Three Things We Learned From The Ford/Kavanaugh Hearing

The first thing made crystal clear by the hearing is that two weeks of male anguish is greater than 36 years of female suffering. Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee, one after another, to empathize with Brett Kavanaugh, “unable to imagine what he’s been through.” Occasionally, one might give lip service to the strain Christine Blasey Ford has been under during the last two weeks. None wondered how she’d suffered over the last more than third of a century? The day after listening to Ford tell her heartbreaking tale, the committee voted along Party lines, to send Kavanaugh’s nomination on to the full Senate for a vote on his confirmation as if they had heard nothing.

Next, we learned that when a man displays inappropriate anger in a public setting, it’s viewed as righteous and a sign of his sincerity. Kavanaugh displayed the complete opposite of proper judicial temperament. He blamed a conspiracy of people upset with him at his role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the results of the 2016 election which gave us Donald Trump. Had a woman in her opening statement and testimony, displayed great anger, broken down in tears, evaded the questions of United States Senators and demanded they answer his own, there would be no more consideration of her confirmation. But Brett Kavanaugh is a man.

Finally, we learned that even an individual protester has power. On his way to a Senate hearing, Senator Jeff Flake was confronted by protesters in an elevator who forced him to address the women that weren’t being heard. They told their own stories of rape and abuse which they’d never told because they felt they would not be believed. Worse yet, much like Christine Blasey Ford, they might be believed but the people that mattered wouldn’t care.

As a result of those protesters and other factors, Senator Flake requested a delay for a week to allow for a limited FBI Investigation of the complaints against Kavanaugh which the President has now signed off on. There is no guarantee what if anything this investigation will uncover. It was quite clear that Republican Senators on the committee didn’t want an investigation, Brett Kavanaugh didn’t want an investigation and neither did Donald Trump.

To be continued…

The Uneasy Alliance Between Black America And The FBI

The FBI is not now and has never been the friend of black America. While the word “they” might be a little too inclusive. painting with a slightly too broad brush, there is not another word that fits better. “They” infiltrated the civil rights and students rights movements. Telling lies and fabricating evidence to inhibit their goals. “They” went undercover with the Black Panthers and according to many, conspired to assassinate 21-year-old Fred Hampton while in his bed. They don’t teach about Fred Hampton in the Chicago schools, yet as a result of his actions, many receive a free breakfast. An offshoot of the Black Panther programs. They penetrated the Nation of Islam and were possibly involved in the assassination of Malcolm X, perhaps they merely stood by and watched?

“They” spied on Martin Luther King Jr, even sending him a letter encouraging him to kill himself. “They” withheld evidence that would have convicted Sheriff Willis McCall of murdering one prisoner and shooting another outside Groveland, FL. He stayed in power another 21 years, killing other black men along the way. In 2017, “they” started cracking down on so-called, “Black Identity Extremists” until that plan came to light. There are undoubtedly good men and women in the FBI, seeking Justice For All and following the Rule of Law. This story is not about them, it is about “they” and the powers standing behind them.

Now we find ourselves in the position where we now know what the hell we had to lose with the election of Donald J Trump. Hyper Mass Incarceration is making a rapid comeback under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. All attempts to monitor local police forces have ceased. No new Consent Decree’s are being entered into, those that exist will not be enforced. The West (along with the South, East and North) is wild again. “Stop & Frisk” is being suggested as a need throughout the nation. America’s best and quickest hope of being rid of this menace… is the FBI.

Trump loyalists have taken up the tactic of demonizing the FBI in an attempt to derail the Mueller Investigation which may well lead to Impeachment of Indictment of the President. Those most loyal include white nationalists, skinheads, and the Klan. The enemy of our enemy under normal circumstances might be considered a friend. But “they” are not our friends, nor have they been ever.

Activist Shaun King has been catching hell of late for his support of the FBI. Much of King’s career has been spent focusing on police brutality and unequal justice under the law. He came under sharp attack for showing support of the FBI on Assata Shakur’s birthday. She is a Black Liberation Army member who was found guilty of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper, there is evidence she may have beet set-up by the FBI and after escaping from prison, was granted asylum in Cuba. I didn’t know July 16th was her birthday, perhaps Shaun King didn’t either? Maybe we could spend less time tearing down each other and instead on solving problems that affect us all?

