America’s Caste System

America has a Caste System. Not formalized like that of India past. Discrimination based on Caste there has been illegal for over sixty years. It doesn’t present itself there in all the ways it used to. It has found new ways, particularly in elections where Caste is still the determining factor in choosing who to vote for. It was once true that when born into a Caste it was virtually impossible to change. Now there are Inter-Caste marriages, primarily among the upper-level. It may seem what I’m describing still sounds a lot like America. There is a big difference.

In America, Caste is more informal and everyone has created a hierarchy based on their own experience. Of course, there are general external classifications based on education level or career. When you meet someone among the first questions; “Where did you go to school? And “What do you do?” We rate each other based on education, career income… and race.

Throughout American history, race has always been one of the ways people placed themselves in context. The poorest white person could be relieved that at least they weren’t Black or Native American. Then Obama happened. America had a Black President who oozed intelligence whenever he spoke. They spent eight years with their equilibrium out of whack. They could no longer make an honest intellectual case for superiority while there was a Black President, Black Attorney General, a Black First Lady that went high when they went low. In a way, President Obama was as they say, “the most divisive President of all time.” Not because of his words or actions. It was his existence that divided the nation, the Caste system had been overturned.

The final straw that changed the campaign allowing Trump to win wasn’t Hillary’s private server. It wasn’t leaked E-mails. Not even the Comey letter in a late October surprise. It was the multiple appearances of Barack and Michelle Obama on the campaign trail that motivated white people from every crack and crevice to vote against Obama thru Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t a strictly male reaction. White women ignored all the misogyny, multiple women coming forward to report sexual harassment and Trump’s admission on tape to being a sexual predator. They ignored his extramarital affairs. Looked the other way at the rape charge that was working through the courts before death threats caused it to be withdrawn. They left their sisters of color in the lurch as they have throughout American history with their ultimate decision being to support their whiteness above their gender. Loyal to their Caste.

I’ve watched the glee in some Republican faces as they attempt to dismantle everything President Obama accomplished in the past eight years. They may be successful in undoing the first thing he accomplished which was salvaging the economy. To undo all things Obama they’re willing to take healthcare from twenty-three million Americans and remove most restrictions regulating big banks and Wall Street which almost destroyed the nation before.

When the Senate meets to confirm Trump’s cabinet choices. They may mention the racist or xenophobic past that afflicts most of his early picks. But they’ll ignore what they’ve said and done in favor of who they are. Caste uber alles.

When you watch the news in the future. Look thru the prism of a Caste based society. You’ll understand the limited and biased coverage of Standing Rock with its modern-day Bull Connor. You’ll know why a Bannon or Sessions was acceptable to those making decisions because those are their people. You’ll see why attacks on voter rights are so successful in becoming law despite their clear unconstitutionality and obvious racist intent. It’s because when it’s all said and done. Caste wins out.

President Trump

I almost wrote an entirely different post. About why I could never acknowledge a Trump Presidency. I read something I wrote four years ago and reflected that if it was true then it must also be true today. A Trump Presidency will be at least four years in the wilderness. Like I encouraged all Americans to accept the first Black President. Like I would have encouraged all Americans to accept the first woman President. Like I could have grudgingly accepted a Marco Rubio or John Kasich. Like I could have acknowledged a Ted Cruz. I can recognize the Office of the Presidency when occupied by Donald Trump, while maintaining my right to condemn and criticize every step of the way.

There were those that never acknowledged Barack Obama as President and for that the country is weaker. Many would have felt the same way about Hillary Clinton. Elections roughly measure the will of the people. Donald Trump was apparently their will.

Trump as President is disturbing in so many ways. There is a process to change the result although it takes four years. It might take a generation to recover from his influence; and those waiting in the wings to implement their plans while Trump fiddles. I will acknowledge him while shining a light on the policies and their impact on the parts of America about which he cares little. I could go on but what I said four years ago speaks for itself:



There is subject upon which I have not yet touched which is religion. It is not that I have no opinion; it simply wasn’t a factor in the choices I made during the election process. I’m hearing from several sources about people that have been unfriended and received hateful texts because of their support of Obama and his views on choice. The essence of the attack was questioning how they could be a Christian yet support someone who murders children, implying that Obama will go to hell and his supporters along with them.

