What Was True of Trump in 2016 is No Less True Today

I wrote this in May of 2016. Looking back it shows just how much we knew about Trump before he became President and if anything, he’s worse today.

“There is a long list of things that Donald Trump does not understand. The list is long and normally his ignorance would have seen him removed from consideration for the Republican nomination for President. But the one thing he does understand has proven to be enough to attract enough of the Republican base that he steamrolled 16 other candidates to finish on top and now has a chance to become our next President. To those who are supporting Donald Trump, you know the following:

  1. Donald Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about foreign policy. He has no beliefs you can count on. Everything he’s said regarding Mexico, Muslims, China and the few other countries he can name, is contradicted by something else he’s said on the same subjects. He says he is anti-war, yet he has a secret plan to destroy Isis which has no specific base of operations and is spread out amongst nations all over the world, mostly living in major cities intermingled with the civilian population. Ask him how much his wall will cost? How will he make Mexico pay for it? You know he has no plan but you don’t care.
  2. You know Trump has little respect for women. He cares little about them besides their appearance. He calls them “dogs” and rates their bodies. He calls out Hillary for allegedly “enabling” Bill Clinton yet you ignore that he himself is a serial cheater. He want’s credit for giving one of his wives a large role in a casino yet he paid her one dollar a year as salary.
  3. You know he doesn’t really tell it like it is. He lies! Not just an occasional lie but pretty much every public statement he makes is full of lies, many of which have already been disproven. He lies, you know he lies and he knows you won’t care.
  4. You know he doesn’t understand the economy. Being fair I’ll give him credit for taking advantage of tax loopholes, using eminent domain and using the system to enhance his personal wealth. But he has no clue as to how the economy operates, which you know, and it doesn’t matter.
  5. You know he doesn’t hold traditional Republican values. I’m not sure that he has many values at all but he certainly doesn’t believe in the conservative values the party claims to espouse. He just joined the Party, has threatened Party leaders throughout his campaign including possible riots at the Convention should things not go his way.
  6. He has no plan to replace Obamacare, you know his promises are not backed up by any coherent plan and you might not be able to state what specific promises he’s even making other than to be “the best” and “making America great again” and “winning”.

You hear a lot about people voting against their interests. I don’t think Trump supporters or most voters actually vote against their interests. Outsiders simply fail to dig deep enough to find out which interests they care about more than those you think they could be considering.

A Donald Trump Presidency would be a failure on so many levels for most Americans yet many would see him as a champion. Because for all the things Donald doesn’t understand, he knows the loss of white privilege. When he says he’ll “make America great again” he’s clearly saying he’ll reverse the gains made by minorities at the expense of white males. Of course, he’s disregarding that minorities have never had a level playing field in the first place and any gains were to simply get closer to even. His supporters understand that Donald Trump will stand up to any effort that diminishes white people which he lets you know as he bashes Mexicans and “the Blacks” and Muslims and China and Japan, and, and, and.

Donald Trump is xenophobic, he says “America first”. You not only know this but you like it. Donald Trump is clearly racist. He’s counting on you not to care. To vote for Trump is to convince yourself to ignore all the things you know he doesn’t know, in favor of the one thing you’re certain of.”

Although he is on the precipice of Impeachment based on events that weren’t predictable in 2016. His character was always clear. We didn’t know which crimes and abuses of power he’d commit. Just that he would do so.

Mitt Romney is Sitting by the Phone But Nobody’s Calling

Mitt Romney is ready if the Republicans need him. Perhaps he’s thinking back to the 2002 Winter Olympics. They were heading into the games with a financial shortfall of $379 million dollars. The Salt Lake Organizing Committee hired Romney as its President and CEO based on his business and finance experience at Bain Capital and his ties to the LDS Church (Church of Latter-Day Saints or Mormons) that were important in Utah. Romney was a whirling dervish, making commercials, lobbying Congress, hitting up his rich friends for donations. He waived his salary and contributed $1 million of his own money toward the effort. He became the face of the 2002 Winter Olympics and when all was said and done, the Games had an excess of $100 million making it the most successful Winter Olympics ever. According to himself and most everyone else, Romney saved the Games, he was a hero.

Mitt has tried three times to bring his leadership to the Republican Party as their candidate for President. In 2008 he watched John McCain get the nod and ultimately watched him lose overwhelmingly to the upstart Barack Obama. In 2012, he became the Republican Nominee, yet lost to Obama himself, despite a significant portion of the country’s rage against the first black President. In 2016, he’d explored running again but found little enthusiasm in the Party for a two-time loser and was unable to make the run, On January 30, 2015 he announced he would not run again saying, “one of our next generation of Republican leaders” would be better positioned to win the general election.”

We are approaching the 2020 Presidential Election, it would normally be a no-brainer that the incumbent President Donald Trump would again be the Party Nominee. The economy is doing well, for the most part, joblessness is at a 50-year low, and he has the overwhelming support of the Party base. The downside is that more than half the country opposes him and there’s the growing realization that “Individual #1” is a criminal that engaged in election fraud and obstruction of justice at a minimum. The Democrat-led House of Representatives has begun an Impeachment Inquiry with six separate committees running down various areas of interest. The one getting real traction is Trump’s efforts to get the new Ukranian President to investigate Trump’s Democrat political rival, former Vice-President Joe Biden, in order to receive almost $400 million in military aid approved by Congress. Unlike every other scandal (and there have been many), this one has taken root and new revelations are occurring literally every single day. While none dare say it publicly yet, Republicans are having the prospect of coming up with a new Nominee at the last second. Mitt Romney is thinking he might get that call.

The problem with Mitt though is that for all the times he has been “alarmed,” “shocked,” or “frustrated” with Trump and his actions, some of them inhumane like the caging of children coming across the Southern border. Romney has folded like a chair every time and ultimately used his role as a Senator from Utah to support Trump at every turn. America will never forget how you genuflected at Trump during the 2016 Election process, trying to become his Vice-President or Secretary of State. Trump made Mitt grovel and then publicly rejected him. Pride is normally thought of as a deadly sin but Mitt could have demonstrated just a little.

Should Republicans go looking for a respectable candidate they, unfortunately, have few places to search? Lindsay Graham has contorted himself into a Trump puppet, Paul Ryan slinked away from being Majority Leader and went to the board of Fox News. Only John Kasich, former Ohio Governor has shown any integrity and refused to participate in the Trump madness, even before things started going wrong. And then there’s Mitt… He’s one of the few speaking out even mildly against Trump’s behavior, hoping someone is listening.

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Whoever answers the call if it comes will be asked to perform a miracle, picking up the pieces of a political party that Trump made his own then trashed. It may be far too late for anyone to undo the Trump damage but Mitt is thinking, “I did it before in 2002!” He’s sitting by the phone waiting for that call.

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