I propose on this one thing, the investigation of Donald Trump, we can let the FBI continue unfettered. We can even stand in the way of those who would have the probe simply go away. In at least this one thing, “We” and “They” may share a common goal.

We still haven’t forgotten about COINTELPRO, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King Jr, and all the rest. When this is done, you still may be who we think you are; overwhelmingly Republican, predominantly white-males, predisposed to view African-American’s as perpetrators first and not citizens. Maybe some relationships will be forged and things will improve? But that’s skipping way too far ahead. In the meantime, do this one job, and we’ll have your back.

FBI Exposes White House Lies: The Empire Strikes Back

The FBI has been under attack from the Trump White House, its surrogates, and Fox News, in an ongoing attempt to discredit and/or end the Mueller investigation bearing down on the President. In the last year, Director James Comey was fired and several other officials have been fired, forced out, or resigned because of what they knew, or failure to pledge loyalty to the wannabe Emperor Trump.

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In the last couple weeks, the FBI’s pleas to not disclose the Nunes memo which they indicated posed “grave concerns” was ignored by the White House. Then they were used as the excuse for why the Democratic response could not be released, because of “concerns from the FBI.”

More recently, when it came out that Staff Secretary Rob Porter had physically abused his two ex-wives and then a picture was released forcing his resignation. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the White House spokesperson, basically blamed the FBI for not wrapping up their investigation and providing timely information to the White House.

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Today, in a Select Senate Committee discussing World Threats. Senators got to directly ask the leaders of the FBI, CIA, DNI, and NSA among others. FBI Director Chris Wray blew up Sanders version of what happened when. He indicated they provided a preliminary report in March (something that usually only happens when disturbing information is uncovered and usually leads to a dismissal) and then provided a final report in July 2017. After requests from the White House filed two follow-up reports and finally closed out the file administratively in January 2018. The White House has been referring to “new allegations” and suggesting they never saw the pictures that the FBI had for over a year.

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Tired of being used as a scapegoat, lied about and mischaracterized by the White House and Republicans in Congress. Wray took the opportunity to strike back with this big fuck you to the White House. He could have not answered the question, preferring to discuss it in the afternoon closed session conducted in secret. Instead, he called out the White House, leaving them with a whole lot of explaining to do. The FBI has been taking blows steadily from the Trump administration, today they issued a beat down.

Strange Bedfellows: Black America and the FBI in the War Against Trump

Black America finds itself in the strange position of pinning its hopes on the FBI which has never been our friend. The FBI throughout its history has done far more to harm Black America than to help it. We’ll give them credit where it’s due, were it not for FBI infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan, their reign might have gone on far longer than it did and the limited justice that was meted out might not have been. That does not offset the damage they’ve done historically done and continue to do in the Jeff Sessions led Justice Department.

The FBI has conducted covert counterintelligence operations against domestic organizations since its inception. They conducted often illegal programs designed to surveil, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt any group or individual they deemed disruptive. And for any organization geared toward self-help, advancement, or advocating civil rights for Black America… that meant you. Ranging from the Black Panther Party, Black Power Movement, Civil Rights Movement, NAACP, Martin Luther King, the Nation of Islam, student organizations, and the Freedom Riders. The FBI was right there disrupting, discrediting, and often turning the other way when local law enforcement violated their civil rights, up to and including murder.

fbi 2

And then came Trump… We have begun to discover exactly what in the hell we had to lose.

Now it seems the only immediate hope for the removal of the President that has done more to cultivate racial animus than even the President’s once in the Klan (Truman and allegedly Harding), is the FBI led Mueller probe, investigating Trump and his campaign/administration for Obstruction of Justice and other high crimes and misdemeanors. With the Republican-led attacks on the Mueller investigation and the FBI and Justice Department in full effect. Black America finds itself in the position where the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend, we must support the FBI which has never loved us.

fbi 1

It’s important to note that the FBI’s transgressions against Black America are not limited to the past. In 2017, the Bureau produced a report on, “Black Identity Extremists,” warning of black domestic terrorists and making thinly veiled references to organizations like, “Black Lives Matter.” We cannot be under the illusion that the support we might offer the FBI relative to the Mueller Investigation will be in any way reciprocated when this moment has passed.

While we may want and need the FBI do to this one thing in terms of bringing down Trump, and his minions. It would do us well to remember that there are still scorpions among them, and tigers whose stripes haven’t changed.

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