In order to address this I have to provide some personal context. I grew up Christian in a Christian home and never spent years in the wilderness before recognizing Jesus as my personal savior but it was far more an evolution as opposed to a Paul on the road to Damascus moment where I was overwhelmed by the spirit. I remember standing up, walking down the aisle as a 5-year old and giving myself to the Lord. The night before my baptism I practiced submerging myself in the bathtub to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself as I had seen happen to a few others. When Dr. James Holloway of the Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis drew me backwards into the water, I felt the rush and the cold and then being immediately withdrawn. My white dress shirt was dripping and clinging and I was handed a towel and led to a place to dry off and change clothes. There was a sense of accomplishment yet I can’t point to any particular change in who I was post baptism from who I was the day before.

The more significant moment in my walk with Christ was the moment where it all made sense. I point to this as the most important moment in my spiritual life (I will get back to the election I promise) as I was able to put aside all my reservations and act on faith as opposed to any other motivation. The struggle I had always had internally stemmed from the fact that I considered myself a pretty smart guy. I don’t know how possible it is to combine being “severely” shy with a tremendous ego yet I submit myself as proof. My problem with Christianity is that so much of it didn’t make sense. Contradictory messages combined with some questionable messengers made it hard for me to go all in. Some people attend church for the Praise & Worship which indeed can be inspirational and certainly has its role but for me it was always the sermon. I would always listen intently, looking for that moment of clarity when it all made sense.

There came a time when I was living in Jacksonville, FL that I attended church intermittently at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church headed by Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick Sr. He has now been joined by his son (Jr.) who is a gospel recording artist of some renown but on this date over twenty years ago it was Rudolph Sr., who preached the sermon titled “Mysterium Tremendum” that changed my life.

I could probably give you the play by play of the entire sermon and perhaps I will another day. Mysterium Tremendum is Latin for “tremendous mystery” and the basis of the sermon was that we as humans are incapable of comprehending God’s will and his ways. As an ant is unable to know and understand our ways, so are we that are beneath God to at least the same degree unable to divine God’s purposes in all that affects our lives. Bishop McKissick spoke directly to those “intellectuals” who foundered in inactivity as they tried to understand God’s plan. He couldn’t have expressed it in any way better to make me know this message was intended for me. He described true faith, the very essence of which meant that complete understanding was not required. He also said that nothing happens that is outside of God’s will. For those who cannot accept as to how God could allow the death of a beautiful young child or cause a storm that devastated a huge portion of a country? You may never know… Mysterium Tremendum! If you question how why one door was closed and another opened? Mysterium Tremendum! Why the relationship you desperately wanted to be successful failed leaving you miserable and (temporarily) dissatisfied? Mysterium Tremendum! I left that sermon with a new outlook on life and a new-found ability to get through any circumstance based on the knowledge (as opposed to hope) that it is all part of God’s plan and I have no need to spend any time on the stages of denial, anger, etc. and go right to acceptance because I already have a satisfactory answer; Mysterium Tremendum!
We come back to politics. People, with motives entirely their own have tried to persuade or dissuade others based sometimes on their honest convictions and other times motivated solely by their desire to achieve a political result. I have seen Fox News for example produce a panel of Black clergy who ask us not to blindly support the Democratic Party because their stances are “unholy” and outside of God’s will. Without condemning what could be the sincere belief of the speakers, I can also recognize the cynical motivations of those that provided the forum. I find the suggestion that Sean Hannity has only the best interest of Black people in mind while in the next breath he attacks Rev. Wright’s church and suggests the Black church itself has a conspiracy based theology of which regular Americans should be afraid, quite hypocritical. It is possible to hold deep personal views about abortion and homosexuality and find your views in conflict with those of political parties and leaders and I deny no one that right. I do suggest you consider whether your beliefs give you the right to judge and condemn others for holding a different view or perhaps having a similar view yet supporting a politician with whom you do not 100% agree.

