

His base apparently never asks how? Content to have an outlet to spew their anger at gradually losing their privileged position in this country. The Republican Party is doing their best to help them maintain their edge. They gerrymander districts, suppress votes, attack affirmative action and make sure you know that black lives do not matter. In that last regard, Donald Trump is their champion.

In his speech the truth was often nowhere to be found. He twisted statistics and when that wasn’t sufficient simply made them up. He claimed President Obama and Hillary Clinton were jointly responsible for all the alleged failures of City, State and Federal Government. He blamed them for the failures of the Republican Congress to do anything. Blamed them for the airports and roads and failing infrastructure that Republicans have kept from receiving funding. Blamed those two for a racial divide in this country despite the fact that he and his ilk stoke the flames on a daily basis. Blamed them for companies (apparently including his own) that choose to manufacture goods in other countries.

He promised that everything he touched would be bigger, greater, smarter. He would hire the best people. They all must have been gathering elsewhere preparing because none of the best people were visible during the four days of the convention. He threw in eliminating the separation between Church and State for good measure.

The one thing he made sure his base knew. Was that he was the “Law and Order” candidate. He came back to that theme multiple times in case they somehow missed it the first several. He promised to make them safer. He would support the police 100% and made no mention of those they kill without reason. He will crack down. He will ensure that “people” (Black and Hispanic people) will show the proper respect to the police or face the consequences.

Lee Atwater who invented the “Southern Strategy” which helped the first Bush rise to power is no longer alive. His widow was at the convention and when interviewed was beaming because her husband’s strategy is alive and well in the Republican Party. Instead of Willie Horton, their scapegoat is Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump made sure you knew that in his administration, they absolutely won’t.

Donald Trump, we heard you, and because we heard you we will vote against you. We recognize that America is not nearly as dark a place as you made it seem in your speech. Given the opportunity, there is no doubt you could make it happen.