Is It Climate Change Yet? (A Pictorial Essay Of Two Weeks In 2017)

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Damage from Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic Storm in recorded history

a a a a bad weather

Just another day in the life

a a a a harvey

One of the thousands of Hurricane Harvey rescues.

a a a a harveya

Hurricane Harvey from above, to date 66 fatalities known.

a a a a harveyy

Rockport, TX will be without power for weeks.

a a a a harveyyy

The alligator lives here, you’re the one visiting!

a a a a irma

Early highlights of Hurricane Irma

a a a a irmaaa

The water section of most every store in the Southeast

a a a a irmaio

Out of gas…

a a a a mexico

The result of a Mexican earthquake (and yes earthquakes can result from climate change).


a a a a mexicooq

Mexico cleans up.

All of these images are from the past two weeks, Hurricane Harvey was projected to be the most costly ever, until Irma. Hurricanes Jose and Katia are out in the Atlantic and headed this way. Is it climate change yet?