In my view, the leaders we have do not get there outside of God’s will. We may from time to time have bad leaders and their placement may be allowed for reasons we may not immediately (or ever) discern yet their existence is still part of God’s plan. If ever I am troubled, I have a fallback that will allow me to see it through… Mysterium Tremendum.

I will mostly skip the opportunity to rant about some of the conflicting beliefs of the party not currently power that is allegedly pro life but with a long list of exceptions. The party that contains a neo-con element that would wage war for profit yet use government to enforce morality as they see it while wanting small government in everything else. The point is that had Romney won, I wouldn’t understand, yet I could accept it if for no other reason, Mysterium Tremendum.

If you have been unfriended, accused and abused. Spend no time on this, you’re better off. If you are an attacker and accuser, rather than use your energy placing blame and damning others, pray for acceptance and look to achieve that place where there is no tremendous mystery which must be divined, simply faith. Mysterium Tremendum!


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The Myth of Low Black-Voter Turnout

There are many stories circulating regarding low Black-voter turnout in the 2016 Presidential race. The stories cite an “enthusiasm gap.” They suggest Black people have been discouraged by the negativity of the campaign. They imply apathy to the candidates or a lack of interest. They offer many reasons except for the one we all know to be true. Voter suppression.

Voter suppression is not new. It began from the moment Blacks got the right to vote. Over the years we’ve seen literacy tests, poll taxes, limited access to polls, inability to register, lynchings and murders. Some of those still exist.

The same day the Supreme Court gutted enforcement of the Voter Rights Act of 1964. Texas, North Carolina, Alabama and others began implementing laws that could have never been passed if pre-clearance still existed. Florida had long been removing Black and Hispanic voters from the rolls. Early voting in many places has been reduced. In North Carolina, early voting locations were reduced from 16 to 1 in the Blackest County in the State. In Alabama, in conjunction with a new Voter ID Law, they reduced the locations in several predominantly Black Counties to one per County. Back in North Carolina, a Clerk associated with a group whose purpose is to suppress votes got her County to remove voters from the rolls if a mailing from her group was returned to sender.



In Indiana, 45,000 Voter Registrations have been impounded by the State Police. The group registering voters complied with a State law requiring them to turn in all applications including those that are incomplete or have errors. Mike Pence shouts “Fraud” but none has been documented. Trump and Pence have repeated often from the stump their coordination with the RNC to institute poll watchers. When dragged into court to see if the RNC was in violation of a Consent Decree. Issued the last time the RNC used that tactic to suppress votes in New Jersey. The RNC denied any coordination with the Trump campaign making clear that one of them is lying.

Donald Trump has told his supporters to literally watch minority voters in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago and elsewhere. Leaving no doubt who he intended to target. He said, “You know what I mean” and indeed his supporters did.

So now we get reports of low turnout among Black voters. In some cases it’s not an apples to apples comparison against 2012 because of limited access to Early Voting now that didn’t exist then. There is an increase in Hispanic voting  but it reflects an increase vs a historically low participation rate. Reworded, it was easier for Hispanics to show an increase because they started from a much lower place.

There is evidence in North Carolina that in the County where only one location was initially available, Black voting was reduced vs the same time period by 85%. When additional locations opened up, Black voting increased dramatically and they are almost caught up. This coming weekend will see pushes from Black churches and other organizations to get people out to vote. I suspect one of two things is true:

  1. Black voters will come out in their traditional high numbers because voting is what we do. The cost was too high in blood to simply cede the right.
  2. The cumulative effect of the Voter Suppression that has been coordinated over a period of years has finally worked to a degree and reduced minority voting.

