Trump Can’t Even Fake Caring About ________ People (Black People, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, Muslims, Poor People,)

Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about anybody outside his own family and frankly, some of them ought to be concerned. If Jared Kushner and Donald, Jr think daddy is going to save them from Robert Mueller and the FBI, they might want to take a look at his record. The litany of blatant instances of his not caring about anyone in the groups named is clear. What we didn’t know, was that he doesn’t have the ability to even fake caring.

As if attacking Puerto Ricans suffering from the devastation from two hurricanes wasn’t enough, then threatening to pull out resources that are helping the US Citizens there. His latest attack on a pregnant Gold-Star Mother whose Green Beret husband lost his life in an attack in Niger (please don’t let him try to pronounce that) is perhaps his most disgusting act of all. He was shamed into calling the families of four dead servicemen, when calling the widow of Sgt La David Johnson he said, “he knew what he signed up for” and “but when it happens it hurts anyway.”

To make matters worse, he denied making the statements, calling the widow, Sgt Johnson’s mother, and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who were all in the car when Trump’s call was received, liars. He said he had “proof” which the family and Congresswoman Wilson challenged him to produce. Trump now says he was “misunderstood” and the calls were not taped.

In recent days he has disrupted healthcare payments that will ultimately cause premiums for almost everyone to rise about 20% and cause millions to lose coverage. After encouraging a Bipartisan compromise to restore what he took away, he now rejects it.

He’s proposed a tax plan that would benefit almost exclusively the rich and it’s estimated he personally would save about $20 million. He keeps pushing a Muslim ban and says nothing about new White Supremacist rallies in Charlottesville.

People in his own administration are having to come out of pocket to pay expensive lawyers to represent them in the Russian investigation. Trump himself and his son Donald, Jr are having their legal fees paid by the RNC and the Trump Campaign. Donald, Jr wasn’t even officially part of the campaign.

One can only hope the madness will soon come to an end. I have no doubt Robert Mueller will find more extensive collusion with Russia than we already know and that serious financial crimes will be uncovered. I hope this Republican Congress has the guts to do what honor says they must. It can’t come a moment too soon!

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