When You Lie Down With Dogs…

“I in no way condone [the comments] but I don’t condemn him,” Pastor Darrell Scott, a Trump adviser, said. He explained that Trump’s 2005 remarks came before he had “spiritual influences” in his life.”


Darrel Scott, please sit down. I pray for your congregation.

15 Minutes of Shame


I’m all for Pastors being involved in politics. Especially Black ones. Their congregations are the ones typically affected by unfair laws or policies and the church has historically led the way in fighting injustice. It is only natural that individual Pastors would hold some views that differ from mine. Some might belong to a different political party. Some might vote for Trump. I’m okay with all of that. It is those that have gone an extra mile and become Trump surrogates that I’m calling out for their embarrassing rhetoric and yes their lies.

a shameful moment


Pastor Mark Burns is an Evangelical Christian televangelist and Pastor of The Harvest Praise and Worship Center in Easley, SC. Dr. Darrell Scott is head of the New Spirit Revival Center in ClevelandHeights, Oh. Pastor Burns sent out a tweet picturing Hillary Clinton in blackface, defended the tweet for a whole day and suddenly partially apologized. Dr. Scott was part of the infamous “100 Pastor’s for Donald Trump” that never became a thing but he grabbed the mantle as the leader of a failed movement. These two have traded their integrity for the opportunity to shill for a man who has a history of discrimination against Black people and is guilty of making several racist comments for which he has never specifically apologized (not that an apology would wipe them away).

a 15 minutes of shame

Being a Trump surrogate can’t be an easy job. He contradicts himself and changes positions, sometimes multiple times within a day. He advocates unconstitutional policies, attacks minorities, exaggerates greatly, and lies. You then are sent out to various media outlets to try to make him appear coherent, practical and sane. It’s a hard job, impossible some would say. Nobody made you do it.

Note to Pastor Burns: Check the usage of “do” vs “does” when speaking. It makes a difference.

When you do find yourself trying to explain away his positions and statements. You apparently don’t have the option of saying, “He was wrong.” So you do your best to characterize him in a positive light, change the subject, and when that doesn’t work you make knowingly false attacks and lie too. When you go forth with the title of Pastor or Minister or Bishop, you are asking for credibility because of your title and your association with God. What you are doing is not of God but far more earthly. I hate to assign motives to people I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s for fame, or money, or a misguided belief that the ends justify the means, and integrity means nothing.

In November, the election will be over and you go back from whence you came, hoping the Trump stench doesn’t remain with you. You are getting your 15 minutes of fame, enjoy it now for you will be judged later. I amend that, you’re being judged now and found wanting. May God have mercy on your souls.

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