The answer to low turnout if it comes to pass is not to blame Black voters. If it’s the case, let’s give credit where it’s due. The Republican Party, the RNC, the Supreme Court, the Right Wing Media and the rest of us who let it stand. The answer is a Democratic President and Senate. A Supreme Court that will enforce laws (and get rid of Citizens United along the way). A Congress that will take voting rights seriously and put American citizens ahead of Party. We can start making that happen on Tuesday. Whatever the obstacles we must vote; as if our future depends on it because it does.


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James Comey Must Go

When FBI Director James Comey made his shocking announcement 11 days before the Presidential Election. I initially spent little time worrying about his motives. He did what he did and the far more important thing was the effect on the election. As more and more information came out; about the Hillary investigation and Trump investigations he didn’t speak out on. Some things became clear.

  1. At the time of the letter, the FBI had no information because they hadn’t read any of the E-mails.
  2. He has lost any appearance of fairness and impartiality. First by refusing to acknowledge that Russia was behind hacks of the DNC, because he thought it might impact the election. Secondly by not announcing the investigation of Trump and his campaign ties to Russia for the same reason.
  3. He has lost institutional control of the FBI. Reporting suggests that part of his decision was to make the announcement before the Wall Street Journal ran a well sourced story which would ruin his reputation. All the other things we’ve learned have come through multiple FBI leaks with different allegiances. Apparently there are multiple factions within the FBI putting politics above the oath they swore and the country they allegedly serve.

Comey was once seen as a man with conviction. We loved him when he went to John Ashcroft’s hospital bed to prevent Dick Cheney’s henchman from trying to get him to sign off on an illegal program while under sedation. Unfortunately he now feels licensed to substitute his judgment for official policy and direction of the Attorney General. Potentially affecting the outcome of the election.

In a week the election will be over. Whoever wins it will be impossible for Comey to serve with their confidence. It’s also clear that the FBI really is fighting a Civil War that James Comey was unable to end. After the election, he should resign or be fired to allow the next President to begin fresh. I believe the leakers should be rooted out as well and make clear that this behavior is not only illegal, but unacceptable. You had a good run James Comey. Time for you to go.

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Be Ye Not Dismayed

“I wrote this four year ago and it applies as much today as then. Substitute Trump for Romney and Hillary for Obama and the rest can pretty much stand. Also I’ve already voted so the “voting today” part is untrue. Worry not about the latest alleged scandal. All will work out.”

I wrote this four year ago and it applies as much today as then. Substitute Trump for Romney and Hillary for Obama and the rest can pretty much stand. Also I’ve already voted so the “voting today” part is untrue. Worry not about the latest alleged scandal. All will work out.



As we follow the Polls and their inevitable ebbs and flows. There is a tendency among some to be ultra concerned about each individual result. I listened to pundits freaking out in different directions based on a single poll showing President Obama and Mitt Romney tied in Ohio. The same pundits went into frenzy about a different poll showing Obama ahead in Virginia by 4 points when they were prepared to give that state to Romney.

The truth is that whatever your news source, especially if it be television. The talking heads likely have more time available to say a thing than they have important things to say. Depending on the source (MSNBC and Fox News can both be guilty) you may have people attempting to skew the information to suggest a particular outcome. Some will have people with opposite views talking over each other as if the loudest point of view is somehow correct.

Your own common sense is as likely to be correct as those paid to tell you what your opinion should be. My personal favorite is Harold Ford, Jr. who never fails to provide two opinions to every question and if challenged will run from his own views, even in mid-sentence. Recognize that we are mostly fed opinions more so than facts. And if you’ve taken the time to review the candidates and issues, yours is better because you’re the one voting.

In my personal opinion. President Obama is marching steadily towards victory as he continues banking early votes in the swing states and the alleged Romney momentum is a thing of the past. There is a reason that the Republicans worked hard to suppress the vote thru onerous Voter ID laws and reduction of early voting. In battles they for the most part lost (at least for this election cycle). They were unable to stop Democratic leaning voters from getting to the polls and turnout has exceeded expectations so far and feedback indicates they’re voting overwhelmingly to re-elect the President.

