Stacey Dash: Can She Get Her Black Card Back?


So, we find out that Stacey Dash was fired from her job as a contributor at Fox News… last fall. We can be excused from not knowing this earlier because neither she nor Fox News has mentioned it and on her twitter feed, it’s reported she was still shown as working for Fox although when I looked, that was gone. So you got fired and were too embarrassed to tell anybody? It’s happened to a whole lot of people before and there is really no shame in no longer being associated with Fox. It might have been a little better if you’d left of your own will. We’re not going to dwell on the past though but look forward. What are you going to do now?

In recent years, you literally made your living attacking black politicians, black institutions, black media outlets, and pretty much blackness in general. Less than two weeks ago, you came for Oprah after her rousing speech at the Golden Globes Awards that started talk of her running for President in 2020. You’ve condemned the existence of and need for black television networks. Maybe you just forgot your recurring role in “The Game” on BET in 2009.

You voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but soon went to the dark side. You endorsed Mitt Romney in his 2012 bid to unseat President Obama. Once you joined Fox News in 2014, it wasn’t long before you criticized an Obama speech, saying, “I feel like he could give a shit!” Fox suspended you temporarily for the language, but you stood by your comments, endearing you to the same people who love Trump now. But Fox’s need for you was related to their need to have a black face spouting negative propaganda about a black President. Since he’s gone, so are you. But as I said before, we’re going to focus on your future. What to do now?

Let’s start by categorizing your assets. You’re 50-years old, not a great number for a Hollywood actress with no serious dramatic roles in her portfolio. Twelve years ago you posed for Playboy magazine, and while you’re still attractive, there isn’t exactly a swell building to see more nude photos. You’ve been accused of bleaching your skin to appear lighter (which you’ve strenuously denied) and having multiple cosmetic surgeries but we’re going to go high and just ignore the gossip. You’re most associated with the 1995 film, “Clueless” but that’s not quite the image we’re going for here.

What we need to do is totally remake your image, not by creating a new facade but by introducing people to the Stacey they’ve never seen. Not the holier-than-thou diva who presumes to tear down all things black, presenting yourself as being wiser than the rest of us. You have a story to tell and you should find someone to help you tell it. As Langston might say (you might not know who Langston is but just roll with me, Stacey). “Life for you ain’t always been no crystal stair.” You’ve been through some stuff that a lot of people can identify with. You did cocaine as a teenager, been married three times, considered abortion, and was raped at gunpoint by an ex in front of your newborn baby. People might be willing to give you a chance, but you have to come to them, openly, with humility and sincerity.

Now when I said someone should help sell your story, I didn’t mean me, because I’m petty. I’m never going to forget your appearances shilling for Fox, attempting to lend credibility to their agenda by allowing their views to appear more reasonable when coming from a black face. Whenever they needed a little negativity, you were right there. If you believed it all yourself, that makes you self-hating and despicable. If you didn’t believe and only did it for the money… that’s worse. I may one-day forget, possibly even forgive, but none too soon. Bye, Stacey!

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