Donald Trump’s Worst Day Ever In Review (3/20/2017)

Donald Trump has had some bad days. Protests at his inauguration, The Women’s March, and others across the nation. The times he and his surrogates have been caught in flagrant lies. The mocking of him on SNL. His failures to implement his Muslim Ban. Today I think was his worst ever:

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  1. Jim Comey said on behalf of the FBI and the Justice Department that there’s not a shred of truth to Trump’s tweet about President Obama “wiretapping” Trump Tower. He went on to say a President doesn’t have that power and left no room whatsoever for Trump to claim otherwise.
  2.  Comey went on to confirm there is an investigation of Russia and it’s impact on the Presidential election.
  3.  More importantly, Comey acknowledged that members of the Trump campaign/administration are being investigated for possible collusion with Russia. They’re also following the money to see if Americans got paid to undermine the election.
  4. Trump’s ratings hit 37% which is a new record low for a President this early in his administration.
  5. Memes are going around about Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State being “tired.” He has often refused to meet and dine with foreign hosts/guests the day before a meeting which has been protocol. Tillerson’s photo has started to appear on milk cartons because he’s been missing from holding press conferences except once since being confirmed.
  6. Various Cabinet members have had the charge of Perjury thrown about regarding their testimony (lies) in Congressional hearings.
  7. The White House responded to Comey saying there’s “no evidence” of collusion despite having fired Manafort and Flynn for Russian ties. Lying about meetings held by Sessions, and having to reveal previously unknown meetings between Russia and his son-in-law Jared.
  8. Reports leaked that Trump has hired people to spy on his own Cabinet members and administration to “find the leakers.”
  9.  His 5-year-old grandson Tristan broke his leg while skiing.


#Note: The day is early and Trump can certainly add to his horrible, horrible day!