Talk of momentum, trends, national polls and enthusiasm are all meaningless when compared to the votes cast and their impact on the swing states that matter. My President has so many more options than Romney to win the election that the only way he can win is to convince those of us that would vote for Obama that he’ll win and your vote won’t matter, causing you to stay home.

So today I’ll vote (literally today). And I’ll sleep with confidence as I know the results (actual votes cast as opposed to opinions) are much more important than chatter.

The FBI Investigation That Won’t Go Away

After the letter from FBI Director James Comey to Congressional leaders regarding an investigation previously thought closed. We’ve seen the best and worst from our political parties and the media. The only new fact I’m aware of is that during a separate investigation of Anthony Weiner. It was learned that his wife Huma, one of Hillary’s top aides. Sent some E-mails to Hillary from a computer they had not previously looked at. At the time Comey sent the letter, the FBI had not yet reviewed the E-mails as they were outside the scope of the Wiener investigation (Weiner investigation sounds weird, doesn’t it?) and they needed warrants to proceed. That’s it!

They don’t know whether these are E-mails they’ve already seen? They have no idea of the content. They certainly have no reason to believe they have anything to do with classified information; between two people by the way authorized to have it.

Where the politicians have gone astray, is to make public statements and assertions with no basis in fact. Both sides have put Party over Country and almost everything they have said is self-serving and often incorrect. Where the media fails, is in letting campaign surrogates take over their airwaves making allegations that mostly go unchallenged.

I will spend no time assessing Comey’s motives in releasing the letter 11 days before the election. He did it and I’ve moved on. I’m fairly certain that it won’t impact the election results although in a closer election it might have. I’m comfortable that the early voting and mail in ballots have established a comfortable margin for Clinton and that the percentage of truly undecided voters that might be swayed is small enough not to matter.

I suspect that Comey must come forward in the next few days and say more. Although there’s no way an investigation will be completed before the election. He owes us more than he’s said.

Back to the media. They will ignore many of the real stories relevant to the race while they speculate about this. Two more women came forward regarding their experiences with Donald Trump the sexual predator and you’ll likely not hear about it. There really is as of yet and likely ever, nothing to see here.

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Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous (Part Two)

Bernie or Bust People: You’re Being Ridiculous (Part Two)


I’ve mentioned previously that something has been disappointing to me since starting my blog. Nobody has really come after me for anything I’ve written. I’ve called out racists, misogynists, xenophobes and I hardly got a peep. I’ve received feedback from people who mostly agreed with me which was nice. But I wanted to hear from people with an opposing view. Then I wrote a piece called Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous , and along came Burt.

Burt went to my blog and cursed me up and down. He assured me he wasn’t my “indignant child acting out.” And that he was a “well educated and politically aware middle-aged man.” Even though he did misspell the word ballot throughout saying “ballet” instead. Burt raised every conspiracy theory as to how the election was stolen from Sanders. He also repeated almost every allegation ever about Hillary Clinton although he somehow missed the murder of Vince Foster. All this while cursing me throughout which his oft-mentioned education and intelligence must have told him would help make his point.

On my blog,I approve all replies and indeed I approved Burt’s response and replied to him as well. It occurred to me during my reply that “Bust” has an entirely meaning to me than Burt. And while Burt certainly doesn’t represent all of the Bernie or Bust people. He reminds me that he can afford to see no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because in his world there is none.

During the early fight for women’s rights. Ida B Wells was attacked by some white leaders in the movement like Frances Willard. Ms. Wells was criticized for speaking out against lynching which Willard viewed as a distraction. Both women strongly believed in much of the same cause. One because of her privilege; was unconcerned about the needs of the other. Burt cares little about what “Bust” means. Because to him little changes.

If Burt were black. He’d realize that “Bust” meant unconditional support of the police. Even when they do wrong. He’d understand that it meant flooding urban areas with additional police to keep their foot on the neck of black citizens under the auspices of “Law & Order.” He’d know that their communities would be viewed as war zones and that their lives did not matter. He’d be concerned about being subjected to “Stop and Frisk.”

