For The Children

For a while today. I forgot about politics. I spent most of the day around children. Two of my children, their children, other people’s children.

One of my granddaughters had a birthday party. Her fifth. The big worries were about gift bags and presents. One granddaughter just lost her first tooth. The Tooth Fairy brought her a dollar. She spent the morning before the party, playing with her cousins. There were no indoor voices. There was an incident involving Vaseline where it ended up in the hands and hair of all three. Along with the hair and clothes of two dolls. I learned about “Shimmer & Shine”! These were the issues of the day.

The party was at a local park. There were other birthday parties going on. Dozens of other children were there. Black, White, Yellow and Brown. Children ran and played. Climbed and swung. I saw balloons and streamers, heard sounds of joy. And then I remembered…


I remembered Trump, Bannon, Sessions and Flynn, Giuliani. I remembered a Wall, Muslim bans, the end of Voting and Civil Rights. I thought about the children before me. Wondered about the world they would grow up in?


The fight isn’t over it just begins. What I might have learned to accept for myself I will not for the children. They deserve better. We all do! Today was a day off from the fight. Tomorrow I begin anew. For the children.