When Christians Lie To You

I wrote a post yesterday about the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA) and their rule changes blocking Wilson Academy from participating in the Championship games. The #2 Ranked Warriors have faced bitter attacks all year based on their team decision to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. During their respectful protest, the team and cheerleaders were called, “Deplorable”, “Disrespectful” and more. Just prior to the Championships an E-mail informed Wilson Academy that they could either stand or they were no longer welcome in the league.

I encouraged people to call and/or E-mail Todd Hannon, President of the GICAA and voice their opinion. Following my own advice, I sent the staff including Todd Hannon this E-mail:

“Dear Todd Hannon,

I’m extremely disappointed to learn how your “Christian Athletic Association” is treating one of your member institutions. Making new rules prior to the Championships specifically to exclude one school that is predominantly black. They have acted in silence with far more grace than many at your institutions throughout the season. That their “protest” is legal is beyond question as the First Amendment guarantees that right. You might never understand what their statement means to them is understandable, being unable to comprehend shouldn’t require you to suppress it.

It’s been reported that the host institution has the right to prevent Wilson Academy from competing as the game was to be held on private property. I submit that you as the league have the right to change sites and remove the game from a member that chooses to exercise discrimination. Your Email to Wilson Academy spoke of your desire for a “positive atmosphere” and blaming Wilson Academy for a “divisive” one. Wilson Academy did not change the atmosphere at your schools… it revealed it.

You, your staff, Board of Directors, Sponsors and members have a choice to make. You will teach the students at Wilson Academy and all your member schools a lesson as to your beliefs and values. Will you exemplify Christian and American values? Or will you continue your current path?


William Spivey

I received a reply from Mr. Hannon:

“Mr. Spivey,

I have let the school and concerned parents know that I will be happy to meet and discuss these issues.”

The problem is that Mr. Hannon has not been in contact with the school and in fact has not returned any of the calls from the Founder/Headmaster Byron Wilson. So now in addition to all the Christian qualities demonstrated thus far… they lie.

I encourage everyone to continue your calls, E-mails and shares and keep a light shining on this situation.

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UPDATE!!! The team is being allowed to play in the Tournament while exercising their First Amendment rights! Thanks to all who called, wrote or shared! Activism combined with faith still works!