If Burt was a woman. He’d be aware of the misogyny of the new leader. He’d know that women should be “punished” for choosing to have an abortion and that body shaming would be elevated to the highest office in the land.

Were Burt Muslim… or Hispanic. He’d be concerned about racial profiling. He’d worry about a second-hand status and having to carry papers or have their houses of worship bugged and infiltrated. He’d worry about families being torn apart or unable to unite due to an unconstitutional interpretation of immigration law.

Burt need not worry about these things because “Bust” to him would look much like the status quo. He could come and go as he pleases. His community will not be militarized. His house of worship would remain  a place of refuge. Even his vulgar language would fit in with the new administration.

So Bernie or Bust people. When I say you’re being ridiculous. I don’t intend to shame you or insult your intelligence. I encourage you to think hard about what “Bust” looks like? Not only to you but to the others who protested and organized and voted alongside you. If “Bust” looks okay to you, consider what it means to others? Don’t ignore the real differences between the remaining choices whatever your reasoning. One may not be your preference which is understandable. The other is a clear and present danger to our future as a nation. Thank you for your consideration.

Bernie or Bust People… You’re Being Ridiculous


I enjoy talking/writing about politics and get most excited when interacting with people with opposing views. Even though I love a good argument. I rarely get into them with people who believe mostly the same as I because there is frankly no point. I’m going to make an exception for those who are still, “Bernie or Bust.” Especially the black ones, because I have a pretty good idea of what bust looks like.

I was minding my own business when a real life friend, tagged me to a Facebook conversation where he was once again. Chiding those who planned to vote for Hillary in this election. He said, “It’s an analogy of being forced to eat shit or doo-doo just because everyone else is doing it, when you can have a choice to have an apple.”

No! You don’t get to choose an apple. You might dream of an apple. Salivate about one in a Pavlovian sort of way but you’re not going to get an apple in this election. It’s Clinton or Trump.

He said elsewhere, “I completely understand what you are saying and why others feel the same way. But that isn’t really voting if you are being forced to vote for someone who doesn’t and historically has created policy against your own people. Having a false choice is not a choice at all and I feel it’s disrespectful to the people that fought and died to give us the opportunity to cast a vote. By vote I mean to really express your beliefs and values without compromise or cohesion. Voting for bad people and policy has gotten us nowhere. We must be principled and disciplined and not view this as a fight or morals. We have to change now or we are dooming our kids to participate in the same flawed system.”

There’s a lot in there so forgive my lengthy response. You had, and took the opportunity to vote for the person who best matches your beliefs and values. He lost during the primaries. Because he’s no longer an option you appear to have decided to take your ball and go home as opposed to dealing with the remaining choices. Your supposition that it’s a “false choice” suggests that we’ll end up with the same approximate outcome without regard to the winner. In some elections, that might have been true. This time, you couldn’t be more wrong. Have you seen Trump and his, “Make America Great Again” motto? What do you think that means? Have you seen the Alt-Right cohorts of his? Bannon, Giuliani, Sessions, Gingrich, Ailes, Hannity; the list goes on. How is that going to turn out for America? Who in the Republican Congress will stand up to him? Even Ted Cruz sold out his wife and father when it seemed like his future reelection chances were sliding downhill. This is no false choice. And abdicating yours and encouraging others to do the same is being ridiculous as Sarah Silverman so astutely observed.

