Going to the Park with Granddaddy


When I go to the park with my mommy

I slide down the slides

I swing on the swings

She chases me and I let her catch me

I have lots of fun


When I go to the park with my granddaddy

We have different rules

I remind him I’m not supposed to get dirty

He tells me, “Mommy won’t mind”


When there’s water on the slide I slide thru it anyway

When I go on the swings I go higher than ever before and I’m not scared

Granddaddy pretends to be a monster

When he almost catches me, I pretend to be the monster and chase him

I climb in trees

Mommy doesn’t let me climb in trees

I hang on the rings until I fall

Granddaddy catches me

I pick flowers to bring home to my mommy


Two ways I know when I’ve been to the park with granddaddy

I take a long nap

I leave a ring in the bathtub


I Didn’t Get My Way Today



I don’t always get my way

Mostly, but not always

I don’t  like it when mommy tells me no


She used to give in when I cried

Then she started acting like she couldn’t hear me


I used to throw tantrums and lay out on the floor

She learned to step around me


She wants me to use my words

I do sometimes and she still says no

What was the point


I will come up with a new plan

I want what I want

The day’s not over yet

Granddaughter J




She wakes each day with the sole intention of bending the universe to her will

Most often she succeeds

Everyone she meets is her “friend”

She speaks to strangers

She got that from her mama


She can’t comprehend that someone’s birthday is not synonymous with a party

Therefore, a birthday is not something that occurs it’s something you attend

She’s Three


She takes naps only when riding in cars and when totally spent

Life is too full to waste it sleeping

Running, jumping and dancing are preferable to walking

Where does all the energy come from?

She’s Three


She has the very best hugs

In every picture taken ever, she’s posing

She got that from her mama too

She enters a room and totally owns it

She is the center of the universe wherever she may be

She does not leave she departs, hugging everyone goodbye