For How Much Did You Sell Your Soul?


While I will highlight Republicans in Congress, make no mistake, Democrats in Congress are complicit in this state of affairs. When 90 percent of Americans want background checks and most want bans on assault weapons. When almost 100 percent of the country wants something to be done to reduce mass murders by people that have no problem getting a gun. Why can’t our representatives in Congress make this happen? Truthfully we know the answer, Congressmen and Senators have either sold their vote to the NRA or are so afraid of the NRA that they bow to their every whim.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan… what was the price for your soul? Was it the $36,800 in campaign contributions from the NRA? Was it them allowing you to stay Speaker of the House and maintain your Presidential ambitions? You, of course know the NRA wields enough power among your fellow members that they could have you removed at any time.

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell… was it the $26,300 you received directly from the NRA? Does being Senate Majority Leader mean so much that you’re willing to do nothing while more Americans die? Precisely because you did nothing.

The latest rationale for House members not to vote is allegedly the protection of American’s constitutional rights. That they shouldn’t undergo the inconvenience of a hearing should they incorrectly be on the no-fly list. Because people are placed on the no-fly list without due process, it would be unfair to keep them from getting a gun for that reason. Why I know that’s not the real reason, is that Republicans don’t advocate the repeal of the no-fly list altogether with its lack of due process. They recognize the importance of keeping Americans safe. Except from guns.

Republicans say this is a terrorism issue while Democrats want to make it a gun’s rights issue. How hard is it to see that it’s both? Isis and Al-Qaeda tell people to go to gun shows and buy guns to kill Americans. You Congress, ensure that they have that ability.

I want to know for what you sold your soul, so that I can see how much you value the lives of our citizens. Is the cash or power you receive from remaining in elected office worth ten lives, fifty, a thousand?

If what stands in your way is due process, work it out, I’m sure I could given the chance. If it’s partisan politics, get over it and put country first. If it’s because of payments from the NRA or fear of their power, you deserve to rot in hell for not giving a damn about the rest of us.

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