You alluded to Hillary having, “created policy against our own people.” I’ll assume you’re referring to the 70’s Crime Bill which as First Lady she certainly didn’t create but let’s assume she may have had some input. She spoke of some black gang members as being, “Super Predators.” She has some things in her history which should be considered. She also has a lengthy history on the right side of policy issues which should be considered as well and I have. That both Clinton’s helped implement policy (begun in the Nixon administration) that added to the mass incarceration rate of black people (as did Barack Obama in the stimulus package) is true. They saw it as a compromise with a Republican Congress who were determined to push something much harsher down our throats. The Crime Bill had the support of the Congressional Black Caucus and much of America. There were detractors at the time like Al Sharpton but there is plenty of blame to go around including every administration after Bill Clinton. Hillary now is pledged to continue efforts begun by President Obama to reduce mass incarceration and end profit motives for high prison populations. Trump is dedicated to flooding the inner cities with additional cops and throwing more minorities into jail as part of his “Law and Order” promise. This is part of your choice.

The system is flawed, agreed. It has been since the implementation of the Electoral College which is designed to favor small and rural states (read white people). It’s rigged with redistricting and gerrymandering. It’s rigged by voter suppression tactics. It’s rigged by the lack of protection of voter’s rights. The next President will likely make multiple Supreme Court nominations which will help determine whether the system stays rigged or whether it’s possible to offer protections and change. I think you know the kinds of nominations that President Trump would make. You spoke of “dooming the kids/” Throwing away your vote is a good start.

So for those of you who are still “Bernie or Bust,” what are you going to do? If you live in California or New York, Mississippi or Alabama, or any other state where your Presidential vote won’t make a difference. Feel free to make a protest vote, while continuing to fight for change. If you live in Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and others. Think real hard about what bust looks like? You just might help us all find out.

What We Learn From The FBI Announcement About Hillary’s E-Mails

Director Comey of the FBI made a riveting live announcement regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of her private server to send and receive E-mails. The announcement was a mixed bag and whatever your perspective on the case there is something to latch onto.

The good news for Hillary:

  1. There will be no recommendation for criminal prosecution and the Justice Department has already said they will accept the opinion of the career prosecutors.
  2. There was no intentional misuse of classified material
  3. There was no evidence of “bad actors” hacking her system
  4. There was no evidence of any coverup by her, her staff, her lawyers or the State Dept.
  5. The FBI’s explanation of the investigation and the results make the claim of a “rigged system” hard to give weight to. It was certainly thorough and comprehensive.

Hillary image

The bad news for Hillary:

  1. She did despite previous claims send information that was classified at the time
  2. While there will be no criminal prosecution, the issue will not die and those who believe everything she does is criminal will come away feeling no different.
  3. Haters still gonna hate

The bottom line is that people will still believe what they want to believe. For example, there are people that recite the Trump label of “Dishonest Hillary”. Have they ever listened to Donald Trump speak? Any and every speech is full of proven lies and misstatements. I confess to having no idea which way Director Comey was going with his announcement and was pondering what exactly would happen if she were to be indicted? So now back to politics as usual. We will see!

Hillary vs. Bernie

It’s hard out there being a black Democrat. It seems that if you have an opinion about who you’d vote for President, then other black Democrats will bombard you with all the reasons you’re making the wrong choice. Democrats are waging war on each other, weakening the chances for either candidate in the general election. All this while arguably the worst possible Republican candidates ever (one of which will be the nominee) have emerged and the need to defeat Trump, Cruz, Kasich or whoever is paramount in November.

Black Democrats have not remained on the sidelines in this intramural battle. Those who support Hillary have to hear how their votes are being taken for granted. How Bill and Hillary’s policies caused mass incarceration, and you’ll hear in or out of context, every questionable statement made in the last 40 years.

Bernie supporters will hear about his lack of support for Black people in his home state of Vermont. They’ll hear he has no foreign policy experience and that he also supported bills that led to mass incarceration. All while he disses black voters in the South where Hillary racked up huge wins.

I’m calling for a détente where we simply accept the right of voters to make a choice and that having made a choice different than you’d like, doesn’t make them uninformed, stupid or crazy. It would also be nice not to get our backs so far up against the wall where we’d refuse to vote for the other Democrat. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to vote for whoever the Democratic winner is because the alternative sucks so much as to be unacceptable. Do your research, make your choice and respect others with similar interests that have done the same.

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