Fly Girl… Fly Girl… Fly Girl… Fly Girl

Thirty years ago today, the “Fly Girl” was born at Winter Park Hospital in Winter Park, FL. The doctor was determined that I needed to cut the umbilical cord which would “help me bond” with my daughter. While I needed no such mechanism to create a bond with the small creature before me. I did it anyway just to keep things moving.

A couple of days later, she got her first nickname, “Fly Girl.” One might think she was named after the dancers named The Fly Girls appearing on the television show, “In Living Color?” They would be wrong. In reality, it came from the horror movie, “The Fly” where a man tried teleporting himself and his body got mixed up with a fly accidentally trapped with him in the chamber. Two figures emerged; a human-sized fly with the features of the fly except for a couple of small human parts and a small fly with the head of the man. At the end of the movie, the fly with the human head was trapped in a spider-web with the spider rapidly approaching. He cried out in a pitiful small voice, “Help Me! Help Me!’ The sound the fly made was the exact sound Lauren Ashley Spivey made at two days old and that is how she got the name.

There were many songs dedicated to the Fly Girl over the years. With the shamelessness of P. Diddy, songs were stolen and revised to meet my needs in honor of the Fly Girl. Among the songs appropriated were, My Girl by the Temptations, Darling Nikki by Prince, I Believe I Can Fly (now removed from the rotation) and my personal favorite, Can’t Touch This by M.C. Hammer.

In honor of this day, I give you the lyrics:

My, my, my, my, Fly Girl hits me… so hard

Makes me say, Oh My Lord

Thank You, for blessing me

With a girl so fly and so pretty

It feels good when you know you’re down

A souped-up Fly Girl from the O-town

And she’s known… as such

This is a Fly Girl

You can’t touch!

Happy Birthday, Lauren. Always the Fly Girl!