Congress Is Hiding Evidence Of Trump Money Laundering

The United States Senate has been pretending to conduct a serious investigation of Russian meddling in our elections and involvement if any of the Trump campaign and administration. While the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee has given up all pretense of being bipartisan and has chosen to attack the FBI, refuse to subpoena witnesses or compel testimony. The Senate Judiciary Committee has mostly pretended to be interested in the truth. They were the adults in the room.

We now learn in the  New York Times Opinion Page that the Judiciary Committee is refusing to publish the transcript of ten hours of testimony from Fusion GPS regarding their research into Trump and his campaign and how they compiled the infamous Trump Dossier which among other things mentions Russian hookers peeing on a bed for Trump’s pleasure.

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Months ago, Sen Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was asked by one of his constituents about releasing that testimony. He said the transcript would have to be sent to Fusion GPS and its lawyers for reviews for accuracy but once signed off on, he “saw no reason it couldn’t be brought to a vote by the committee and released. He said that he would vote for such a measure, assuming the Democrat members also agreed, the transcript would be released. Fusion GPS signed off on the transcript well over a month ago. The Republicans controlling the committee in the Senate have done nothing, and here’s why.

According to the NYT piece authored by Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS. They testified that “we found widespread evidence that Mr. Trump and his organization had worked with a wide array of dubious Russians in arrangements that often-raised questions about money laundering.” They added that the Senate showed no interest in claims of potential money laundering in Manhattan, Toronto, Sunny Isles, FL, and Panama. They suggested they look into Trump’s records with Deutsche Bank where many of Trump’s finances were funneled. They said to their knowledge the only bank records subpoenaed by the Senate were those of Fusion GPS.  Congress has a total of 21 hours of testimony spread out among three committees that they refuse to release despite the wishes of Fusion GPS. Why?

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Simpson and Fritsch stated that their report was not what precipitated the FBI investigation into Trump, but their information only confirmed much of what the FBI had already learned from other sources. They indicated that while members of the three committees they have testified in front of have refused to release the transcripts. They have been selectively leaking material to right wing media to mislead the American people.

It’s time for our elected officials in the Senate and House to begin releasing the material that they are only keeping secret, to protect the President. This makes them complicit, corrupt, and accomplices into what may prove to be a huge criminal conspiracy operating within the confines of the White House. Soon the questions may be, “What did Congress know, and when did they know it!”